Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 924: A weak beastman? Taking your loot

The luxury liner known as Oceanus Grave II bobbed up and down on the sea, it circled the artificial island slowly as if it's a patrol vessel, faithfully observing the flaming artificial island.

Deep inside the ship, in the loading hangar, there are multiple armored mechas stuffed here. Aside from a loading path, the hangar was filled to the brim with these machines, a testament to their huge size.

The mechanical constructs also had striking appearance that would etch itself in the minds of anyone gazing upon them.

Six mechanical legs, two appendages in front with pointy ends, it looked like a mechanical spider as a dim red light lit up near its head.

All of them were Nalakuveras.

Luckily, the machines appeared to be dormant.

On a closer look, there were five Nalakuveras here. Then, they were about as big as the one fighting outside. At the deepest cell, there's an even larger mecha.

It was at least two times the size of an average Nalakuvera. Unlike the other mechas that had their heads situated near the frontal area, this mecha had a crown-like head near its center, the head also came equipped with its own mini-laser cannon. Anyone who saw this would gasp for sure.

It took just one normal Nalakuvera to decimate an artificial island, if all 6 Nalakuveras stored here were deployed, including the enlarged version, Itogami Island and even the Lost Warlord's empire would face an extinction-level crisis.

At that point, the Black Death Emperor Faction would be victorious.

Certainly, the Nalakuveras weren't hyped, these mechas really did bring down countless civilizations.

As for whether or not they can kill primogenitors, that has to be tested. For the terrorists, they won't concerned with that ability.

They only want to destroy the Holy Ground Treaty, by destroying the Lost Warlord Empire, they would indirectly destroy the Holy Ground Treaty. That way, war will once again descend upon earth.

Beastmen supremacy, bloodline ruling, all these were secondary, the Black Death Emperor Faction just wanted to start another war.

An old man in military outfit stood atop the Nalakuvera. His hair is practically white and he looked like he's way past his prime. He looked down at the machines of war below him and his eyes lit up with passion.

"Soon, the war that belongs to us will come..."

He clenched the fists behind his waist. Then, he looked at the biggest Nalakuvera.

That's the commander of this Nalakuvera unit.

If he can enter that thing and manipulate it, the rest of the Nalakuveras will be under his command. He will be the biggest kid in the playground if he can control an entire unit of Nalakuveras.

He suppressed the excitement in his heart and he activated his walkie talkie.

"How's the decoding coming along?"

"It will be completed soon!"

Someone answered as he grinned like a villain.

"Give me a status update on the Nalakuvera outside..."

"It's still rampaging around!"

The subordinate sounded very happy. He's probably a battle-junkie too.

"Due to the artificial island being covered in a sea of flames, we can't ascertain the Nalakuvera's status, it's probably still operational."


The old man frowned.

"Where did the flames come from?"

"Well, we are very far away, if I had to guess, it's probably because Nalakuvera lit up flammable objects."

The man in military uniform felt a bad feeling. He knitted his brows.

"No, something's wrong."

The old man ordered.

"Go to the island and investigate now!"

Suddenly, a taunting voice came from below him.

"You don't have to trouble yourself."

"Who's there?!"

An unknown figure had emerged like a ghost, his deep red eyes stared straight down the old man's barrel, with a cheeky grin, he instilled anxiety in the man.

When did he get here?

He didn't notice the guy's presence.

"You're Kristoff Gardos, I presume?"

Wu Yan sneered.

"I didn't think you were hiding yourself in such a place. Gosh, I wasted so much time tracking you down..."

Gardos replied with a stern look.

"Who are you?"

"An assault mage."

Wu Yan shrugged.

"I am still a probationary mage though..."

"I see..."

Gardos narrowed his eyes.

"So you lot have come here? I didn't think Itogami mages had a propensity for breaking international diplomatic laws, intruding upon a protected vessel like this..."

"So, sue me!"

Wu Yan replied.

"I don't care."

"That won't do..."

Gardos grinned, he took out a Bowie Knife. He roared out loud.

"We are terrorists, you see!"

Gardos enlarged, in seconds, he transformed into a hulking furry creature. His aged appearance could no longer be seen.


Gardos leaped at Wu Yan, he swung his knife at Wu Yan's head.

He's going for the kill immediately!

Wu Yan slightly moved and the knife missed him by that much, zipping past Wu Yan with a small sonic boom.

"Adequate power, good speed, your technique is good too. I can see your experience in the Lost Warlord's army was a rewarding one..."

Wu Yan used footsteps that traced back to Gardos like a phantom and he assessed the man's technique with a shoulder on his furry shoulder. Gardos' fur immediately stood on ends.

"Alas, you're just peak tier 7. You're not even tier 8. You are way too weak to be my enemy."

Peak tier 7?

Before Gardos can ask a question, crackling sound entered his ears as he got engulfed in a storm of bluish-white lightning.


Charred black, his eyes rolled back and his smoking body hit the floor with a loud thud.

Wu Yan dusted his hands.

"I thought a beastman would last longer, how fragile..."

He turned around and he examined the 5 normal Nalakuveras, finally stopping on the commanding unit. He smiled widely.

"Well, anyway, I am gonna take your loot..."

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