Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 959: Impeded, Angel's divinity

Kensei's agitation died down when Kanon appeared again.

He returned to his composed self and he stared at Kanon.


Kensei clenched his teeth when he saw Kanon's condition.

"Why does Kanon still have her consciousness and will?"

The artificial angel's evolution happens in 8 stages.

Whenever a fake angel devours another test subject and her Angel Circuits, she will move up a stage.

After consuming 6 magical cores, the subject in question will be at the seventh stage. The seventh stage is the stage before the final angel ascension. Once the subject integrates all 7 cores within herself, she will fully evolve into a true angel. After fighting a bit, she will be recalled to Heaven.

After core integration, she should be an angel that is very close to a true angel. With such close proximity to one Close to God, she shouldn't have retained her will.

At this stage, she should have lost her sense of self and consciousness. Even independent movement should be impossible!

But, Kanon's walking around like that's not the case!

"Were the Angel Circuits destroyed?"

Kensei took out a remote control, he stared at the beeping light in a grave manner.

"No, the circuits are still there, the formations weren't destroyed!"

"Then, how..."

Kensei fell into confusion, he's looking at an impossible scene.

Can angels retain their will and consciousness?

Kensei shook, an idea struck him and he turned towards Wu Yan.

"It's him! He must have done something!"

While Kensei racked his brain hard to crack Wu Yan's method. Kanon greeted her adoptive father in a dim tone.


Kensei froze up, he looked away from Wu Yan.


She begged him.

"I... I don't want to hurt anyone anymore..."

Kensei replied with an expressionless look.

"It's too late, you chose this path and I can't turn back now..."

"I didn't choose this road!"

Kanon raised her voice. It didn't sound like the Kanon Kensei knew.

This is Kanon's version of yelling at someone even if she only raised her voice a bit.

"I didn't choose that path..."

Her volume lowered and one could hear the sadness within her words.

"That's why, just go away, father..."


Kensei experienced emotional turbulence when he saw Kanon's crestfallen look.

Wu Yan, Kotori, Yukina, and Kojou said nothing. They quietly watched the conversation between a father and her daughter.

Somebody had enough of this, she broke the silence.


A whip-like object struck Kensei's chest much to everyone's shock. Kensei got sent flying away.


Groaning in pain, Kensei got sent into a nearby wall, his remote control fell to the floor.


Kanon shouted.

"Ahhhh, this is why you can't rely on outsiders."

BB picked up the remote control with her retracted spear.

"We spent so much to create that monster. You're so useless, just because of a few words you wavered?!"

She looked down at Kensei with disdain. She turned towards Kanon with a cold snicker.

"As a monster, you should know how to behave like one, listen to me!"

She pressed the remote control while everyone's still stunned.


Light shone forth with Kanon as the center, it illuminated Wu Yan & co.


Kojou and Yukina wanted to stop BB but it was too late.

Kanon's panicking and flustered. The light also lit up the angel circuits under her clothes.

Three pairs of golden wings appeared behind Kanon.

Faux Angel Form!


BB laughed out loud, she pressed the remote one more time.

"Kill them!"


Kanon noticed her body floating up beyond her control. Her face went pale with despair.

Is she going back to her old form?


Kojou and Yukina charged towards Kanase and BB respectively.

BB raised her spear to intercept the incoming foe.

However, whether it is BB who's too busy being the villain, Kanon who felt despair, Yukina, and Kojou who wanted to interfere, nobody saw Kotori and Wu Yan's calm attitudes.

"Okay, that's far enough."

Kotori filed her complaint with Wu Yan.

"Look at her, Kanon's frightened out of her mind."

Wu Yan said nothing, instead, he moved the magic power within himself.

Kanon closed her eyes, she thought she's going to transform back to her old self but a stream of magic power entered her circuits.

Slowly, Kanon regained control of her body.


She can feel her control returning to her through that hijacked circuit. That magic power, it felt familiar to her. Next, a figure appeared in her mind.

Kanon's heart rate slowed down and blood returned to her pale face. She felt moved.

She can feel it...



She called out to him, she spotted a pristine and angelic smile.

Her wings turned into three pairs of unblemished white avian wings. A pure halo appeared from nowhere and it hovered above her head.

The distorted aura of the fake angel disappeared. A divine aura replaced that distorted aura, her old Angel circuits shattered into points of light.

I can feel it...

Sense's image...

She silently embraced the figure in her heart, she also calmed down.

Kanon's body disintegrated in front of everyone, the feathers that rained down all entered Wu Yan's body...

"What the?!"

Even the culprit is surprised by how this turned out.

He didn't anticipate this transformation.


Kanase Kanon turned into an angel, she obtained Angel's Divinity.

Kanase Kanon merged with the user. Her existence fulfilled the activation requirements of the Monster Tattoo. Monster Tattoo activated, Kanase Kanon turned into a familiar.

Divine Angel vassal beast obtained.

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