Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 965: A continuation from last time, let's start our date (war)


Wu Yan collapsed on the sofa like a zombie, he stared at the ceiling with dead eyes, he had no attachments to reality.

A stream of tears slowly flowed down his cheeks, he started sniveling.

"Why am I the one who gets targeted every time!"

"You're so noisy!"

Kotori entered with Kanon in tow.

"I don't get what you're complaining about, so many cute girls are at your beck and call. Do you realize how many people would kill for your position?"

"I didn't say I was dissatisfied..."

Wu Yan retorted.

"I am just tired..."


Kanon saw Wu Yan's tired look and she lowered her head in remorse.

"I am sorry, it's all my fault..."

"No, it's not Kanon's fault..."

Wu Yan couldn't bear to let Kanon shoulder this. He got up from the sofa and he beamed at her.

"It's all because of that princess, it's all because of the pranks she pulled. I finally realize how her outward appearance of an elegant princess is just a farce, she's actually Haraguro, that La Folia!"

Kanon blinked her eyes in puzzlement, she didn't understand what "Haraguro" meant. Although she's confused, she still nodded whereas Kotori rolled her eyes.

Wu Yan did hit the nail on its head, La Folia is a bit Haraguro...

Kotori sat Kanon down, she roamed her gaze over Kanon and finally settled on Wu Yan.

"Right, did you get to the bottom of Kanon's matter?"

Wu Yan slapped his cheeks and he entered business mode.

Kotori's asking him why Kanon became his familiar.

Wu Yan was shocked by the turn of events as well.

A physical being transformed into a familiar. Wu Yan's pretty sure he never heard about such an event before.

Even Yukina who learned about various magic and demonic races during her time in Lion King Organization swore she never heard or seen anything like this before. She's just as puzzled as anyone in the room.

Wu Yan knew why Kanon transformed into his familiar, it's because of the unsealed mysterious crystal which got modified into a monster tattoo. The System explained the tattoo's role in changing Kanon into a familiar.

The System only said the Monster Tattoo activated and then Kanon got turned into a familiar, it never explicitly stated why.

So how did the Monster Tattoo's activation change a physical being into a familiar?

Wu Yan tried asking the System and the System just slapped him with a non-explanation.

"For details, the user is advised to fumble around."

And that was it.

The System didn't bother giving him a proper explanation of the process that turned Kanon into a familiar.

The System probably thinks it already told everything the user needed to know. According to the System, the Mysterious Crystal contained a sealed Youkai Lord with a violent tendency, the sealed monster lost intelligence over countless years and can only act on basal destructive impulses so the System decided the being is only a detriment to the user upon unsealing the crystal. The system erased the sealed monster's form and consciousness, leaving only its power and abilities behind in the form of the Monster Tattoo.

The Monster Tattoo is technically a crystallization of the Youkai Lord's power and abilities, it wasn't native to the System's design.

The System already erased the Youkai Lord's form and consciousness, leaving the Monster Tattoo as the result. Even the system couldn't fully quantify, qualify, and describe the Monster Tattoo's abilities. The most it could do was give the user a hint on the Tattoo's activation and that's about it.

In other words, the Monster Tattoo has little to nothing to do with the System so the System can't fully analyze the Tattoo and its constituent abilities.

To date, the Tattoo only activated once so it's hard to say for certain what other abilities it gave the user.

If the System can't describe it, Wu Yan is even more stumped.

The System dumped its information log on Wu Yan when the Monster Tattoo activated.

  1. The Tattoo can turn a designated target into the user's familiar.

2. The designated target must fulfill the Monster Tattoo's requirements in terms of power nature. The target must also synchronize with the user in terms of physical and mental aptitudes.

That's basically what the System got from the first activation. For more information, the Tattoo needs to be activated multiple times to fully gauge its limits and capabilities.

Wu Yan can only take the System's words since that's the only lead he has for now.

The Monster Tattoo's activation benefited Wu Yan in this case, Kanon became his familiar. Compared to the Artificial Angel status that meant Kanon would have to hurt others, she'd rather get turned into Wu Yan's familiar, the Divine Angel's abilities fit better with Kanon's preferences.

The Divine Angel has no offensive abilities. Instead, it boasts superior healing and cleansing abilities. For someone who grew up in a monastery and eschewed violence. This is simply a dream come true.

Not only can she abstain from violence, but she can also help and save others. Kanon didn't mind her transformation into a Divine Angel in the least.

Moreover, due to her Divine nature, she's a higher dimension being, attacks from lower dimension beings can never hurt her.

A nigh-invulnerable being that can't attack but can heal and purify things, that's her nature as a familiar.

Kanon is currently an existence of purification and healing.

Kanon also admired Wu Yan greatly, becoming Wu Yan's familiar didn't feel bad.

He told Kotori everything the System told him. She lowered her head to figure things out. She didn't chew her candy, a clear sign that she's trying her best to help Wu Yan sort through the information given by System.

Wu Yan silently praised Kotori.

As expected of Ratatoskr's commander.

He sat with Kanon who didn't understand what System or Monster Tattoo meant.

"In other words, since the Monster Tattoo only activated once, you don't have enough samples to gauge the full extent of the Tattoo's powers. It's also the reason why System told you to fumble around on your own, right?"

Wu Yan scratched his cheek with a nod. Kotori then gave an order with an approving nod.

"Alright, go find the next romantic target."


Wu Yan almost choked on his saliva.

"What did you say? I didn't catch that."

"I said, move on to the next target!"

Kotori snickered.

"You said you don't have enough leads, right? We just need to activate the Tattoo a few more times to get more clues, yeah?"

"I mean..."

Wu Yan was gobsmacked.

Kotori grinned, her red eyes fell on Wu Yan. She crossed her arms.

"Don't worry, Ratatoskr is at your service. Although we aren't going after spirits, I will still do my best to assist you."

"Let's begin!"

Kotori started laughing out loud whereas Wu Yan still needed time to process what she said.

"Our date (war)..."

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