Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 970: A cold move? An assist by an ally

Wu Yan sighed in relief when he heard the splashing sounds coming from the bathroom. Natsuki is currently bathing and he slumped down on the sofa with all his energy sapped from him.

"Hey, Kotori..."

Wu Yan turned on his earpiece.

"Where are you guys?"

Kotori replied.

"We are next door!"

"In Nagisa's home?"

Wu Yan rubbed his forehead. He bitterly laughed.

"How are you going to help if you don't know what's going on here?"


Kotori said.

"We are done with the preparations!"

"You already prepared?"

Wu Yan tilted his head.

"Don't tell me you're using high-tech equipment to spy on us."

"Don't call it spying, it's called assisting someone!"

Kotori snapped back.

"Also, we didn't install any cameras so no matter what you two end up doing there, we will never know..."


Wu Yan laughed wryly.

"Are you trying to tell me something here?"


Kotori responded. Wu Yan felt an ominous feeling rising up within himself.

This brat, she didn't go and do something I don't know, right?

The sound of something cutting through air entered his ears the moment he had that idea. Wu Yan reacted quickly even though he is taken by surprise.

Wu Yan clasped his hands together and caught the thrown object like a pro. It was a black lacey fan...

He already knew who threw this fan.

Wu Yan wanted to complain.

"I say, you..."

Wu Yan's complaint went back down his throat, his mouth widened just like his eyes, he couldn't believe the scene in front of him.


Wu Yan's throat went dry and he stuttered. Natsuki is frowning at him while standing near the bathroom door. Her merciless eyes were sharp as knives.

That's nothing new, she liked staring daggers into people she didn't like despite her moe appearance. However, her stern attitude more than made up for her childish appearance. But, what's so unbelievable is her current look, she was showing bashfulness.

That's right, she's red as a tomato.

Who wouldn't? She's only wearing a single blouse. And, it's a white blouse.

Her smooth porcelain white legs were revealed for all to see.

Her petite figure, her waist-length hair, her doll-like face and her forced serious look, Wu Yan's heart started racing.

She's... enchanting...


Wu Yan gulped, he slowly turned his face the other way because Natsuki used killing intent on him.

He's not afraid of getting killed, he's afraid that he might pounce on her if he didn't

That would probably end badly for him.

"Erm... Natsuki..."

Wu Yan tried to test the water.


Seeing Wu Yan's shocked look and hearing his trembling voice, Natsuki's rage died down a bit. She still sounded very annoyed.


Wu Yan sneaked one more look at Natsuki in a blouse. He bitterly shook his head.

"Why are you wearing something like that?"


Natsuki's eyes were burning with rage.

"Didn't you prepare this for me?!"


Wu Yan flinched, then, he recalled how Kotori said all the preparations were done beforehand. His face went 囧.

Kotori did this, she probably also prepared the clothes.

Guh, that blouse, it belonged to Kotori...

Natsuki raised her chin at Wu Yan's frustrating appearance. She sighed.

For some reason, she feels out of it today, it's just too tiring...

Moreover, it feels like someone's manipulating the events from behind the scenes.

Natsuki frowned again.

As expected of the top assault mage on Itogami Island, she already detected something's wrong just by getting a few clues and relying on her intuition. The Witch of the Void lived up to her title.

Since she can't prove her suspicions, Natsuki decided to shelf her thoughts, for now, she laughed at herself.

Sure, today's not her day but she went a bit too far assuming people wanted to take a shot at her. Nobody has so much free time to cause trouble for her, right?

Well, she's correct but the culprit actually wants her to enter someone's harem instead of taking a shot at her.

She shook her head and she calmed her feelings down. She looked up only to be astounded by the person looking at her.

The person is currently examining her with a serious and thoughtful look. She can feel his breath on her.

Wu Yan gave an honest smile after scrutinizing her small but cute mien.

"Natsuki, you're actually pretty charming."


Natsuki was stunned by this sudden comment. She looked at the masculine face that's only a few inches away from her. She almost jumped back.


She suppressed the urge to run away.

"You think I am going to be happy just because you praised me? Back off!"

As expected of Natsuki, she can still keep her cool look up.

Wu Yan silently praised her. This situation is troubling.

Natsuki didn't give him any chance to move in.

This girl is harder to handle than he had expected...

He wondered what would happen if he kissed her since they are this close. Would she still be able to keep up that cold attitude?

Wu Yan started smirking when that evil thought came into his mind. Natsuki's heart also started throbbing quickly.

Her guts told her that if she didn't back away now, something unforeseen would happen.

However, she doesn't want to appear meek or surrender...

Natsuki started wrestling with her emotions and thoughts.

The two stared into each other's eyes like that, the mood also got weird.

Suddenly, a small force pushed Wu Yan from behind.

This small force was only enough to push over a vase. Against an unwary Wu Yan, however, this was enough to tip him over.

In a second, the distance of 2 inches got shortened drastically.

Natsuki saw it...

Wu Yan's ever-encroaching face...


Wu Yan and Natsuki's eyes went wide.

Then, the smooth sensation of two sets of lips touching entered their minds. They stared at each other in stunned silence for 10 whole seconds.

Wu Yan returned to his senses first. He felt Natsuki's intoxicating lips on his and his heart trembled. He reached out and he picked her petite body up...


Wu Yan's abrupt action shook Natsuki back into reality. She noticed her current state and her heart thumped. She wanted to escape but Wu Yan already embraced her tightly.

His manly odor entered her nostrils, she can also feel his warm hug paralyzing her mind. Then, the tip of his tongue pried open her clenched teeth.

"Muu.. Uuu..."

Natsuki moaned while stuck in her dazed state.

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