Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 967: An invitation to a date, Kotori roping in people...

"Hey, Natsuki!"

Wu Yan turned back towards Natsuki with a radiant smile. He was acting weird a few seconds ago, this drastic change in behavior made Natsuki confused. She wasn't aware that a certain wolf already set his sights on her.

"Do you have any plans after this?"


Natsuki gave Wu Yan a puzzled look.

"What are you planning here?"

"Nothing, just tell me."

Natsuki is even more suspicious now. She stared at Wu Yan, she's trying to figure out what he's doing by his expression. She couldn't see past his brilliant smile, his eyes were also brightly lit with glee so Natsuki couldn't glean anything from body language.

Natsuki narrowed her eyes before she snorted.

"With the Fake Angel incident solved, Kensei and Magus Craft dealt with, and the Lion King Organization also escorted the princess away, my schedule is cleared for now. However, I am not free enough to spend my day idling in the school..."


Wu Yan stopped her right there.

"You don't have anything on your schedule, right?"

"What are you gunning at here?"

Natsuki is annoyed, her eyes flashed with impatience.

"Don't beat around the bush."

Wu Yan's smile didn't collapse, his heart sighed in frustration.

As expected of the Witch of Void, Minamiya Natsuki looked cute. However, she still had her pride as a capable witch. Her words were like barbs that kept others away.

He adjusted his attitude, he stored away his fake smile, revealing the helplessness within himself.

"It's nothing, I heard a new coffee shop opened up near the academy. The black tea's apparently very good, I want to invite you to join me for a cup of tea..."


Natsuki who is a die-hard fan of black tea immediately got engrossed in this conversation. She cast Wu Yan a doubtful look.

"You inviting me for a drink? That's rare..."

"I am always like this!"

Wu Yan insisted. He continued playing his cards while Kotori cringed on the other side of the earpiece.

"I am a mysterious man, you only know so much about me, can't blame you, we only met how long ago?"

It's a half-truth. Sure, he met Natsuki almost one month ago...

Natsuki felt complicated.

Thinking about it, they only spent about one month together.

Wu Yan first lived for one to two weeks in her home. They were with each other from dawn till dusk. Then, they moved out and they started hanging out as teachers in the same school, they also worked on assignments as fellow assault mages. This made Natsuki feel like they knew each other much longer than a month.

Natsuki finally realized this and she sighed, focusing on the topic at hand.

"A new cafe, huh? Are you sure the black tea is as good as you've heard?"

Wu Yan's tea is out of this world, Natsuki can vouch for that. In fact, Wu Yan's black tea is arguably one of the best she has ever tasted in her life. After Wu Yan moved out, she still teleported to his home every day to bag a pot of Wu Yan's tea.

While she didn't think the black tea there tasted as good as Wu Yan's, she still looked forward to it.

Wu Yan chuckled like he just read her mind.

"Well, it's not as good as the tea I brew. It does, however, stand out on its own. You should try out different blends of black tea. I heard most of the stories from my students so with so many good reviews, it probably won't taste too bad, yes?"

"I was looking for someone to go with me. That's why I stood here..."

Wu Yan tried to explain his suspicious behavior away, he glanced at Natsuki.

"You're free, right? Let's go together then..."

Natsuki felt like something didn't add up in his story. But, she couldn't locate the inconsistency. Rather, the black tea influenced her mind, Wu Yan had a point, she should try different black tea to expand her horizon.


She nodded. She started leading Wu Yan from the front.

"Let's go try it out then!"

Natsuki passed Wu Yan. He secretly grinned while striking a victory pose.

"That's the nii-san I know!"

Kotori lavished praises on Wu Yan. She let loose her imouto-mode voice, her voice almost broke his poker face.

Kanon also praised Wu Yan with an impressed tone.

"Sensei, so cool..."

Wu Yan chuckled before he caught up with Natsuki...

On the other side...

Kotori pulled away from the earpiece. She faced the crew standing behind her.

Kanon, Nagisa, Yukina, and Kojou were present.

Basically, Kotori's allies all signed on.

However, they looked like they weren't all completely on board.

Kotori didn't care about their attitudes.

"You all ready? We are moving out!"

"Wait wait wait!!!"

Kojou couldn't hold back his astonishment, he started voicing his doubts.

"Are we really going to help that vampire sensei bag Natsuki?!"

"Kotori-chan, I don't this is appropriate..."

Yukina also concurred. She learned her lesson from the last time she cooperated with Kotori, she doubted the feasibility of Kotori's plan even more than Kojou.

"Sensei, I thought she's..."

I thought you already hooked Nagisa up with Wu Yan, why are you going after Natsuki-sensei?!

Again, why are you helping him?!

Yukina silently roared but she never said it in the end. She just showed Kotori a very conflicted look.

"Don't worry!"

Kotori ignored what Kojou and Yukina had to say.

"Don't let his unassuming look fool you, he's ridiculous proficient at this type of operation..."

"I am not worried about that!"

Kojou retorted.

"Wait, if he's that good at this then that vampire-sensei is really rotten to the core?!"

Yukina nodded as if it's natural. Wu Yan got tagged with more lewd tags than Kojou in Yukina's mind.

Kojou might be a perv but at least he likes well-developed women with twin bazookas. Wu Yan, on the other hand...

Kotori, Nagisa, Natsuki, and Kanon...

They are all lolis!

"Erm... Kotori-chan..."

Nagisa chimed in with a bitter look.

"Is this fine? You don't mind it at all?"

"I do mind..."

Kotori said with a paradoxical smile and nonchalant tone.

"But, Onii-chan is in a bind, as people close to him, isn't it our role to help him?"


Nagisa is felt like she couldn't accept this.

The person she had a massive crush on is gunning for another woman, she's not sure she can go ahead with this plan...

"Don't you want to help onii-san with your own power?"

Kotori manipulated Nagisa's mind, shaking her conviction.

"I want to help sensei..."

"Then it's settled."

Kotori puffed her chest out while raising her head high.

"I am sure onii-san can feel your feelings getting through to him, isn't that right, Kanon?!"

Kanon flinched in shock and she nodded on reflex. Kotori laughed out loud as Nagisa felt like saying anything more would be futile.

The group of five went out with different attitudes and feelings.

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