Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 971: Natsuki's abnormal behavior. Intervention?

Next door, Nagisa and Kojou's home...


Kotori, Nagisa, Kanon, Yukina, and Kojou were all packed in front of the TV, they were watching the incredible scene in silence...


Kotori chomped her candy with a victorious grin.

"I just wanted to create a mood, I didn't think Onii-san would be able to seize the chance and..."

Nagisa isn't amused, unlike Kotori. She stared at the TV with fuming eyes, she also started mumbling what appeared to be curses.

"I can't believe he kissed Minamiya-sensei. Sensei is a villain, hmph, Nagisa's not gonna care about you anymore. Er, no, yeah, I will ignore him for 1 month. Wait, that's too long, I will ignore you for one week! Uuu, no, that's still too long, okay, 1 day it is then..."

Nagisa prattled on. Yukina and Kanon watched her antics with awkward smiles. When they looked at the scene, they blushed again. Then...

"How lewd..."

"He's so bold..."

The girls were watching the "live stream" where Wu Yan is smooching with Natsuki. They had different reactions but they never shifted their gaze away from the TV.

Meanwhile, Kojou was in the "orz" pose, he had a dim background that complemented his emotions.

"It's over, if Natsuki-chan ever finds out it was me who pushed her..."

He imagined what Natsuki would do and he trembled like a calf, his aura also darkened.

He was the hidden power that shoved Wu Yan forward.

Technically, he was acting on orders.

Kojou didn't know what Kotori is plotting, he only knows he has to do as Kotori said or else. He pushed Wu Yan from behind, his fate seems to be that of the unwilling victim.

Rather than that, if Wu Yan was here, he would surely yell at them.

Didn't you guys say no cameras?!

It felt like Wu Yan was hugging a doll, he kept hugging Natsuki's dainty body. His tongue continued wrapping around her small tongue.

Their battlefield shifted. Due to the height difference between Wu Yan and Natsuki, when he hugged her, he hoisted her up from the ground.

Now, Wu Yan is on the sofa while Natsuki straddled Wu Yan's thigh. They looked like they were duking it out but it was actually Wu Yan who did most of the job.

As for Natsuki, she's already stunned by the rapid development.

Although she's actually 26-years-old, she looked like she's barely 15.

For Natsuki, love is a luxury she couldn't afford. Meanwhile, other girls her age were already far ahead in this field.

Natsuki's looks were top tier. For those hairy males with peculiars tastes, she's incredibly alluring. However, her serious mood and cold attitude made it so that she hadn't touched a man's hand by her age. She also rarely touched another woman.

In this regards, Natsuki is poorly equipped for such an encounter.

She couldn't use her usual stern and cold words in this situation. She stared in astonishment as Wu Yan carried her through the motions. In front of Wu Yan, she lost her cool and poised attitude.

Wu Yan's hand subconsciously moved up and down her smooth back. Then, his hand slid down and touched her ivory legs. After that, he moved his hand back up until he grabbed her firm booty. The texture made Wu Yan realize something that stopped him.

He didn't feel any fabric down there.

Natsuki's not wearing...

Natsuki returned to her senses when Wu Yan's hand got near her secret garden.

She finally noticed how Wu Yan's tongue is inside her and her butt got grabbed as well. She's also straddling on Wu Yan while leaning against his chest!

Natsuki's eyes started brightening up with panic. She shoved Wu Yan away and she jumped to the couch on the opposite side.

"Huh... Huh..."

Natsuki stared at Wu Yan with hatred in her eyes.

"You bastard, how dare you..."

Wu Yan awkwardly laughed and he mumbled.

"Erm, it was an accident..."

"I don't want to hear it!"

Natsuki cut him short. It's unknown whether she's purely angry or there's bashfulness mixed in here. Soon, she returned to her usual cool expression.

"Forget what just happened and never mention it again!"

Natsuki sounded very cold. It's like he touched her reverse scaled or something. Wu Yan could tell something is wrong so he stored away his cheeky smile. He raised an eyebrow.

"Hey, do you know what you've just said?"

"I know..."

Natsuki stared at Wu Yan.

"You just need to answer with a 'Yes'."

A hint of anger rose up within Wu Yan.

"And if I say no?"

Natsuki spat out a sentence so cold it sounded like it could freeze anything.

"I will break all ties with you and we will never see each other again!"


Wu Yan was taken by surprise.

This is the first time he heard Natsuki acting this distant. And, she's not joking around.

His red eyes were focused on Natsuki. Natsuki also stared back without backing off, she's very sure about her decision.

Wu Yan balled his palms into fists.

"Do you hate me that much?"

Natsuki turned her back towards Wu Yan.

"No, it's the opposite, you're the only guy I've ever treated nicely..."

"Why would you say something like that then?"

Wu Yan was puzzled.

Natsuki didn't reply. A sad sound came from the petite and lonely figure in front of him. Her words cut Wu Yan's heart very deeply.

"I have no right and will never have a chance to touch this kind of stuff..."

Natsuki teleported away with that last sentence. Only the faint magic ripples of a spell got left behind.

Wu Yan stared silently at her original position.



Kotori, Nagisa, Kanon, Yukina, and Kojou entered the room. They stopped near Wu Yan, their faces were also dark and heavy with emotions.


Nagisa and Kanon grabbed his hands. They were worried as they saw the scene just now.

Kotori also walked up to Wu Yan. She looked at the spot where Natsuki disappeared. She commented with a distant attitude.

"According to her tone, it sounded more like..."

"She has something else that's stopping her."

Wu Yan answered Kotori by interrupting her.

"With Natsuki's personality, she didn't do that on a whim. I am guessing she's not telling us something very important, it's also the same thing that's limiting her freedom..."

"What would that be?"

Kojou and Yukina exchanged a look. They turned their gazes toward Wu Yan.

"Hmm, who knows?..."

Wu Yan shrugged. He then chortled.

"It sounds like we should intervene, no?"

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