Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 958: Declaration, decision, and confrontation

Wu Yan and Kojou stared back at the faux angel staring down at them from above. The two of them weren't spotting comfortable looks.

From the distortion in space, two more fake angels emerged, they spread their wings as they looked at the two primogenitors on the ground. Their eyes were dead, no emotions could be seen in those eyes.

"Three fake angels, huh?"

Wu Yan chuckled, he continued with a cold grin.

"You guys sure went all-in on this one, Magus Craft..."

"Of course we did!"

Replied someone with a furious and hateful voice. That person shouted from the main entrance of the shopping mall. Wu Yan and Kojou looked at the incoming group.

A middle-aged man in lab coat walked in with a blonde female walking by side. They looked at Wu Yan with grim and odious expressions respectively.

Kensei and BB entered the scene.

She's equipped with a spear.

She got infected with the world's most serious case of hating someone, she maliciously laughed.

"To retrieve that monster is one thing, to tear you to pieces is another, we spent all our funds on the three fake angels here. I am sorry, but, can you please die?"

Wu Yan raised an eyebrow. He sneered.

"For a rat that got away because of her vampiric vitality, uggo, you speak too much!"

"Shut your trap!"

BB's smile contorted. She was good-looking, her evil smile destroyed that beauty. Indeed, she looked very ugly just like Wu Yan said.

"Wait until I slash you into a beehive-looking mofo, that will take care of that mouth of yours!"

"I don't know where you got your confidence from..."

Wu Yan didn't spare another look. He turned towards the three mimic angels in the sky.

"I am guessing those three gave you your confidence?"

"AH?! Of course! Ain't they a sight to behold? Our latest company offering!"

She controlled the clones with a remote control, BB coldly laughed.

"Compared to that monster, these products are inferior. They are useful for situations like this which is a pleasant surprise."

Wu Yan's face turned dark when BB said "That monster". Then, he regained his smile.

"Believe it or not, before you can mess my mouth up, I can make sure you never open that yapper of yours?"

BB was enraged, she wanted to retort but Wu Yan's frosty eyes stopped her. It felt like her words couldn't escape her throat no matter what.

Kojou stood up.

"You're Kanase Kensei?"

Kojou balled his palms into fists.

"Tell me! Why did you turn Kanon into a faun angel?!"

Kensei didn't lower his head. Instead, he said something that almost made Kojou go on a rampage.

"Turning Kanon into a fake angel was something I decided when I first adopted her."

It's like he's talking about an object instead of his adopted daughter.

"In any case, it's her destiny..."


Kojou chuckled out of sheer anger.

"You're saying that's Kanase's destiny?"

"Did she ever said she wanted to become an angel? Did she ever say she wanted a destiny like that?!"

Golden lightning arced around Kojou, he is losing control of himself.

"You turned her into a fake angel on your own selfish will, how dare you say it's her destiny..."

Kojou gnashed his teeth.

"You have no right to call yourself Kanon's dad!"

Kensei's eyes flashed with an imperceptible glint. He's not fazed by this and that's what pissed Kojou off. He wanted to approach the man when someone pulled him back.

Wu Yan stared into Kensei's eyes. They didn't say anything for a brief while. Wu Yan opened the conversation first.

"Kanase Kensei..."

Wu Yan continued.

"Firstly, thank you."

Kensei was stunned. BB and Kojou also didn't think he would thank the guy.

"Thank you for taking care of Kanon for 5 years."

Wu Yan stared straight down Kensei's barrel.

"You made her live a life of misery. But, if you didn't adopt her five years ago, she wouldn't be standing in front of me today..."

"For that, you have my thanks..."

Wu Yan changed his tone.

"However, from now on... No, from today onwards, she's my family and we will forge a future together!"

"I am telling you first, if you're thinking about snatching Kanon from me and turning her into a monster without consciousness..."

He snickered. His voice could be heard echoing in the lobby.

"You can keep dreaming!"

Kensei's face changed, he lost his cool as he backed away subconsciously.

Kojou's flames also got dowsed, he smiled widely and he stood side by side with Wu Yan.

"That's right, Kanase's destiny is no longer yours to decide!"

"Y-you all..."

Kensei roared at them with a livid look.

"What would you know?! You know nothing! So ignorant, what gives you the right to deny me!"

"Talking about qualifications?"

Wu Yan thought about it and he replied simply.

"You're messing with my family, that's enough reason for me!"



A familiar voice stunned everyone here.

Wu Yan and Kojou looked back in horror. Kanon came out of a lift, Kotori and Yukina tagged behind her.

"Why are you girls here?!"

Kojou asked.

"Where's Nagisa?!"

"Nagisa-chan didn't come down here."

Yukina replied.

"Somebody set a warding spell here so Nagisa got affected by it, she didn't come down."

Kojou sighed in relief.


Wu Yan raised an eyebrow at her.

"Why did you come down here?"

"Sorry, sensei..."

Kanon apologized although she still had a smile on her face. Wu Yan couldn't stay mad at her. Clearly, the girl heard Wu Yan's declaration.

"But, I don't want to run anymore..."

She steeled herself up, she asked Wu Yan with a hopeful look.

"Please, at least let me face this, okay? Sensei..."

Wu Yan didn't think those resolved words would come from her.

Wu Yan felt like this pure and divine girl suddenly looked stronger in his eyes, he had wrongly pegged her as soft.

Her monastery destroyed, modified into an artificial angel, someone who survived all that and can still show the world a genuine smile? She's definitely not soft or weak.

Wu Yan chuckled.

"Okay, don't regret your decision, okay?"

Kanon's eyes brightened up, she beamed widely at him.


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