Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 957: Magus Craft's methods, the reappearance

The crowd started thinning out inside the mall.

Soon, except for the upper floors, the ground floor shoppers decreased drastically, they either went to the upper floors or they distanced themselves from the mall. Soon, there wasn't a soul in sight on the ground floor.

Kojou and Wu Yan stood near the mall entrance. Kojou looked around in shock.

"How did you do it?..."

Kojou looked at Wu Yan with confusion in his eyes.

"There were so many people before..."

"I just used a warding spell to get rid of bystanders."

Wu Yan didn't bother hiding it from him.

"It's basically a psychological spell that keeps nearby humans away from the ward. It creates an area of effect where people will wander away and stay out. It's a spell you use when you're preparing to fight others while not involving innocent people."

"Th-that's a convenient spell..."

"Well, you can't exactly choose your battle place and innocent bystanders can get in the way so this kind of spell is a must-have for assault mages who are worth their salt."

He cracked his fingers with a smile.

"Now, I also combined this warding spell with a barrier, as long as you don't release more than 2 familiars, don't even dream about breaking a mirror in this place."

"What the..."

Kojou was stupefied.

He had heard of barriers before, just not barriers that can withstand primogenitor-class familiars.

He is weak as a primogenitor, he's aware of that. But, there are only a few barriers in this world that can block his familiars.

When the vampire teacher said he laid down a barrier strong enough to keep his vassal beasts in check, why wouldn't he doubt his words?

He might not be fully awakened yet, however, he's still a primogenitor.

Wu Yan rolled his eyes when he read Kojou's mind.

"Don't think my barriers are so advanced you can throw your familiars around. I just used my magic power to fill the barrier with tons of magic power. They can resist vassal beast attacks and that's about it."

Wu Yan glanced at Kojou.

"The barriers can take at most, one familiar attack. And, I better not see chuck an attack at the barrier, that would be very troubling. Of course, if you want to get butchered by Yukina, be my guest. I can make sure the people here are safe although I can't say the same for the building."

"I-I'm good..."

Kojou started sweating. He assured Wu Yan.

"I can only use one vassal beast and I definitely won't aim it at the barrier."

"Well, save that for later..."

Wu Yan shook his head. He sighed.

"Let's just hope the enemy isn't strong enough for you to use familiars on them..."

Kojou nodded with a serious look.

The mall's main entrance automatically opened up.

A squad of soldiers in black armor entered. The special squad equipped SMGs.

They came into this mall with an objective in mind. They immediately ran in a certain direction. The squad's organized movement gave them away.

The hitmen tracked Wu Yan & co to this place.

Their hurried steps stopped when they saw the two standing in their way. They immediately surrounded Wu Yan and Kojou with guns aimed at them.

"Who are they?"

Kojou frowned.

"No, the stench of blood didn't come from them."

"No vitality detected..."

Wu Yan furrowed his brows.

"Are they robots or animated corpses?"

"Don't know..."

Kojou growled.

"Here they come!"

The armored figures pressed their triggers.


Sparks flew as the squad opened fire on the two vampires. A hailstorm of bullets rained down on them.

They heard the gunfire and they saw the sparks but they weren't flustered. They stood their ground as two gigantic waves of magic power were released from them.

Kojou's clad in a golden lightning shield, the bullets were deflected by his electrically charged shield.

Wu Yan used his magic power to manipulate the trajectories of the bullets hitting him, he sent the bullets back, the armored soldiers were pushed down to the floor.

Then, ripples in space opened up, raining down iron sword on the armored squad.

Ding ding ding ding

The iron swords pierced the armored soldiers, gouging the ground and the bodies of the armored soldiers. The soldiers emitted sparks and electrical short-circuits when struck by the swords.

Wu Yan and Kojou finally know who they were fighting. These soldiers weren't humans with flesh and blood, they were made of wires and metallic parts.

"As expected, cyborgs..."

Wu Yan sighed.

"Now we know we are fighting Magus Craft."

"The same firm that helped Kensei create the faux angels?"

Kojou frowned with disgust.

"Why didn't you demolish that company?"

"You think I didn't want to?"

Wu Yan helplessly said.

"Natsuki isn't back yet. With Aldegyr's airship still missing and the incident unsolved, it doesn't help that the faux angel incident is somehow linked to that missing airship."

"I can't move without proper orders and information."

Kojou thought about it and he nodded as it made sense to him. He wanted to say something when his face changed. Wu Yan and Kojou looked up.

In the sky, golden light caught the two vampires' attention. The power affected reality as space reverberated with the energy fluctuation.

At the center of that golden glow is a winged girl with tight-fitting fur clothing and a mask.


Kojou gasped.

"A masked parasite!"

"No, that's not one of them."

Wu Yan was a bit surprised to see the intruder.

"That's a clone of the faux angels!'


Kojou turned towards Wu Yan.

"I thought you said the two clones were already..."

Wu Yan frowned. He looked at the cloned fake angel with narrowed eyes.

"Looks like Magus Craft has more than two clones..."

Wu Yan's wrong on this.

Magus Craft only had two clones. The clone they were looking at was created after Kanon got rescued by Wu Yan.

It was created to retrieve Kanon!

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