Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 955: I promise I am not trying to increase my familiarity points this time!

Close to sunset, the temperature lowered amidst the golden hue of the sun's twilight.

The humid air slowly got replaced with the cool breeze of the coming night. It's like an entity is trying to chill Itogami Island down. Soon, the temperature went to an acceptable point where one wouldn't sweat while moving around outside.

Of course, if someone ran around, feeling sweaty is a given. In any case, this didn't have anything to do with Wu Yan, Kotori, Nagisa, Kanon, Yukina, and Kojou as they went to a huge shopping center.

The cool air blocked the outside world's temperature. When they got inside, Wu Yan and the other primogenitor, Kojou both sighed in relief.

"We are saved..."


Nagisa puffed her cheeks when she saw the two walking corpses.

"It's rare for us to go shopping with everyone, would it hurt you two to bring some energy with you?"

"No no no, you're the weird one, why do you girls still have so much energy to spare?"

Wu Yan wiped away his sweat as he looked at Kotori, Nagisa, Kanon, and Yukina who were still cool as a cucumber.

"Normally, anyone would be sweating hard under that gruesome temperature outside, right?"


Kojou chimed in.

"I mean, seriously, not a drop of sweat at all?"

The other girls didn't take the two primogenitors seriously.

Kotori's a flame spirit, a little heat is nothing to her. As for Yukina, she's a sword shaman so she probably used her spiritual powers to resist the heat or ignore the heat. Meanwhile, Kanon's special constitution meant she can passively resist environmental influences on her. If we were talking about resistance, Kanon is easily above Yukina.

Nagisa looks like a human on the outside but she has a terrifyingly powerful ice familiar inside herself. Although she couldn't control the ice familiar's power, the vassal beast within her probably gave her heat resistance.

Other than Nagisa, the girls knew why they weren't affected by the humidity and heat outside. They still gave the two primogenitors annoyed looks.

"Man up, you tow, seriously what an embarrassment!"

Kotori shot them down. Her sharp tongue would probably make other men die out of shame.


Nagisa agreed with her arms akimbo.

"Look around you, you've got cute schoolgirls, kouhai, and sisters shopping with you, stop complaining. If the boys of our class heard about a shopping trip with Yukina and Kanon, they would fight each other for this chance!"

"Sounds like you're exaggerating..."

Kojou who couldn't fathom the idea expressed his confusion.

"Are the boys in the middle school division so violent? Getting into fights just to hang out with girls, sounds stupid to me!"

Wu Yan distanced himself from Kojou. Instantly, three frosty gazes landed on Kojou.


Yukina repeated with a stiff look.

"Is that so?..."


Kotori's eyebrows twitched.

"I am surprised there are still dense males around. I am shocked but more than that, I want to grill you outside..."


Nagisa closed her eyes. She gave him the capital punishment.

"Kojou-kun, no dinner for you!"

"Eh?! Ehhhh?!!!"

Kojou was stunned by what he heard, he shrieked in horror as the three girls laughed out loud.

Wu Yan shook his head while chuckling. Kotori's right, he's too dense for his own good. Keep it up and he's probably going to be alone for the rest of his life.

Wu Yan noticed Kanon who stood there without saying anything. She's apparently too busy scanning her surrounding for something. Wu Yan asked her.

"What's wrong? Kanon, something off with this place?"

Kanon gasped slightly and she quickly recovered. She shook her head and she replied in a bashful manner.

"N-no, it's just... this is my first time coming to a place like this so I was curious..."

Wu Yan twitched and he recalled something he read.

Kanon was an orphan, she didn't know who her biological parents were and she grew up in a monastery.

But, the monastery suffered an unfortunate incident five years ago and aside from Kanon, everyone there died, the whole place was thrashed too.

Kanase Kensei adopted her after that. It's hard to imagine what would have happened to her after she lost her home.

Getting adopted by Kensei isn't a fortunate thing for Kanon.

He modified her into an artificial angel, made her kill other test subjects until Wu Yan saved her from her predicament.

Kanon's life might not have been hellish, but, it's definitely not smooth sailing.

Even so, she retained her kindness. Despite the lemons life threw at her, she managed to preserve her saint-like smile.

She's making it hard to not hug her and just pat the living daylight out of her, consoling her and telling her it's all going to be fine.

"Okay, if that's the case you better make sure you enjoy today to the fullest. Buy whatever you want, no limits, if you want then just buy it!"

Wu Yan told her.

"Don't worry about my wallet, I am way more loaded than you think..."


Kanon wanted to turn Wu Yan down because she felt it wasn't right to waste Wu Yan's money.

No, she just didn't want to impose on Wu Yan anymore than she already did.

She's staying in his home, eating his food and pampered by Wu Yan. It just felt wrong to add more trouble to Wu Yan's plate.

Alas, Wu Yan's offer is just too tempting.

It's Kanon's first time shopping and she's a girl at heart.

It's just a woman's nature to indulge in shopping sprees.

Kanon didn't want to impose on Wu Yan but her real thoughts leaked through her mouth.

"Of course!"

Wu Yan patted his chest.

"I am a teacher and an assault mage at the same time, I have way more dough than I need. Go ahead, spend to your heart's content!"

Heck, even if she spent it all, he can sell a few gold coins.

Wu Yan knew his limits.

But, Kanon continued grinning like a cat, her eyes narrowed because of her intense joy.

"Thank you, sensei!"

"It's nothing..."

Wu Yan felt piercing gazes behind him. He turned around and sure enough, Kotori, Nagisa, and Yukina were staring at him with scary eyes.

"I thought you were dead tired?..."

Kotori looked down at Wu Yan from above.

"It looks like your mood has improved greatly..."


Yukina revised her attitude towards Wu Yan, it's like she's meeting him for the first time again.

"I never thought sensei would turn out like Senpai, I have misjudged you..."


Nagisa scolded Wu Yan like she's aggrieved and bullied, there were tears at the corners of her eyes.

"You idiot!"

Wu Yan's lip twitched, he stepped back as he wanted to appeal his case with tears inside his heart.

I promise I am not trying to increase my familiarity points this time!

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