Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 952: An incident, the monster tattoo

Swish zing Twing

It sounded like someone is burning away paper, it's the sound of a tinker hard at work.

The room echoed with this noise. The rhythmic sound continued to play like music on repeat.

It has been 5 hours since he started working on the circuits.

Outside the window, the rays of light streaking across the sky signaled the departure of night. Soon, the clear blue sky would replace the dark sky, raining down its sunny goodness on the citizens of earth.

Now, the hot tropical sun is on its way...

The citizens of Itogami Island started their daily routines. Meanwhile, Kanon is still getting "fondled" by Wu Yan on her bed.

After a night of intense work, Wu Yan didn't look tired at all. His deep red eyes flashed with brilliance. He continued tracing lines across her body, his movements were smoother than yesterday. Evidently, the master's skill improved overnight.

Kanon's circuit started operating again. The whirling sounds came from her.

It might look like her circuits didn't change much compared to yesterday. However, the lines and the formation underwent a significant change. The new circuits worked together with the old circuit.

Moreover, there are new formations inscribed on her body, these formations were tucked away on her luscious body. These new formations were installed to keep the pseudo-angel here on earth.

His finger still burned with magical flames. Every second, he's burning an astonishing amount of magic power. Any high-level mage can cast high-level spells with the mana he's releasing by the second.

Moreover, he also did this for 5 hours straight. The mana consumed is enough for ancient vampires to unleash their strongest familiars.

Even so, his expression showed no fatigue. This is one of those few moments where he looked like a true ancestor outside of combat and recovering from injuries.

Magic power, that's what primogenitors have an abundance of.

As time passed, he released more magic power from his index finger, his eyes also turned deathly serious.

He's at the last steps of this procedure.

His finger deftly slid across her smooth skin, he traced her shoulders and he arrived at her chest. He left lines of magic circuit whenever he traced his finger, he linked his formation with the magic circuit composite near Kanon's chest.


His flames grew in intensity when he did this. He also increased his magical output several times, pouring his magic power into the circuit around her bountiful twin mountains.


Kanon's circuit released a sound and like an open faucet, intense light poured forth from her circuit. After about 10 seconds, the abnormal scene died down.

Under Wu Yan's supervision, the modified circuits entered Kanon after he circulated his magic power through her. The wings behind Kanon also receded into Kanon's body.

Now, she looks like a normal human. No artificial angel traits could be seen from her outward appearance.

Her pure, elegant, and exquisite face still exuded an air of pity. Her eyelids relaxed slightly, unlike before where she looked like she's in a nightmare or something...


Wu Yan dispelled the flames on his finger, however, he continued releasing magic power.

Wu Yan linked her divine circuits with his body. Even if he's not constantly supplying magic power around her, he only needs to release magic power to send his energy into her formation, keeping her here on earth.

The basic output rate is something an average vampire wouldn't fathom releasing. Only a primogenitor like him can continue releasing magic power at this rate while still feeling fine.

He can feel his magic power entering Kanon's body. He wiped away the sweat on his forehead and he smiled.

He adjusted her posture and he tucked a blanket over her, covering her shame from view, Wu Yan also caressed her hair. He chuckled.

"With this, I guess you're back on earth, huh..."

Wu Yan caressed her bangs while softly speaking.

"Kanase, welcome back..."

Kanase Kanon relaxed her furrowed brows. Her peaceful look made Wu Yan nod in satisfaction.

At this time...

" Mysterious crystal awakening requirement fulfilled. Mysterious Crystal awakened."

"Mysterious Crystal awakened..."

Wu Yan was taken by surprise, this notification came out of nowhere. His Gate of Babylon opened on its own.

A medical vat with a human brain in it, a black crystal, ten orbs of crystals, and a gleaming crystal flew out of the Gate. They floated in front of Wu Yan.


Wu Yan took a step back, the four objects which looked like they had nothing with each other slowly hovered around.

The Mysterious Crystal spun in place while the special items he gathered from the worlds: The Control Brain, Dark Matter Crystal, Space Orbs. The materials exploded all at once.


The materials turned into light rays that seeped into the Mysterious Crystal. When that happened, the crystal also exploded in a grand fashion.

The Mysterious Crystal exploded into a mass of light. The light entered his chest and he couldn't react in time.

His shirt got torn apart and a new tattoo appeared above the Magatama for his Blood Jade mode.

The white tattoo was in the shape of the Mysterious Crystal.

" Mysterious Crystal Awakened"

"Demonic Beast Tattoo obtained."

"Demonic beast tattoo?"

Wu Yan was confused.

"What's the Demonic Beast Tattoo?"

"It's the personification of the demonic beast sealed within the mysterious crystal."

"A personification of a demonic beast?"

He's even more puzzled than before. The System replied.

"The Demonic Beast inside the Mysterious Crystal lives off instinct and is very ferocious, the System judged the being to be impossible to subjugate so the System erased the demonic beast's consciousness and form, transforming it into the Demonic Beast Tattoo. Please read the details for further information on this ability."

Wu Yan was stunned.

It took him a while to return to his senses.

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