Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 972: An inquiry into the issue restricting Natsuki

Itogami Island, Saikai Academy middle school division.

Opening the door of the teacher's office, Wu Yan didn't go for his seat, he turned his attention towards a certain seat.

Then, he approached the teacher sitting there.



Sasasaki was buried in her work so she didn't notice Wu Yan's presence, she responded with a smile when she identified him.

"Ara, Wu Yan-sensei, what a rare visitor..."

Sasasaki jokingly said, her surprise wasn't lost on Wu Yan.

"It's lunchtime. This is unusual, you should be busy painting a pink mood with your middle school girlfriend no? What are you doing here in the office? Ah, did you get dumped?"

Wu Yan's serious look collapsed and he can't help but feel frustrated.

"Sasasaki-sensei, let's put the jokes aside. I am here to talk about a serious matter with you."

"Serious matter?"

Sasasaki tilted her head.

"Important enough for you to ditch your lunch date? What could it be?"

Although she still busted Wu Yan's balls, she did put down her work.

Sasasaki might look unreliable but she graduated in the same batch as Natsuki's alma mater. Her fame as an assault mage is also on par with Natsuki.

She knows when she should joke and when she should crack her knuckles. She might be grinning but the light in her eyes told everyone she's serious. This is the appropriate response given Wu Yan's grim tone.

"Okay, you're my kouhai so I've got to help you."

Wu Yan nodded with a smile. He minced his words properly.

"Hey, Sasasaki-sensei, is something tying Natsuki down?"

"Tying her down?"

Sasasaki didn't understand Wu Yan's question. When she caught on, her smile was all but gone.

Wu Yan narrowed his eyes as he noted this subtle change.

"I feel like Natsuki is always trying to hide something important, that something is holding her back, restricting even her personal freedom..."

Wu Yan lowered his voice before he continued his hunch.

"Like the freedom to find love..."

"And, what brought you there?"

Sasasaki chuckled, her attitude changed.

Wu Yan shrugged after scratching his cheek.

"Well, let's leave that for another time, if you know the truth then please tell me..."

"Love, huh?"

Sasasaki examined Wu Yan up and down. She started busting his balls.

"Hmm, Wu Yan-sensei, I see you've outgrown students, now you're moving onto teachers as well? Oh dear, that is troubling..."


Wu Yan wasn't sure whether to laugh or cry.

"Stop shifting the subject and tell me..."

"I won't tell you!"

Sasasaki gave Wu Yan a firm answer. Her face is deadly serious, she will not budge from this stance.


"Because you shouldn't be asking this question, not to me anyway..."

Sasasaki shook her head.

"Since you already detected this, why didn't you just ask Natsuki about it?..."

Sasasaki didn't give Wu Yan time to answer.

"You already know you're not gonna get anything from Natsuki-senpai, right?"

Wu Yan lowered his head.

"If Natsuki-senpai chose to stay mum then it's not my place to butt in..."

Sasasaki sighed. She shifted her gaze over to Wu Yan.

"It's not a secret. A lot of people actually know about this. Again, if she's not telling you then you're not going to get the answer from me. I can only say Natsuki is shouldering an immense burden, that's the heavy chains she's lugging around."

Sasasaki said in a cryptic manner.

"Natsuki-senpai, she's a very sad girl..."

Sasasaki stopped there. She resumed her work.

Wu Yan knows she won't give him any more clues than that. She looked like she's on bad terms with Natsuki. But, anyone who knows the deal between Natsuki and Sasasaki will know that they are more like sisters who quarrel all the time. Logically speaking, if she's so close, she should be the first one to stand up for her.

Yet, she chose to lean more towards respecting Natsuki's decision.

This hints that the issue is greater than Sasasaki's ability to solve it.

Wu Yan has a feeling that there is more to this than meets the eye...


Mission 2 completed, obtained Equipment Points, Item Points, Ability Points, and Summoning Points x10,000!

Unit: Wu Yan

Equipment Points: 17,170

Item Points: 1,275,000

Ability Points: 16,000

Summoning Points: 17,300

Level: 80


Wu Yan felt odd, this message came out of nowhere.

This notification should have come around the same time Wu Yan saved Kanon from Kensei's control. At the latest, it should have occurred after he modified her Angel Circuits and transformed her into his familiar. Why did the System decide it's finished only now?

Wu Yan opened his menu to double check.

Transcript world: Strike the Blood

Quest: Salvation

Mission 1: Become an assault mage on Itogami Island (completed)

Mission reward: Equipment Points, Item Points, Ability Points, Summoning Points x 5,000

Mission 2: Stop the Heaven Ascension rites and save the artificial angel, Kanase Kanon (completed)

Mission reward: Equipment Points, Item Points, Ability Points, Summoning Points x 10,000

Mission 3: Investigate the mystery behind Natsuki's existence and solve it.

Mission reward: Equipment Points, Item Points, Ability Points, Summoning Points x 30,000

Wu Yan laughed when he saw his last mission. He is very glad it turned out this way.

Even the system is on his side.

It seems like meeting you is fate and our destiny is to walk down future's path together.

Just you wait, I am gonna bust that door down!

His grin made Sasasaki who was secretly checking out his response puzzled. Wu Yan didn't press on, he exited the teacher's office.

He made sure to close the door behind him. Next, he made his way towards the high school section. He also took out his phone and he found the number he got some time ago. He dialed it...

After a brief ringing, a light-hearted voice came from the other side.

"Yo, scandalous teacher, why did you give me a call out of nowhere?"

Wu Yan can hear the recipient isn't pleased with his abrupt call, the recipient also took a few verbal jabs at him.

"I had to get up from a very pleasant lunch just to answer your call. Is it job-related? I didn't get any information though..."

The recipient kept grumbling and Wu Yan allowed him to do so. Then, he replied.

"Let's meet up."


The recipient sensed Wu Yan's serious tone and the recipient responded with an equally serious tone.

"What's wrong?"

Wu Yan chuckled, he looked at the rooftop of the high school division.

"Private matter."

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