Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 948: Artificial Angel ritual, the Ascending Heaven Rite

Magus Craft, onboard the commercial vessel.

There are intricate medical devices here. The sunlight outside couldn't pierce the thick hulls of the operation room. It looked like somebody used this room as a research room.

On the bed, Kanase Kanon laid there like a comatose person. An unknown light lit her up as the magical circuits on her body flowed like moving water. The lines were brimming with an unknown power, it slowly modified Kanase Kanon's body.

Those circuits were a sign that someone performed the Divinity Ascension ritual on her.

That operation created her fake angel divine circuits.

With these divinity-infused magic circuits, the faux angels gained divine powers. They can transform into angels during combat, receiving power from a higher dimension.

Only modified humans with these magic circuits can be called fake angels. They were then sent to kill other fake angels and obtain their magic cores to upgrade themselves.

Alas, not everyone can accept such an operation. The subject must possess a certain threshold of spiritual prowess. In other words, they must be people who have the potential to become strong assault mages.

Like Yukina, she is very spiritually inclined. Otherwise she wouldn't be accepted into the Lion King Organization.

With enough spiritual potential, the operation of Divinity Ascension will yield a fake angel.

Just becoming a fake angel isn't the end of the story, the fake angels need to gather 7 magical cores from other fake angels. With 7 cores gathered, the fake angel can then ascend, becoming a true angel.

This is easier said than done.

Without Kanase Kanon's existence, this round of Divinity Ascension would have ended without achieving anything.

Kanase Kanon's spiritual potential is the strongest among the fake angels. The other six subjects combined weren't as potent as her.

This dovetailed with what Wu Yan had assumed, there is an inherent bottleneck in this ritual, preventing mass-production of fake angels.

This ritual required subjects with very potent spiritual potential.

To become a true angel, subjects like Kanon are absolutely essential or the whole project would fail.

Even if the subject transformed into a true angel, there are still restrictions.

Angels are not supposed to walk mortal planes, they can stay for a while, just not permanently.

If Kanon became a true angel, she would have to part ways with this world.

Moreover, angels don't have consciousness, they are just puppets doing the bidding of their master. If she became an angel, she would lose her free will and become an emotionless puppet.

This is Heaven Ascension Rite.

But, the road is long and hard if Kanon wants to become an angel.

There is a person standing near the side of Kanon's bed.

His hair is gray and he looked stern with his serious glasses on. He looked like a 50-year-old doctor or professor. In any case, he looked like he read enough books to last him a lifetime.

He's Kanase Kensei, Kanase's dad.

No, he's the adoptive father of Kanase Kanon.

He's the one responsible for operating on Kanon, installing these circuits on her. He's the one who turned her into an artificial angel.

He is frowning very hard, it appears he's examining Kanon's condition.

"What's her condition?"

Kensei's thoughts got disrupted by a feminine voice.

It was a lady dressed in tight clothing.

"Is it that bad?"

The female said nonchalantly. She obviously didn't care about Kanon's condition, she just wanted to know about the status of that artificial angel.

Kensei didn't even spare her a look. His focus went to Kanon.

"It's not good..."

He grumbled with cool composure.

"She suffered physical damage that would have killed a normal human at least a hundred times. A beastman would have died under this kind of injury. It's only because she relied on her superhuman recovery that she's still here. If we were late when we collected her, she would have died."

The female knitted her brows in displeasure.

"Didn't this monster consume three magical cores? Who can mess her up like this?"

"I don't know!"

Kensei said as if this doesn't concern him.

"Putting the culprit aside, we have more or less treated this fake angel's wounds. It would recover in due time. The real issue is the captured angel..."

"The other fake angel..."

The female clicked her tongue.

"The one caught by the assault mage, right?"


Kensei nodded with a grim look.

"That angel obtained another core so Kanon needs those two cores in order to evolve further."

Kensei turned grave.

"But, with that angel captured, we only have 5 cores for a total of 7 cores in circulation.  XDA-7 can't evolve without getting that fake angel back."

"Is it that serious?..."

The female glanced at Kensei.

"You said your daughter was the lynchpin. Can't we just find two more subjects to replace the lost angel?"


Kensei replied, the woman known as BB looked at him.

"I am only a researcher, I don't mind waiting any longer than this, if you can spare the time I don't see why I can't find two more candidates..."

This time, Kensei's expression changed.

The female cared about the fake angels because she's from Magus Craft

With the company facing bankruptcy amidst weak consumer demand for androids, they needed something new to turn the company around. That's how they arrived at the idea of creating an angel.

With incredible powers, the angels would be prized products by those with high ambitions.

But, with the company on borrowed time, any delay would only result in a bust for Magus Craft.

Kensei can wait but the company can't

BB's expression darkened as she arrived at a decision.

"Lo! Bring in that thing!"

Kensei flinched when he heard BB. Another male carried two coffins-esque boxes into the room.

There are two girls in these boxes.

They had wings and masks.

Fake angels.


Kensei gasped.

"I only made 7..."


BB giggled.

"If we are talking about products, there should be a way to mass-produce the product or it wouldn't be a viable product, right? Seven angels were never enough..."

"I see..."

Kensei lowered his head.


"Yes, but their capabilities are far lower than the monster over there."

BB snickered.

"They have cores and you need cores, right?..."

Kensei didn't say anything, he took up a remote control.

"Devour them, XDA-7!"

Kanon's eyes turned malicious.

Then, disgusting sounds of something tearing through flesh resounded in the operation room.

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