Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 973: one question per party, the answer

Saikai city, Saikai Academy, High school section, rooftop...

The wind sculpted the exposed rooftop, the trash left by the students who ate their lunch here got blown away. The wind also carried away the smell of food. In a sense, this violent wind cleaned up the rooftop.

Standing near the edge of the rooftop, Wu Yan allowed the wind to mess up his clothes and hair. Even when dust assaulted the male, he continued gazing down at the school from his high vantage point. His back was turned towards the rooftop entrance.

Soon, the rooftop entrance opened up again. Another figure entered the scene.

The newcomer is a male in Saikai High School uniform, he had swept-back hair with his distinctive earphone hung around his neck. He looked like a delinquent but his friendly smile had a bit of urgency mixed in it.

He's the one who cooperated with Wu Yan to deal with the Fake Angels, Yaze Motoki.


He greeted Wu Yan casually. He chuckled while teasing Wu Yan.

"Sorry I made you wait, scandalous-sensei."

Wu Yan shook his head. He turned around only to see another unexpected guest standing next to Motoki.

She's wearing the Saikai High School female student uniform, she had twin braids and glasses. Her demeanor is one of composure and steadiness. She gave off a very knowledgeable air.

Wu Yan didn't think she was invited here just for her knowledge. Motoki must have brought her here for another reason.

He raised an eyebrow at the girl with the glasses.

"And, you are?..."

"Well, let me introduce her!"

Yaze Motoki stepped forward and he stepped to the side to present the girl with the glasses.

"Shizuka Koyomi, third year high school student, my senpai, and also my girlfriend!"

Motoki said that with a smug look on his face. Koyomi didn't react at all, it's like Motoki is introducing someone else.

They were a weird couple no matter how you sliced it...

Wu Yan gave them that weird couple tag.

"Don't tell me you brought her here just to tell me she's your girlfriend, right?"

"Of course not!"

Motoki shook his head, he stuck his hands in his pockets.

"I brought her here because she wanted to meet you..."

"Meet me?"

Wu Yan pursed his lips, he asked Koyomi.


"Because of her other identity."

Motoki continued.

"She's one of the three saints presiding over the Lion King Organization."

Wu Yan started scrutinizing Koyomi with an amused look.

"A saint, huh? To what do I owe this honor?"

Koyomi raised her head slowly and she replied.

"The Duke of Ardeal Principality likes you..."


Wu Yan glanced at her.

"You came here because of him?"


Her magnetic and learned voice entered his ears.

"Anyone would be intrigued to meet the vampire who defeated the Duke of Ardeal Principality..."

"Is the Lion King Organization running on whimsical orders of their superiors?"

Wu Yan chortled.

"Just get straight to the point, why are you here?"

Koyomi turned taciturn. After a while, she opened her mouth.

"I have one question for you."


Wu Yan gave her the green light without hesitation. Motoki and Koyomi didn't think he would answer so willingly.

Wu Yan added to his statement while they were still stunned by his readiness.

"Similarly, you guys have to answer one question."

"Alright, allow me to be presumptuous as to ask this..."

Koyomi lowered her head, her glasses cover her eyes. The question she is going to ask would turn the mood heavy.

"You, just what are you? Rather, what is your existence?"

Koyomi, the Saint from the Lion King organization needed to ascertain his true identity.

"You're a vampire, right?"

Koyomi clarified her question.

"The duke of Ardeal Principality is without a doubt the strongest vampire beneath the primogenitors. However, according to my intel, he suffered multiple defeats at your hand..."

Koyomi continued.

"If you pulled some tricks to beat him, he wouldn't be that happy. But, you beat him in a fair contest of strength, other than primogenitors, that shouldn't have been possible..."

"I would appreciate it if you tell me just what kind of existence you are."

The air remained tense...

He looked at the couple who stared intently back at him. He laughed sarcastically.

"You already know the answer, why do you have to confirm one more time?"

Koyomi raised her head abruptly while Motoki took a step back with astonishment.



Wu Yan replied.

"I am a primogenitor."


Motoki snapped back.

"There are only four primogenitors, there cannot be a fifth one!"

"I don't know the true nature of the primogenitors in this world, Kojou is the first primogenitor I met on this world..."

Wu Yan shook his head.

"Even if you ask me, I don't know how to give a satisfactory answer..."

"This world?"

Koyomi caught Wu Yan's hint.

Wu Yan nodded.

"Is it that surprising? Familiars and spirits are beings from another realm, it shouldn't be that weird to have a visitor from another world, right?"

Motoki and Koyomi were stunned beyond words.

Wu Yan's answer went out of their acceptable bound of knowledge and experience.

"Okay, my turn."

Wu Yan waved his hand.

"As a saint from Lion King Organization, do you know the secret behind Natsuki?"


Motoki frowned, he didn't think Wu Yan would raise a question over Natsuki's identity.

Koyomi stared at Wu Yan and she answered.

"Prison barrier."

"Prison barrier?!"

Wu Yan turned towards Koyomi.

"You mean the max-security jail for demonic and magical criminals? Natsuki is linked to that?!"

"Do you know what witches are?"

Koyomi asked.

"Witches are beings who made a contract with demons, these demons will serve the witch in exchange for something from the witch, these demons are Guardians. This is how witches gain power equal or greater than demons!"

Wu Yan stayed silent, he waited for Koyomi to finish her explanation.

Koyomi continued.

"But, there is a price to pay for this contract. A demon will never give you their powers for free. The Witch of the Void, Minamiya Natsuki's price is to serve as the jailer and warden for the Prison barrier. Her real body is sleeping in the Prison barrier world, she guards the Prison barrier."

"And this lasts until her death!"


Wu Yan interrupted Motoki who tried to finish Koyomi's explanation.

"If she's sealed behind the Prison Barrier, why is Natsuki walking around outside?!"

"It's a magic spell that allows her to separate her consciousness..."

Koyomi answered.

"The real Natsuki in an enchanted sleep in the Prison Barrier world sealed her five senses and a major portion of her powers into a substitute body. That body can move around outside. That's the Natsuki in this world."

Wu Yan clenched his fists. His heart started boiling with emotions.

That's why Natsuki said she's not qualified for romance. The Natsuki he sees is only a substitute.

Her real body is in an enchanted sleep in the Prison Barrier world, how would she experience true love? How would she ever understand what it's like to start a family?

Wu Yan looked at the clouds atop and he stared at them for a while...

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