Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 962: The witch and the princess comes for a visit

Ding dong

The doorbell rang, disrupting Nagisa who wanted to continue with her antics. The others also looked at the door.

Before they can open the door, a weak light lit up the living room. Soon, a petite figure emerged with a stern voice ringing in everyone's ears.

"Oh? You're all here?"

The guest was surprised to see a gathering of so many people.

Wu Yan was the first to react.


Kojou also greeted his teacher.



A swift parasol lunge hit the guy on his forehead.  Kojou fell back against the sofa while groaning with his hands on his head. He almost cried.

"Don't call your teacher with the suffix '-chan'!"

She told Kojou with her doll-like face, her eyes were brimming with displeasure.

"You guys called that vampire sensei, yet you call me by my name and even decided to add a '-chan' suffix to my name!"

The others started laughing out loud.

"Well, Natsuki, that's how your students feel, they feel like they are close enough to call you with an endearing term like that, don't act like you don't like it..."

Wu Yan shrugged with a grin.

"You only have yourself to blame for being so dang cute..."

"Yeah! Minamiya-sensei!"

Nagisa stood up, she kept up decorum.

"Minamiya-sensei is so cute, Kojou-kun is a dumb-dumb so he called you -chan out of pure consideration."

"Don't call your brother a dumb-dumb!"

Kojou grumbled while massaging the place where he got whacked with a parasol.

"How rude, calling your brother stupid."

Nagisa stuck her tongue out at Kojou. She looked like she didn't hear him at all, Kojou almost got mad while Wu Yan amused himself with their interactions. He turned towards Natsuki.

"More like, if you're going to teleport into someone's living room, why bother ringing the bell anyway?"

"I am not a fan of intrusion."

Said the girl who rang the bell but never waited for the host to let her in.

"I didn't see you in your home so I came here to check if you're around."

"That's intrusion right there!"

Wu Yan's lips twitched.

"And you even invaded two units..."

Himeragi greeted Natsuki with a face that said she wanted to get down to brass tacks.

"Finished with your job?"

Since Himeragi and Kojou involved themselves in Kanon's affair, they also heard about Wu Yan & Natsuki's arrangement. Wu Yan was in charge of solving the artificial angel incidents while she would be involved in solving the missing Aldegyr airship case. She's also in charge of linking the two incidents together.

With the artificial angels more or less dealt with and the discovery of the Aldegyr airship disappearance's nature, Natsuki's return came as no surprise.

Surprisingly, Natsuki shook her head. Wu Yan raised an eyebrow, he poured a cup of black tea for her.

"Did you encounter a roadblock?"

Natsuki's expression relaxed greatly when Wu Yan poured her a cup of good tea. She sipped before answering him.

"This tastes good..."

She praised.

"I wouldn't exactly call it a problem..."

"You cracked the case by uncovering the reason behind the airship's disappearance. Meanwhile, I found the surviving knights from that airship."

Natsuki pursed her lips.

"Including the princess who got away..."

"Isn't that great?"

Kotori glanced at Natsuki while munching on her candy.

"Did something unexpected happen?"

Natsuki shook her head. She shifted her gaze towards Kanon who was trying to low-key blend in with the scene.

"I came here because of her."

"Kanase Kanon (Kanon-chan)?"

Kotori, Nagisa, Yukina, and Kojou flinched.


Wu Yan twitched, he cast a puzzled look in Kanon's direction, she's panicking because Natsuki zeroed in on her out of nowhere.

Natsuki didn't explain, she ordered Kojou.

"Akatsuki, go open the door!"


Kojou didn't understand why she gave him such an order, his slow-wit earned him the grace of another parasol smash on the noggin.

"If I tell you to open the door, you do it!"


Kojou's forehead went red with pain.

"Is this my home or your home..."

He complained while making his way towards the door. He opened it...

And, the living room fell silent.

Kojou is stunned, he backed away in a flustered manner. A series of footsteps trailed Kojou. When Kojou backpedaled into the living room, they saw the new guest.

They were just staring in astonishment. Kanon's eyes also wavered with emotional turbulence.

The silver hair danced in a magical wind as the female entered the living room. She didn't look like a seasoned soldier but she certainly dressed the part, she looked like she's attending a formal military event with her formal loadout. She also wore high-quality leather boots like a female knight in slightly casual clothes.

Her outstanding aura gave away her identity as the princess despite her female knight clothes. Her stunning beauty and is also an indication that she's no ordinary capable girl in fancy clothes. She's a noble princess.

Her eyes were as clear and blue as the sky themselves, they looked like pure crystallized water. Her sparkling eyes can dazzle anyone gazing upon her majestic mien. She looked around and she spotted Kanon, her eyes lit up and a perfect smile spread across her face.

Wu Yan & co couldn't react in time.

She's beautiful, no beautiful doesn't cut it, she's just drop-dead stunning.

If it's only her looks, they wouldn't be so amazed. What astounded them was her appearance.

If she cut her hair to shoulder-length and her height got reduced to below 1.6 meters and shave a few years off her current age then she would easily be mistaken as Kanon's mirror image.

She looks like Kanon, the resemblance is uncanny. They looked like sisters when juxtaposed.

"You... You're..."

Kanon pointed at her with disbelief. She realized her rudeness and she quickly lowered her hand with a meek look. The new guest started giggling.

"La Folia Rihavein."

La folia tilted her head, she gave them a polite smile.

"I am the current princess of Aldegyr Royal Court, I am the princess who got away according to the Witch of the Void. Yeap, that's me!"

"The princess... of Aldegyr Kingdom?!!!"

They all gasped. They were shocked but they believed her words without a doubt.

She certainly looked like a princess. If her beauty isn't princess-level, no one can call themselves a princess anymore.

"Aldegyr Kingdom's princess..."

Wu Yan pursed his lips, he looked at Natsuki, prompting her to continue.

"Her Highness is here to see Kanase Kanon."

Natsuki didn't hide anything.

"Rather, Aldegyr Kingdom sent an airship to Itogami Island because the princess wanted to meet Kanase Kanon."

Wu Yan suddenly felt a gut feeling hitting him.

It's like the Faux Angel Incident has more to it than meets the eye...

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