Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 936: Modified human? A clash...

"It's about time you tell us what's going, Yaze Motoki..."

Natsuki said with an annoyed tone.

"Because of you, I suffered humiliation at the hands of that stupid dog..."

Wu Yan quivered for a second before he recovered. He decided to keep his thoughts to himself.

You're the one who kept insulting her, wasn't it?

"Oops, sorry, we are in a bind here..."

The youth known as Yaze Motoki apologized without a shred of remorse, he looked in another direction.

Wu Yan, Natsuki, and Motoki stood in the dark corridor as they looked at the window nearby, the light seeping through suggested that it was brighter on the other side.

Peering through the glass window, they saw an operating room that looked like it belonged in a hospital.

There are expensive and intricate machines everywhere. It couldn't be immediately determined if the apparatus were for medical or research purposes. The machines were bleeping and flashing. On the patient table, a young girl was laid there.

She looked like she's still in her early teen years. She's currently unconscious. She appears to have suffered heavy injuries, she's pratically bandaged all over and the gory red patch near her stomach suggested she won't be recovering anytime soon.

It would look like they were trying to fix the girl up. However, that's only half true. The girl is chained up and handcuffed with chunks of metallic restraints.

The odd appearance made Wu Yan frown. He glanced at Natsuki.

"Care to explain?"

"Two days ago, there was a fight during the night."

Natsuki replied.

"Basically, two really powerful unregistered demons fought in the sky, the area they were fighting in suffered heavy damages and there were also casualties from the shockwaves the two fighters emitted."

Natsuki slapped the fan against her palm and she pointed at the girl on the operating table.

"She's one of the two fighters."

"A fight between demons? They damaged the island?"

Wu Yan rubbed his chin.

"I just can't imagine someone so young boasting so much power?"

"That would be an understatement."

Motoki shrugged.

"They fought without restraints and the police had a hard time catching them. They only arrested this girl after she got heavily wounded in that fight.

"Even the special police couldn't deal with them?"

Wu Yan is confused.

"If that's the case, why didn't you guys mobilize assault mages?"

"We did!"

Motoki had a helpless look.

"But they couldn't help so I had to ask Natsuki-chan..."

"Don't call your teacher with the suffix -chan!"

Natsuki snapped. Then, she roamed a thoughtful look over the injured girl.

"An unregistered demon? I can't see any distinctive features on her..."

"Ah, well, about that..."

Motoki scratched the back of his head.

"According to the Management Corporation, she's technically not a demon."

Not a demon?"

Wu Yan and Natsuki frowned.

"So she's either a hyper adapter or an assault mage?"


Motoki shook his head.

"She's a human."


Natsuki chuckled.

"You're telling me a human flew into the sky and fought until buildings were damaged?"

"I hate to admit it..."

Motoki shrugged with a frustrated face.

"That appears to be the case..."

Natsuki looked at Motoki, looks like he's not kidding around.

"So, did you guys find anything?"

"We did come across something."

Motoki replied.

"That girl appears to have surgical scars, someone must have modified her, giving her those superhuman powers."

Wu Yan raised his head.

When he heard modification, he immediately recognized the pattern here, if he kept this clue, it would be very beneficial to him.

However, that feeling only lasted for a few seconds before Wu Yan failed to connect it with anything.

A naive and annoyingly charming sound came from behind them.

"Oh, sounds fun..."

A figure emerged from the darkness of the corridor.

Motoki gasped when he identified the guest. Wu Yan and Natsuki also locked their eyebrows in a frown.

Despite the less than stellar welcome, the uninvited guest's mood wasn't spoiled.

"Yo, long time no see!"

Wu Yan pursed his lips.

"Why are you still here again? Vatler..."

"Well, I am an ambassador, don't be so cold with me..."

Vatler greeted him with a cordial smile.

"Seeing as I am here with useful intel, you guys should at least welcome me, right?"

"Can you hurry it up?"

Wu Yan didn't hide his hostility.

"I am not sure I have the patience to stop myself from messing you up again."

Motoki couldn't believe his ears.

Does this teacher not know who he is talking to? That's the vampire dubbed the being closest to a primogenitor!

Isn't he afraid he might get into trouble for provoking someone like that? Itogami Island would be screwed if they fought here.


Vatler replied with an elated grin.

"That sounds dandy to me, I could use a bit of boredom killer..."

"You're bored?"

Wu Yan's gaze turned frosty.

"I take it you haven't learned your lesson from last time? Do you want to die again?"

"It's fine!"

Vatler sneered. He said something that blew Natsuki and Motoki's minds.

"I lost twice, I don't mind losing again."

"He was defeated twice?!"

Motoki looked at Wu Yan like he's looking at a ghost, Natsuki also looked at Wu Yan with shock in her eyes.

She knew Wu Yan wasn't as simple as he looked. He did say he beat up Vatler the first time he came here. He also said he could win without using his familiar.

She didn't believe it the first time he said it. However, with the truth from the horse's mouth, she did well with only a tiny bit of shock on her face. If it's any other person who knew about Vatler's true powers, they would be scared witless.

Looking at the battle junkie Vatler, Wu Yan became colder as magic power started surging forth.

Wu Yan is already at the boiling point, he didn't appreciate Vatler's attitude or his annoying smug grin.

"Yes! That's it!"

Vatler felt the powerful and oppressive magic power, he started laughing maniacally. Magic power also poured forth from Vatler.

Two auras clashed.

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