Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 974: Just know what you should do

Night time...

Wu Yan laid there in his bed, he looked at the ceiling while his thoughts wandered elsewhere.

Wu Yan thought about the information he got from Koyomi and he suddenly felt conflicted.

He is new to the assault mage profession but he has heard about the infamous Prison barrier world.

Although there aren't that many magicians and demons walking around, these individuals who wielded supernatural powers can be seen almost everywhere on Itogami Island. There are also those who boasted superior power relative to the average mage and demon.

Absolute power corrupts absolutely. When they fall to the dark side, these super-powered demons and humans can wreak havoc when left unchecked.

After Itogami Island was built, there are numerous examples of supervillains. The island faced multiple crises due to these supervillains, countless human lives were lost.

After these events, the demons and assault mages who caused destruction went missing, nobody has heard of them after that.

The residents weren't happy that these supervillains went missing just like that. They should be punished for their crimes, not disappear in a poof.

The rumors spread further and further until somebody speculated about a special prison used to detain and imprison these supervillains. This is the urban legend of the Prison Barrier world.

It's only an urban legend as far as most of the residents are concerned. Nobody has officially confirmed the existence of the Prison Barrier after all. They joked about it during lunch and dinners so Wu Yan heard about it on multiple occasions.

It's Wu Yan's belief that all rumors have a kernel of truth in them. Even if it's hyped out of proportion. The same goes for urban legends on Itogami Island.

Wu Yan didn't think about verifying the Prison Barrier. He assumed that place would have nothing to do with him. He didn't think he would stumble on this secret like this.

According to Koyomi, the Prison Barrier is something like a dreamscape created by Natsuki's real body. She hypnotized herself into transforming the dreamscape into a prison world. As long as Natsuki stays in her enchanted sleep, the Prison Barrier will always be in place.

To wake Natsuki up from this enchanted sleep, indirectly rescuing the witch from her part of the contract, it's necessary to destroy the entire Prison Barrier.

It won't be easy to break Natsuki's deal with her demon guardian. There are tons of sticky procedures. The Prison Barrier itself is also another problem.

With the Prison Barrier gone, one can save Natsuki but the criminals inside will also be freed. Itogami Island will suffer a crisis like never before if that happens.

Even if Wu Yan didn't care what happens after that, Natsuki will definitely not let him go.

What to do...

Wu Yan pondered, it was so stressful his knuckles cracked under his immense grip.

"Still awake?"

A voice and a figure came beside Wu Yan.

Kotori appeared in his field of vision. She is still chewing her candy with that cool look of hers. She looked down at Wu Yan from the side of the bed.

She can see Wu Yan's troubled, she pursed her lips as the taste of her candy spread within her mouth.

"Oh boy, you look so stressed out..."

Kotori's words only got a sigh from Wu Yan. He bitterly laughed.

"How can I not? No matter what I do, it's hard to pick a humane choice..."


Kotori raised an eyebrow, she started teasing Wu Yan.

"But you're not human, you're a vampire."

"You can still joke at a time like this?"

Wu Yan's bitter smile deepened.

"I really admire you if that's the case. I am pulling my hair out at this point..."

Kotori snorted.

"Who told you to go chew off something bigger than you can handle?!"


Wu Yan rolled his eyes.

"You're the one who told me to go conquer Natsuki's route. You're the one who sent me on this assignment!"

"What makes you think I am referring to that?"

Kotori took out the candy in her mouth, she waved it around.

"I am talking about your so called stress."

"My problems?"

Wu Yan frowned with confusion.

"What do you mean?"

"You still don't understand?"

Kotori glanced at him. She started explaining.

"I don't get why you're thinking so deeply about this, I thought you're very suited for this kind of intricate work?"

"Intricate... work..."

Wu Yan flinched.

Kotori gave him a warm gaze.

"Onii-san, he's someone who would risk it all to protect the ones in his heart. You wouldn't easily give up because the world gave you problems..."

Kotori started talking with a sweet voice.

"He might be lazy, so lazy that he needs people to kick him out of the bed every morning. However, when push comes to shove, he will still move..."

Kotori rubbed her chin.

"Instead of worrying here until the world ends, how about you follow your heart and just throw everything you can at the problem?!"

Wu Yan stared at Kotori with an astounded look.


"No buts!"

Kotori turned around.

"Just think about what you should do. The things that happen after that can be solved as we encounter it."

"Believe in yourself, you have the power. Even if you can't, I am still here..."

Kotori disappeared from the room.

He looked at where Kotori disappeared to and he stayed in his dazed state until he finally laughed out loud.

"As expected of my cute sister!"

He slapped his cheeks and he sat up from his bed. He lost his hesitation, he looked like he had settled on an idea.

He already knows what must be done. As for what happens after that, he can just handle it on his own.

Biting his finger and standing around is the worst option.

Wu Yan's eyes flashed, nobody can say what is going on in that mind of his.

He opened his System menu and he started browsing the tabs there. Soon, he found the item he's looking for.

Rule Breaker (Grade C): A dagger that is capable of destroying and dispelling any and all magic spells and contracts. Upon contact with any enchanted items, person, enchantments, scrolls, connections, and contracts to a state before it was created. It is incredibly dull and weaker than a normal dagger in terms of physical damage. It is incredibly effective at nulling contracts.

Cost: 1,000 Equipment Points

Wu Yan laughed when he saw the "incredibly effective at nulling contracts" part.

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