Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 977: An argument and Wu Yan's decision


While everybody's trying to think of a way to deal with Nagisa, a portal opened up and Natsuki entered the living room with a stern look.



Excluding Wu Yan and Kotori who looked at Natsuki in silence, the others greeted her. Kojou also used the name she specifically told him not to use. However, Natsuki didn't beat Kojou up for this transgression. Natsuki kept leering at Wu Yan without everyone else.

The others exchanged a look and they waited in silence too.

They didn't say anything. They read each other's minds through their body language and facial expressions. A heavy mood filled the living room.


Wu Yan said.

"Escort everyone away from here..."

Kotori didn't hesitate, she knew what Wu Yan is planning to do and she nodded. She tugged Nagisa and Kanon's hand as they reached for the exit.

"Akatsuki, Yukina, you guys too."

"Wait, Itsuka..."

Kojou wanted to say something but Yukina dragged him away. She shook her head to tell him to just do as Kotori says. She picked up her guitar bag and they followed Kotori.

There are only two people in the living room now...

Natsuki broke the silence first.

"Do you know what you're doing?"

Natsuki asked with a stern and serious look.

Alas, her pressure is wasted on this guy. Wu Yan bitterly laughed.

"As expected, it didn't flew past you.."

She's one of the best assault mages in the industry, she's also known as the demon slayer. Before Wu Yan arrived, she solved countless cases and demonic crises. In terms of experience and know-how, no one on Earth can compete with her.

Dragon vein abnormality is a textbook example of diversion that might work on civilians. It certainly wouldn't work on mages and demons who knew their stuff.

He didn't think Natsuki would figure out it's him who pulled the strings behind her back.

"Just stop..."

Natsuki advised her, she knows Wu Yan wouldn't listen to her if she used force or intimidation.

"If you stop now, it won't be too late..."

"That's why you came?"

Wu Yan chuckled. He showed her a resolve that meant he wouldn't bend for anyone.

"I am afraid you have wasted a trip here."


Natsuki raised her voice, she's a bit ticked off.

"Do you understand the repercussions of your actions?!"

"I know."

Wu Yan calmly replied.

"That's why I am making so many preparations."

"You don't understand what you're getting into!"

Natsuki pointed her fan at Wu Yan.

"Do you know how many prisoners are held within the Prison Barrier, do you know how many were imprisoned over 10 years since its construction? Do you know what kind of abilities these criminals have? Do you know hard it was to catch them?"

"If it's just one or two criminals, I can still handle them. There are also criminals who were caught when I was in my peak unsealed form. Sure, you can handle any one of them, but, we are not talking about one superpowered freak here, we are talking about a whole circus of them!"

"If you let them run loose, they might even escape the confines of Itogami Island. Countless innocent lives will be lost!"

Natsuki huffed, she saw Wu Yan's composed look and she bitterly laughed.

"Please, I am begging you, just stop. Even if you destroy the Prison Barrier, bust me out, I would still need to construct a new one to keep my end of the deal with the devil. The contract only becomes void upon my death. If you want to end the contract, you can only do one thing."

Natsuki continued while staring into Natsuki's eyes.

"Kill me."

Wu Yan started laughing, it's a laugh of self-derision.

His deep red eyes wavered slightly.

"Hey, you're looking down on me, aren't you?"


Natsuki flinched.

"Natsuki, your advice is a bit asinine, I find it hard to believe it would come from someone like you..."

Wu Yan coldly snickered.

"Death, that's just an excuse to run away from your problem."

"Then don't make things difficult for me!"

Natsuki was getting tired of this conversation.

"It's not my first day knowing you, you are a person who can judge the gravity of the situation and take the appropriate steps."

"Indeed, that's why I chose to do this."

His deep red eyes turned golden. He unleashed his full power. That shocking wave of power caused a drastic change of expression in Natsuki.

"Am I someone who wouldn't know what's important and what's not?"

Wu Yan looked into Natsuki's sapphire eyes and he steadied his emotions.

"I know the consequences and I can deal with them since I chose this path..."

He stopped in front of Natsuki. He took a look at her doll-like cuteness and he hugged her without any warning.

"What are you doing?!"

Natsuki didn't anticipate this. She struggled and she dropped her parasol and fan while trying to shove Wu Yan away.

"Let go of me!"

"Just believe in me."

Wu Yan raised her chin up. Then, in her widening eyes, she saw Wu Yan's head closing in and taking her lips just he did a few days ago.


Natsuki struggled even harder than before. Her physical strength is far inferior compared to Wu Yan so this was a futile attempt.

Wu Yan pried open her clenched teeth and he started a tongue storm in her oral cavity. Her tiny tongue couldn't escape Wu Yan's subjugation.

She continued squirming in Wu Yan's embrace but Wu Yan hoisted her up using his height advantage. This was playing out like what happened last time.

Natsuki felt her strength leaving her, she also stopped struggling. She also didn't use magic to teleport away. This was an unusual situation and even she herself couldn't explain her reaction. Wu Yan completely walked out of this encounter as the winner.

Soon, they parted lips.

Wu Yan rubbed his lips when he saw Natsuki gasping for air.

"Now I remember the taste of your substitute body. The next time, I will be doing the same to your real body, let's compare the differences then..."


Natsuki stared holes into Wu Yan, she couldn't do anything against him.

He patted her head and he whispered into her ear.

"Go back to your Prison Barrier, we will be seeing each other again very soon..."

Without giving her any chance to say anything, a weird power acted on Natsuki's body. She disappeared from the spot.

It's not a teleportation or invisibility spell, she just disappeared.

He stood up and he stood near the window. He looked at the pedestrians walking around on the streets and he closed his eyes. Nobody knows what's going through that mind of his...

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