Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 907: You two are siblings, right? Right? That has to be it, right?!


Wu Yan yawned within the cabin, it sounded like he didn't get enough sleep last night. As he looked at the sky which is still a bit too dim, he sighed.

"Itogami Island, the daytime here is different from the one I am used to, I reckon we are only going to feel the heat and sunlight around noon, right?"

He nonchalantly said that but his conversation partner didn't reply.

He knitted his brows and he shifted his gaze over to Nagisa and Yukina who were blushing for some reason, their heads were lowered as they awkwardly avoided conversation.

Wu Yan felt puzzled. Yukina can be put aside for now, she's not the type to strike up a conversation anyway. He just didn't think Nagisa would behave like this too, she's a chatterbox afterall.

Due to Nagisa's demonophobia, she might be a bit more restrained in the past. However, she's starting to open up so normal covnersation should have been within her tolerable limits.

Was his work undone? Is she afraid of him again?

Wu Yan blinked in surprise when he asked her.

"What's the matter with you two? You girls are acting weird..."

Their bodies tensed up when they heard Wu Yan. They also blushed in a deeper shade of red. Wu Yan felt even more confused.

"Are you two not feeling well? Did you two catch a cold? Fever, maybe?"

Wu Yan drew his head closer to the girls when they immediately scuttled away. They distanced themselves from Wu Yan...


Wu Yan's lips started twitching. He tried to remain calm.

"Okay, what's wrong? Did I do something wrong?"

Wu Yan is 100% sure something happened to Nagisa and Yukina. No, they must have seen something...

Otherwise, excluding Yukina, Nagisa wouldn't have reacted so intensely to him. He's pretty sure he watched his antics around Nagisa to prevent scaring her off. That distance should have been within Nagisa's tolerable range.

"Seriously, what's the matter with you two?"

Yukina and Nagisa lowered their heads again, however, it didn't look like they are going to return to his side any time soon. Then, they said something Wu Yan couldn't accept.




Wu Yan gasped and he couldn't believe his ears.



Yukina snorted, she didn't explain herself. Instead, she found another seat and she went there with Nagisa in tow. However, after some deliberation, she asked him.

"Sensei, I am going to ask you one question and you better answer it honestly!"

Nagisa said with a stern face, she still looked cute because she's still blushing a bit.

Wu Yan felt odd but he nodded anyway.

"Alright, go ahead, if I know the answer I will answer it..."


Nagisa nodded vigorously like she's afraid Wu Yan might go back on his words.

"Are you really Kotori's brother?"

"Of course!"

Wu Yan answered without hesitation.


Nagisa inhaled deeply, she looked nervous.

"Are you two blood-related siblings?"

Yukina also started eavesdropping while not overtly hiding it. Wu Yan was dazed that they brought this up but he answered with candor.

"No, we are not blood-related, she's my adopted sister, more or less..."

Wu Yan laughed silently, he wanted to add "with benefits" to her title but that wouldn't be good.

Nagisa's expression immediately turned cheery when she heard this. Yukina also started looking better.

"Jeez, turns out you two weren't blood related..."


Wu Yan's head got filled with question marks when he saw how the two reacted to this revelation.

"I don't know why you two are relieved we are not blood-related, why did you two call me names when you assumed we were blood-related?"

"It's nothing!"

Nagisa and Yukina hurriedly shook their heads.

"Sensei, you're overthinking it!"


The two ignored Wu Yan who was still scratching his head. Then, they started chatting among themselves, oh, they also didn't sit near Wu Yan again.

Wu Yan frowned and he looked at Kojou who was sitting next to him.

"I don't know!"

Wu Yan has a feeling that Kojou isn't in the mood to talk today.

"I got attacked this morning by an unknown assailant and I am still mad!"


"Hmm, what now?"

"It's nothing!"

"Okay, fine, but why are you rubbing your eyes?"

"I said I don't know!"

Wu Yan continued his jounrey to school while ruminating the leftover mysteries from this morning.

Itogami Island, Saikai Academy...

It's still early and the first class won't be in until a while later, students in their uniforms were arriving in droves. The students' youthful vigor is infectious, even the teachers felt young being around them.

Nagisa, Yukina, and Kojou arrived at the school. Kojou headed for the highschool division while Nagisa and Yukina headed for the middle school section. Meanwhile, Wu Yan had classes in the middle school division so they were about to part ways with Kojou.


A childish voice came, she sounded stern despite her young age. The person appeared out of nowhere in front of the four individuals.

"Didn't think you four would arrive at the same time, how peculiar..."

They looked at the one who greeted them and they saw a petite figure in goth lolita dress, she had her usual lacey black fan. She paced towards them with a grin on her face.


Wu Yan mumbled.

"I don't think there's anything stranger than a kid who is less than 1.5 meter but claims to be more than 26 year old, Natsuki..."

Nagisa and the others started laughing while Natsuki growled at Wu Yan. She snorted coldly.

"Well, I should have expected as much. A gross senpai who goes after his kouhai and a perverted teacher who preys on his student!"

"What was that?!"

Kojou roared.

"As a teacher, you shouldn't say stuff like that, Natsuki-CHAN!"

When she heard the suffix he attached to her name, she slapped Kojou on his head with her fan, he started rubbing his aching head again.

"Don't call your teacher with the -chan suffix!"

Natsuki gave him an evil eye, then, he gave Kojou another knock for good measure, Kojou nodded like an obedient pup.


Wu Yan started smirking when he heard this, he looked at Natsuki.

"Natsuki-chan, I like the sound of that..."

"If you call me by that, you're dead meat buster!"

She used an expressionless look with him but the flames of fury could be seen within her eyes.

"If you don't want to be on probation forever, I suggest you forget what you heard!"

"Yes madam!"

Wu Yan raised his hand to surrender.

"I promise not to do so..."

Natsuki nodded and she turned around, leaving only for order for Wu Yan.

"Right, come to my house tonight."


When Natsuki was finished, her unintentionally ambiguous line got Nagisa and Yukina going, they looked at Wu Yan like he's a lewd beast with four limbs. Wu Yan's heart started racing with frustration.


"We've got work to do, duh."

Natsuki didn't care what the others had to say even if they gave her a confused look. She started walking away.

"There's a job so don't be late!"

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