Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 963: Background, truth, and the cute tragic girl

Time stopped...

The two older and younger sibling-esque girls stared intently at each other. The younger girl looked meek while the older one looked on with a bright smile on her face.

The spectators watched as the two girls quietly looked at each other. They gauged their presence and aura and they safely came to a conclusion.

They look so alike!

In terms of aura and presence, it looked like they were sisters. There is only a subtle difference between them, Kanon leaned more towards gentleness and purity whereas La Folia exuded a different vibe.





All four points pointed to her identity as the princess of Aldegyr. The feel she gave off can only come from royalty.

"Finally, we meet..."

La Folia broke the silence first.

La Folia kept her eyes on Kanon, the longer she looked, the happier she felt.

"I always wanted to meet you... Kanon..."

The stranger just called her by her first name, instead of getting mad, she looked like she was okay with La Folia's familiar attitude.

It's not just because Kanon wasn't one to get hung up over who calls who what. This elder sister figure felt very familiar, she just never thought about telling her off.

She recalled her meeting with Kensei yesterday, he told her that her relatives are still alive and around. Kanon felt very hopeful after hearing that.


Kanon opened her mouth, she stuttered as she's not sure how she should address her. Maybe she's afraid of the slight chance that this silver-haired stranger will say she's not related to her. Kanon never finished her sentence, she was panicking and flustered out of her mind.

Wu Yan can feel Kanon's feelings since she's his familiar. Familiars are magic power given form, nested in a host, he can naturally gauge their emotions.

Kanon might be in physical form but she's his familiar. He is also using his magic power to sustain her.

When her emotions boiled, Wu Yan is the first to detect this. Wu Yan stood up for her.


Wu Yan rubbed her tiny head.

"Let me do this..."

Kanon looked at Wu Yan with a very touched expression, she retreated to Wu Yan's side. La Folia looked at Wu Yan with puzzlement.

"And you are?"

"Oh, me?"

Wu Yan shrugged.

"I have too many names, my relationship with Kanon is already very complicated. I am her teacher and guardian, I guess?"

La Folia nodded, she beamed at him.

"You're Wu Yan, correct?"


Wu Yan gasped.

"You know who I am?"

"Not exactly, I only heard about you yesterday."

La Folia nodded.

"Since you're Kanon's guardian, I snooped around a bit I hope you don't mind!"

"I don't mind..."

He examined La Folia. He pursed his lips.

"You seem to be overly concerned with Kanon, your appearance is also rather similar. Tell me, why do you want to see Kanon?"


Wu Yan glanced at Kanon.

"What's your relationship with Kanon..."

La Folia stored her smile away. She bitterly grinned when Wu Yan asked about her relationship with Kanon.

"Kanon and I are related..."

Kanon's expression brightened up. La Folia looked troubled, she looked like she had something to say but it's not easy to express in words. Either way, she still shocked everyone with what she revealed next.

"Kanon's father, I mean biological father, isn't Kanase Kensei..."

La Folia lowered her volume.

"Her father is my grandfather..."

The room fell silent.


Wu Yan's eyes widened with shock. Kanon is also surprised by her lineage. Excluding Natsuki who looked like she's already in the loop, the others were just astounded by this news.

"Your grandfather? Your grandpa?"

Wu Yan's eyebrows jolted.

"Are you sure you are not referring to your father?"

"Regrettably, that's the case..."

La Folia awkwardly laughed and she sighed.

"Kanon's father is my grandfather, that means Kanon is my aunt..."


The others looked at La Folia who had a rocking body that seemed like she's 18. Then, they looked at Kanon who is physically less well-developed than La Folia.

From this comparison, La Folia should be the aunt and Kanon should be the niece, that seemed more believable.


Kanon is La Folia's aunt?

Something's not right here, that's what they all thought.

Wu Yan rubbed his temples and he adjusted his attitude.

"Wait, hold on, that means Kanon is technically royalty?!"

The others also caught up. Kanon just looked on with a dazed look.

"What's so strange about that?"

La Folia rubbed her chin, she helplessly shook her head.

"Kensei is Aldegyr's court magician, most of his magecraft required the blood of Aldegyr royalty to realize."

La Folia glanced at Kanon and she sighed again.

"The Angel Circuits used to make artificial angels needed the Aldegyr bloodline even more, without Aldegyr royalty, Kensei couldn't have reached the final stages of the Divine Ascension Rites."

The others finally got the gist of La Folia's explanation.

The Angel circuits were OP, they can make fake angels out of humans. If it didn't come with serious restrictions, the world would have fallen to chaos a long time ago.

Wu Yan thought the Angel Circuits needed strong mediums and that was the restriction. Kanon is a very potent spiritual medium that's why she made it to the final stages.

It looks like the requirements for a final stage angel candidate are higher than he imagined.

Impossible without Aldegyr royalty, that hurdle is just too high.

Kanon stood up.

She clasped her hands in front of her chest as she took a deep breath. She asked La Folia with a slightly nervous tone.

"Is my father doing fine?"

La Folia turned towards Kanon and she chuckled. Her laughter can charm anyone in this world.

"When the royal house found out about you, grandfather's extramarital affair also came to light. He ran away with his tail between his legs lest grandmother's rage engulfs him."

La Folia said something that made others sweat cold bullets, they weren't sure they should be listening to this.

"But, other than that, he's doing very well."


Kanon released a sigh of relief, her pure smile should be banned because it's too OP.


Wu Yan, Kotori, Nagisa, Yukina, and Kojou also smiled. They were looking at Kanon with sympathetic gazes.

This girl is too kind for her own good. She didn't consider the possibility that her father might have abandoned her. She didn't consider the fact that her father lived a lavish royal life that would make people jealous.

She never even grumbled about the gross negligence inflicted upon her.

Indeed, that's just Kanon. The Kanon everyone knows.

Pure and kind. She's just beautiful this way...

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