Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 951: Modifying the Heaven Ascension circuits

After Kotori left the room, it became quiet so Wu Yan can focus on Kanon who is still sleeping on the bed.

There is a quiet hum in the air. It sounded like CPUs running at full speed.

The noise came from Wu Yan as he is busy modifying Kanon's divinity magic circuits.

He scanned the circuits with machine-like precision, every single intricate lines fell into his eyes, then, his brain ran through a gamut of possible permutations of how these circuits could be modified by leveraging on his wealth of spellcraft knowledge. The lines were like codes forming an algorithm, Wu Yan decoded it and he slowly comprehended the circuit.

He's planning on deleting the parts he doesn't need and adding new elements to the equation. Through this editing process, he can modify the circuit to do what he wants.

This is no simple task.

The circuits were intricate, more complex than meets the eyes. In order to keep the circuit integrity, he needs to carefully sift through the spell structure, deleting and adding where appropriate. One wrong step and the whole circuit would malfunction.

It's hard to modify the magic circuit while keeping the other components in place. It's about as hard as when Wu Yan modified the Walking Church to cover a wide area instead of a singular target. After doing so, he lost tons of power and he was as tired as a dog.

Compared to the Walking Church, this divine magic circuit is on the same level of complexity. The Walking Church is an ultimate defense spell while the divine magic circuit is a ritualistic spell to transform a human into an angel.

If this Heaven Ascension Rite didn't involve sacrifice or other cons like that, it would definitely rank as one of the ultimate spells.

If one can get around the restrictions and sacrificial elements, imagine making an angel whenever you felt like it.


Fortunately, this kind of ritual is very OP so the cons and price to be paid are great as well. If these OP spells ran rampant in the other worlds, even Wu Yan would have to consider his moves carefully lest he gets into trouble with spellcasters.

His grimoires were hard at work, giving him inspirations, insights, and techniques to work with. Magic, Alchemy, Onmyojutsu, Angelic Hymns, he more or less took out his entire library of knowledge to modify this circuit.


Wu Yan sighed. Then, he started stripping Kanon of her clothes.

The Divine Ascension circuit can be seen on Kanon's body, it looked like she's wearing the circuits. But, the circuits are actually using her body as the core so he needs to touch her directly in order to modify the circuits.

Wu Yan told himself that this couldn't be helped. Deep down, he's actually pretty excited about this.

He removed her tight clothing that looked like she's working at some shady establishments. Wu Yan's hands didn't even twitch when he did so.

Clearly, this guy has touched the saint realm of stripping a girl down to her birthday suit.

When he got a good look at her untainted body, Wu Yan couldn't help but praise the view in front of him.

How does one go about describing her figure?

Very good.

Although she is slightly inferior when compared to Ikaros, Astrea, Shokuhou Misaki, Tohka, and Takitsubou Rikou, who were basically bombshells on two legs. Her body is very well-rounded. Small where it matters and large where it counts, the golden mean can be seen through her figure. Heck, those knockers don't belong to a girl who is supposed to be 14-15 years old.

That cup size is already superhuman at her age, it wouldn't be a far stretch to say she's going to grow up and become someone who can compete with Shokuhou Misaki.

Wu Yan continued gawking, he wondered what she would look like when she's all grown up.

Probably someone very hot.

She's already angelic looking.

Unbeknownst to Wu Yan, his wish would soon come true.

He suppressed the anxiety within himself and he started taking on a serious look.

He chuckled.

"Man, if Kojou got a look at this, he would probably need an IV drip from his nosebleed, right?"

Wu Yan jutted his index finger out.

Magical ripples echoed in the air.

His fingertip started burning with a tiny flame. That's a pure magical flame, not an average fire.

The magic fire became distorted, a tiny spell formation sprang forth. The formation reverberated with an unknown power. Space shook with this spell.

His deep red eyes roamed over Kanon, then, with his flaming finger, he started working on the circuits.


The circuits started shaking as if a mortal enemy is here. The peaceful glow morphed into an erratic light show. A strong repulsive force tried to stop Wu Yan's finger.

It's resistance from a being of a higher dimension. It wanted to fight off this lower dimension lifeform.

Modifying the divine circuits counts as an attack.

The angel from a higher dimension resisted through Kanon's circuit. It's an automatic response.

When he felt his index finger being blocked by an invisible wall, Wu Yan grinned, he praised the divine magic circuit for this feature.

"Even if you're a real angel, when you're lying in front of me in such a defenseless manner, don't even think about stopping me. Plus, you have not evolved yet!"

With that, the flames around his finger expanded and the profound formation rotated at higher velocity. The unknown power slammed into her defensive field.


It sounded like a hammer knocking on a hard surface. The defensive field melted away like sugar in hot tea. In seconds, he dissolved her defensive membrane.

Wu Yan chortled, he controlled his magic output and the magical flames finally reached Kanon.

He can feel her soft skin through his index finger, that sensation affected his focus for a second. He couldn't help looking at her hooters before shifting his gaze away.

Steadying his mental state, he bitterly laughed.

"You're only 15 and you are already so alluring. This fairy, she's going to break a lot of hearts when she grows up. You're probably going to lead girls down a dangerous path too..."

"What a minx..."

Wu Yan sighed, he closed his eyes and he steadied his mind, breathing, and magic power. This time, there are only circuits and a plan in his mind.

He went about modifying the circuits like he's drawing on Kanon's skin, he traced multiple lines on her body and he made new structures and spell composites out of old ones. He would delete lines here and there before adding his own designs.

The laborious task continued...

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