Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 910: Dimitrie Vatler

"That would be fun, no?..."

Unlike when he gave him curt replies, the handsome man sounded like he just found a new toy, his elated voice could be heard reverberating all over the ship. It's like when an obsessed curator finds a priceless work of art, a bone-chilling type of passion. Evidently, this handsome man is suddenly very enthralled with the uninvited mage-vampire guy.

Wu Yan was planning on teleporting away, however, he stopped his magic formation when he heard the guy. He raised an eyebrow when he saw the guy's battle-hungry look. He bitterly laughed.

"I almost forgot you're one of those ancient vampires from like centuries ago..."

Vampires are incredible long-lived. For elder vampires like him, boredom is an agonizing fact of life. Battles spiced things up, it's also a good way to kill time.

This guy is the epitome of someone having too much time to kill.

Wu Yan shook his head when he saw the grin on that handsome man's face. He scanned the man.

Dimitrie Vatler: Level 83

Completely unaware Wu Yan just read him like a book title, he opened his arms wide like he wanted to embrace the ocean. He started guffawing.

"The name's Dimitrie Vatler, I am a direct descendant of the Lost Warlord, Duke of Ardeal principality, nice to meet you, worthy vampire who I still don't know his name."

"Vatler? You certainly sound famous..."

Wu Yan grinned and he waved his hands.

"I don't have so many titles like you, you can just call me Wu Yan."

"Wu Yan..."

Vatler lowered his head, he couldn't recall anyone with such a name no matter how hard he search his memories.

But, this didn't stop his excitement train. Famous or not, he couldn't care less, so what if the guy has no noble titles, if he can make him go all out, he couldn't care less about the guy's background.

"I will remember your name..."

Vatler raised his head and a light flashed beyond his bangs from where his eyes should be. His hungry grin could also be seen.

"As for whether or not I will remember it for long..."

He raised his volume as he laughed out loud.

"That would depend on whether or not you can survive what comes next!"

His fancy suit started fluttering when he channeled his magic power, this magic power was at least 10 times greater than when he released his trashy familiar.

Vatler leaves no mercy in his fight.

That's the first rule for fighting in his books.


Responding to Vatler's beckon, the familiar within his blood started materializing. It looked like a sea snake with blue scales, the serpent locked in on Wu Yan as it hissed.


The hiss stirred the surrounding seas as a shockwave formed, the soundwave made Wu Yan's dance with the wind, his hoodie also shook along with the planks on the ship. Shrapnel flew everywhere, drilling holes into the deck of the board.

Now, this is a familiar worthy of someone who is called the closest being to a primogenitor.


Vatler licked his lips.

"Let's start the onboard leisure activities..."

His clothes and hair danced with the wind. Wu Yan ignored the strong wind that could blow away a heavy male adult. Instead, he examined the summoned familiar before he snickered.

"It wasn't a complete waste of time to take a look here..."

Unlike Vatler who is conjuring up a storm of mana, Wu Yan steadily opened his magic power taps, covering himself in a steady and torrentious stream of magic power.

"One thing's for sure, Vatler, you aren't a normal vampire."

"The same could be said of you."

Vatler replied, then, he showed him a stern look.

"Go, Sagara!"


The serpent opened its mouth to shoot a jet of high-pressure water. This left Wu Yan with little time to counter.

Wu Yan slightly moved as a pillar of white flames wrapped him up.


The water jet slammed into his white flame pillar, smoke and steam covered the entire deck.


Vatler flashed blue and the incoming steam got dispersed. He furrowed his brows when he saw the white flames.

"You cancelled out Sagara's attack without summoning your familiar. Hmm, or are those flames an extension of your vassal beast?"

Vatler wasn't confused or anxious, he looked giddy.

"I wonder which it is?"

Still covered in his white flames, he teased the guy.

"Take a guess, Vatler..."

"Nanda, Upananda!"

Two more serpents came forth as they coiled around each other.

"Simultaneously summoning three familiars..."

Wu Yan narrowed his eyes.

Normal vampires can control one familiar in battle. Older vampires abide by this rule too, there are only a few vampires capable enough to command two familiars at once. As for controlling three at once, even elder vampires with the purest bloodline would have trouble doing this.


Wu Yan sighed, he wasn't afraid.

"I can't believe you're releasing three vassal beasts on this flimsy ship, you're going to destroy your own ship, you know that, right?"

"Don't worry about that."

He tossed his bangs.

"I've got capable individuals manning this vessel, it won't go down, go right ahead, if you don't use your full-power this fight would be pointless."

"Alright, I am just saying."

Wu Yan shrugged.

"This ship isn't kine in the first place."

The three serpents lashed out at the white flame pillar, they summoned a whirlwind of magic power generated from their motions.


The whirlwind failed to do anything other than make the white flames shake a bit.

"Awesome! That's great!"

Vatler wasn't surprised his attacks got thwarted, he held his face with his right palm before laughing maniacally.

"I didn't think this trip would give me such a boon..."

Vatler took out his left hand which was in his pocket.

Another wave of magic power came from his palm. He focused on the two serpents he summoned.

"You are qualified enough for me to use this ability, watch, this is the trump card I am proud of..."

The snakes merged steadily as they flew into the air, it formed a silvery naga with flames all over it. Wu Yan gasped when he saw this scene.


The silver serpent hissed at Wu Yan.

"Familiar fusion!"

Wu Yan finally changed his attitude.

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