Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 908: Dubbed an existence closest to primogenitor status?


Itogami Island is not serene at night...

Demons basically adore moving around in the night. During the day, most of these demons were at research facilities, assisting with various types of research. At night, these demons are out to play or just hang out. Naturally, there are more demons walking around at night than the day.

That's not the real issue why tonight won't be a peaceful one. It's because criminals tend to operate in the guise of darkness.

For instance, in a dilapidated warehouse near the bay area of Itogami Island, there are a herd of beastmen discussing dodgy matters.

Standing on top of one of the buildings here, Wu Yan's deep red eyes zoomed in on the beastmen gathered there. His eyes flashed with ideas, he turned towards Natsuki who was standing next to him with her parasol.

"This is the job you mentioned?"

Natsuki nodded, her sapphire blue eyes shone like brilliant stars with the dark night as the backdrop, giving her a beautiful look.

"Don't let their appearances fool you..."

Natsuki read Wu Yan's mind. She continued explaining with a calm voice.

"If they are just normal crooks importing contrabands, it wouldn't require the mobilization of mages like us. Those beastmen have special backgrounds..."

"They belong to the Black Death Emperor Faction!"

Her sapphire eyes glimmered, it appears she isn't taking them lightly too.

"Beastmen-supremacist group hellbent on assassinating the First Primogenitor usurping his ruler's prerogative and destroying the Holy Ground Treaty."

Wu Yan somewhat understood what they were here to do.

The Holy Ground Treaty is the lynchpin regulation keeping the peace between humans and demons. The demon sanctuary existed because of it.

If this got undone, humans and demons will not be able to co-exist in peace. Worse, humans and demons might go to war against each other.

The Black Death Emperor Faction is aiming to dissolve the demon sanctuary. The actions of this group threatens the existence of Itogami Island.

Indeed, this is a serious case.

"Although they are with the Black Death Emperor's faction, these beastmen are rank and file members. Moreover, Itogami Island isn't a pushover too, even if they all come storming."

She eyed Wu Yan.

"I don't think they are strong enough for you to get serious."

Wu Yan rolled his eyes at her, she only giggled when she teased him.

"We are only here to capture these lackeys, it would be the optimal scenario if we can get the operator behind the scene - Kristof Gardof."

Natsuki looked at the sky up there, she mused out loud.

"Their objective..."

Wu Yan nodded, they looked back at the warehouse.

An explosion came from the gates of the warehouse. The sound of gunpowder and explosives used could be heard. The tactical police force of Itogami Island is here!

The rusty metal gates couldn't take the heat, from this distance, both observers can hear firecracker sounds, it was the sound of gunfire. Figures flickered among the crates and pallets.

The bullets used by the police are anti-magic bullets that can inhibit a demon's regenerative powers. It can also pierce low-rank magic shields. For this operation, the police also used anti-beast bullets. The beastmen were not ready to handle this kind of firepower.

The makeshift barricades were easily torn down by the police as the beastmen got rounded up systematically in a series of pained howls and gunfire. The whole thing took about 2 minutes to finish.

When the smoke settled, the beastmen who boasted superior physical skills got piled up in neat piles, they weren't bleeding but they were smoking, signs that they were disarmed through magic bullets.

All the beastmen here are unregistered demons.

Just on this charge alone, the police had more than enough reason to arrest them.

Naturally, they weren't dead. The beastmen had high vitality, although they don't live as long as vampires, they were still sturdier than humans. The police stopped at just knocking them out.

The beastmen also got rounded. Suddenly, a relatively unharmed stout looking black panther beastmen roared as he attempted an escape...

"Crap, we missed one!"

"Get him!"

The situation became unruly in an instant...


Natsuki smirked.

"I didn't think anyone would be able to escape that kind of bullet storm, not bad, not bat at all Black Death Emperor lackeys..."

Natsuki told Wu Yan.

"Go, get that one..."

Wu Yan nodded, he wanted to move before his eyes flashed, he looked in that direction.

"What's wrong?"

Wu Yan's odd move made Natsuki stop too. She looked in that direction and they saw a ferry slowly approaching, no, it looked like a ferry because it's an opulent yacht, it looked like something a noble would use, it wasn't shy about making noises too, it kept ranging its horn while heading for Itogami Island.

"That ship..."

Natsuki frowned, her quick expression didn't escape Wu Yan's eyes.

"You know that ship?"

Natsuki pursed her lips.

"More like, I know who that ship belongs to..."

Natsuki looked at Wu Yan.

"What? You interested?"


Wu Yan grinned.

"I sense an incredible individual onboard that ship..."

"And, you would be right, he isn't a normal guy..."

She looked into Wu Yan's eyes.

"You're not thinking of meeting him, right?"

Wu Yan shrugged.

"Yeah, I mean, my bloodline doesn't get excited for normal stuff, it usually means something intriguing is nearby."

"Your bloodline is excited?"

Natsuki asked him with a serious look.

"Just excited?"

Wu Yan didn't answer her, he shrugged.

"You go catch that guy, I've got something to do."

Wu Yan disappeared instantly. She wasn't looking at the escaping beastman, she looked at the direction Wu Yan disappeared into.

"Excited, huh..."

Natsuki's eyes went distant for a short second, then, she looked back at her target.

"That fellow. he can only make your blood slightly active? I am starting to wonder what kind of existence you are..."

"After all, the guy on the yacht is known as the being closest to a primogenitor..."

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