Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 954: Family? The people who understand

A white long-sleeved dress, white high boots, and a short-sleeved blue coat. Kanon looked simply refreshing in her new clothes.

The natural air she gave off wearing the coat and dress made Wu Yan and Kotori look at her with bulging eyes, they looked at each other as if they couldn't believe their eyes.

Kanon lowered her head in a shy manner. She's not used to being gawked at like this. She fidgeted as she stood there.

Strictly speaking, she should have been used to something like this given her appearance. She should already be blase to third party gawking and staring. However, she's actually just not used to the clothes she's wearing.

Kanon can't remember the last time she wore something other than her school uniform. She wore violet underclothes and even then she wore her uniform. She just can't remember when is the last time she wore casual clothes.

She's already very pretty but when you combined her beauty with matching clothes the effect is just stunning. Wu Yan and Kotori were mentally prepared to be wowed and they still couldn't help but gasp. They both bitterly laughed.

"Maa, let's leave that for now..."

Kotori said with her hands on her waist. Her twin tails fluttered as she asked.

"Is that fine though? It looks kinda stuffy to be wearing that..."

Itogami Island is very hot, it's like summer all year round. Anyone wearing love sleeves on this island is probably a magician well-versed in heat-related spells. The residents on this island preferred going with light clothing.

Before her angelic transformation, Kanon was a mortal. Even with her Angel Circuits, without using her powers that were enhanced through the Divine Ascension Rite, she should still be subject to mortal limits.

Wearing love sleeves in a place like this is just asking for pain and misery.

"No, I am fine..."

Kanon curtly giggled.

"I got used to this a long time ago so..."

Indeed, she wore underclothes with her uniform before this, she never grumbled about the heat.

Rather than adaptation, it's fair to say that her special powers gave her passive abilities like heat and cold resistance.

"I want to say this fits you really well but it seems you're not used to wearing a style like that..."

Kanon's fidgety appearance didn't escape Wu Yan's observation, he rubbed his chin.

"For now, you should stick to that. When you return to school, I will request a new set of uniform. Oh, Kotori is going to bring you around town, buying items you need for your daily life. Just buy whatever you want, don't hold back or we would be troubled..."

"It's okay..."

Kanon shook her head. She gave them a bright smile.

"I am already very satisfied with what you two have given me..."

Forget thankful, Kanon is moved by Wu Yan.

He rescued her from the fate of a puppet and he took her in gladly. He also provided her with anything she asked for. For someone who almost lost everything, this bliss is simply ineffable to her.

"As long as you're happy!"

Wu Yan couldn't help but rub her cute little head when he saw her demure attitude.

"Yeah, a smile fits you just nice, Kanase..."

Kanon blushed again. She didn't shy away from Wu Yan's hand, she mumbled in a volume only mosquitoes can hear.

"Erm, Sensei, please just call me Kanon..."

Wu Yan twitched in surprise.

Calling each other first names, that's usually a sign of close association in 2D works.

Although he adopted her, excluding the times he met her while she's in Faux Angel mode, they didn't talk more than two times, right?

Kanon read Wu Yan's face and she clasped her hands in front of her chest. She showed him a radiant smile.

"Sensei's my family..."

Kanon's eyes shone brightly with admiration.

"Family call each other by their names..."

Wu Yan laughed heartily when he saw her angelic smile.

"Very well, I will be under your care from now on, Kanon..."


Kanon smiled so widely she squinted her eyes.


Kotori sneered, she gave Wu Yan a meaningful grin.

"Not bad, you..."


Wu Yan raised an eyebrow.

"Okay, I am sure you're getting the wrong gist here..."

"It's fine, that's just who you are!"

"You don't know that! You don't know me!"

"E-erm, can you two please stop fighting..."

Ding dong

The doorbell rang just as the trio got into a familial scuffle. Somebody pushed open the door like it's her home, the owner of the voice had a very refreshing and sweet voice.

"Sensei! Kotori-chan! Good morning! Yoohoo, anyone awake? You're all gonna be late!"

Nagisa, Yukina, and Kojou who looked dead tired as usual entered their home.


Kanon's feelings changed when she saw her best friend. A strong surge of emotion rose up within her.


Nagisa saw Kanon and she instantly gasped.

"Kanon-chan, why are you here?!"

"That Kanase Kensei is such a meanie!"

Nagisa shrieked. She's livid with outrage.

"He turned his daughter into..."

Nagisa lost her bubbly attitude. Kojou who had a sense of righteousness and Yukina who shimmered in her own anger were speechless. Especially Yukina, she's practically seething with anger.

She's a Sword Shaman from the Lion King Organization but she's also technically a well-trained tool cultivated by the Organization.

They gathered kids with immense spiritual potential and they slowly cultivated them. In other words, she's in the same boat as Kanon.

"Kanon-chan, don't be afraid!"

Nagisa tried to cheer a crestfallen Kanon up, she grabbed her hands and she tried to assure her in a warm voice.

"Sensei's very strong, with him around, nobody can hurt you!"


Kanon giggled after being touched by Nagisa. She shook her head.

"I am not afraid, the only thing I fear is dragging people I love into this mess..."

"It's fine, Kanon-chan!"

Nagisa puffed her chest out, nobody knows where she got her confidence from.

"Nagisa is going to be just fine!"

"Hey hey, Nagisa, you shouldn't meddle in this."

Kojou panicked as he interrupted her. Unlike his primogenitor self and Yukina's sword shaman status, Nagisa is a normal human, if she got dragged into something like this, it would be very dangerous for someone like her.

"What are you saying, Kojou-kun!"

Nagisa leered at Kojou.

"Kanon-chan is Nagisa's important friend, Nagisa is going to do whatever it takes to help her!"

"But, you..."

Kojou's speechless.

Is he going to tell her she's only human and shouldn't involve herself in something like this?

However, he's a human on paper just like Yukina.


Yukina frowned as she turned her attention towards Wu Yan.

"Do something about Nagisa..."

Wu Yan pursed his lips and he chuckled.

"Look, guys, you two are underestimating Nagisa, she's actually a tougher nut than you would think..."

Nagisa puffed her chest out with a smug look. Then, Wu Yan shot her down.

"Although she's still pissing her pants in front of demons..."

"You should have left out the last part!"

Nagisa yelled as everybody laughed, the living room echoed with joyful laughter.

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