Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 953: Let me shoulder that burden with you

Under the burning sun, hot air roamed the entire Itogami Island.

Maybe this is the normal weather pattern, however, the tourists here couldn't deal with the heat, only the natives or residents who stayed here for a long time can take such a humid and hot environment.

Even if their backs are dripping wet with sweat, the pedestrians went about their normal business. With sweat droplets running down their cheeks, their nonchalant attitude suggested they were used to this. Granted, there are still youngsters who grumbled about the heat.

A wind blew by as the pedestrians savored this rare delight. Some of them stopped to enjoy the wind.

The gust went beyond the busy streets, the tall buildings, and the cheeky winds entered the residents' home on high-rise buildings.

As the chosen candidate of the wind's blessing, a breeze blew through Kanon's bed, moving her bangs slightly, blessing the world with a view of her unfair god-given looks.

Kanon stirred into consciousness when the breeze caressed her. Her eyelids slowly twitched as she rose from her peaceful slumber.

Like a hatchling, Kanon struggled to open her eyes. Her blue eyes were like fine crystals that shimmered with a brilliant glint. Her blurry vision focused and she saw an unfamiliar ceiling.

She blinked in confusion, with an expression that would make an Otaku scream "Moe!", she roamed her gaze over the strange room. The room had a strangely calm scent wafting about, she took the time to remember this warm and peaceful room.


Kanon was puzzled because she can't recognize this place no matter how hard she searched her memories.


"You're awake, huh?..."

While she's still combing through her memories, figuring out how she arrived here, someone's voice interrupted her thoughts. The voice almost caused her to tear up.

Guided by her own heart, she quickly turned around to look at the door.

The door was ajar and Wu Yan stood there with a plate on his hand. He brought some fresh, steaming, nourishing food for her. Soon, the room was suffused with the scent of good food.

He placed the food on the headboard of the bed, he sat down by Kanon's side.

"How do you feel?"

Wu Yan asked with a smile.

"Do you feel sore or discomfort anywhere?"

Kanon looked at Wu Yan with a stunned look. She recovered after Wu Yan sat down and she reacted promptly.


Kanon looked around.

"Where am I?"

"My house."

Wu Yan chuckled.

"Also, your home from now on."

"M-my home?..."

Kanon sat there with a dumbfounded look. She didn't think Wu Yan would drop such a bombshell on her.

Wu Yan hesitated when he saw Kanon's looks, he looked into her eyes.

"Ah, you don't remember..."

Wu Yan looked at her intently.

"The things you did before..."

"The things I've done..."

Kanon frowned as memories poured into her mind.

Her father said he was going to save her but he turned her into a monster.

She recalls flying in the sky, fighting and killing other subjects with powers unfathomable to her.

She remembered how she dismembered the fallen subjects and how she consumed their spiritual cores.

She also remembered how she pierced through Wu Yan sensei's chest and destroyed his heart.

Finally, she remembered her hands that were stained with the blood of many.

Her looks of confusion were gone, she started expressing a look of sadness and regret. She cowered as her eyes dimmed down.

"I-I killed a lot of people, I also hurt Sensei..."

The scary memories came back to haunt Kanon. Her face paled and she looked sickly.

Although the blood on her hands wasn't a direct result of her conscious mind, her kind nature pinned the lives on her. She's someone who can't even ignore an abandoned stray cat after all.

For her, the memories were cruel and unforgiving...

Wu Yan saw her dark look and he lowered his head to ponder.

He reached out to pat Kanon and her white hair.

"Does it hurt?..."

Kanon didn't answer, rather she didn't know what kind of answer she should give him.

Did it hurt?

She lost her emotions from that time, does it still hurt?

The tinge in her heart, what's up with that?

Wu Yan read her mind and he chortled.

"It's okay..."

Kanon flinched. She turned towards Wu Yan.

"It's okay..."

He's trying to convey his heart's voice to Kanon. He rubbed her hair and he beamed at her.

"Even if your hands are stained with blood, even if your body is stained with blood, you're still you..."

Wu Yan's radiant smile dazzled Kanon.

"If you think you've sinned greatly then let me weather it with you..."

"The guilt you carry..."

"Shoulder... it with me?..."

Kanon's eyes wavered.



Wu Yan's unsure of this question himself. He scratched his cheek and he sighed.

"I don't know why, I just want to do it. If I don't take you in right now, you're probably going to end up on the streets. Even If I am not your teacher and I just met you today, I can't find it in myself to do that..."

Kanon zoned out when she heard Wu Yan. He shifted his gaze the other way awkwardly much to Kanon's amusement. She giggled like a girl her age.

Kanon's laughter was elegant and enchanting at the same time. Her goddess-like behavior almost made Wu Yan space out. He recovered in time and he laughed too.

"Kanase, you have a beautiful smile. I see why they call you the middle-school saint at our school. He ruffled her hair as he softly praised her.

"Remember to keep that smile with you at all times, you hear?..."


Kanon lowered her head bashfully. Wu Yan chuckled again.

"Right, you hungry?"

He passed her the food he made.

"Come, I made these myself, I am very confident with what I made, you are definitely going to dig it..."

He said with a cheeky smile, he placed the platter on Kanon's legs. Then, he stood up.

"My sister went out to buy clothes for you. Before that, I suggest you stay in that bed and under the blanket. Of course, if you want to get up looking like that, I am not going to protest too much.

Kanon finally noticed her condition, she's buck naked under the blanket.

Her face immediately turned red. Wu Yan laughed out loud as he made his exit.

She brought the blanket closer to herself as she turned her attention towards the food in front of her. She grabbed a spoonful of steaming soup.

Thoroughly basking in the warmth of the food, Kanon's eyes lit up glee. Something melted within her...

"It's warm..."

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