Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 978: It begins, looking for the Prison Barrier.

Itogami Island has a tropical climate. Normally, it's sunny over here...

However, the sky is dark, unusually so. Heavy and thick rain clouds clouded the sky. It's like there's a storm brewing. Fortunately, there's no lightning so a storm won't hit for a short while.

The time's 9 O'clock. The dark clouds blocked all the sunlight so it's like night over on Itogami Island right now.

With weather like this, it's normal for houses and offices to light up with electrical lights. It's hard to see without manmade light here. However, it has been 3 hours since the dark clouds took over the sky, the houses and offices here are still unlit. The entire island is eerily dark.

This isn't weird, given that the citizens were already long gone.

The Management Corporation is very efficient at their job. They projected it would take a week to achieve a 100% evacuation rate. However, they only used 3 days to clear out all unauthorized residents and demons. They still have 4 days left on their schedules.

Add that to the agreed 3 days times to settle the Prison Barrier, Wu Yan & co had a week to deal with this issue.

In other words, they have 1 week to solve Natsuki's problem.

One week is more than enough for Wu Yan.

The dark clouds rolled in the sky, the heavy air made one feel like a storm's going to hit the island any minute now. Strong winds whipped the island. Standing here, one couldn't help but shake the feeling that something great is about to happen.

On top of the tallest building, the rooftop of the Keystone Gate, one could easily take in the entire island by standing here.

Wu Yan, Kotori, Yukina, and Kojou stood at the corners of the rooftop. Vatler is also present.

Meanwhile, Nagisa who insisted on staying isn't here with Wu Yan & co. She's terrified of demons so the sight of Vatler will probably require her to go home and change her pants.

Moreover, when the Prison Barrier is broken, demons will surely pour out from the magic jail. Nagisa is just not suited for this job in terms of mentality and abilities. Wu Yan hypnotized her. He also recharged her customized Walking Church robe with magic energy.

Kanon is also there with her so it won't harm her no matter how intense the fight goes.

Kojou breathed in the cold air as he gazed down upon the dark city. He whispered to Wu Yan after glancing at Vatler.

"Is it a good idea to rope that guy into this one?"

Kojou's doubt could be seen on his face. He's not fully on board with this idea.

"Vatler doesn't know how to rein in his power when he fights, I am afraid the island might..."

Vatler might have been defeated like a chump every time he fought Wu Yan, it still doesn't take away from his abilities as someone weaker only to the four primogenitors in this world.

If Vatler wanted to, he could sink the island and go home to read the news or something.

Wu Yan also mentioned how hard it would be to win against Vatler without using his familiars.

The first time Wu Yan fought Vatler, he had to use his familiar to bring him down. The second time, he had to use Imagine Breaker to beat an unsuspecting Vatler. The third time, he used Alrescha-Glacies to beat Vatler.

Ignoring Alrescha's abilities, it is still on par with Wu Yan's familiars. It's a primogenitor-class vassal beast.

In any case, Vatler is a tier 9 fighter. Wu Yan beat him three times using Vatler's pride and carelessness against him. If he wants to beat Vatler one more time, he can do it but it wouldn't be as easy as the previous 3 wins.

"Ara, Kojou, it's rare to get an invitation to something as fun as this, please don't take this away from me, mkay?"

Vatler gave him a polite smile.

"If not, even though my love for you is boundless, I will still get angry with you..."

"Shove your love somewhere else!"

Kojou shivered.


Yukina asked Wu Yan in a concerned tone.

"Senpai's worry is not unfounded, the Duke of Ardeal is a big wild card, I am worried that..."

"Don't worry.."

Wu Yan stopped her.

"I didn't idle once during the past three days, I created a barrier formation of the highest tier on this island. It's a barrier I spent 3 days constructing."

Wu Yan smiled at her.

"With this barrier, unless three or more primogenitors use their strongest familiars, the Itogami Island will be fine. I can't guarantee the integrity of the buildings on this island though..."

Wu Yan looked down at the city after roaming his gaze over the others.

"That's why you guys can go all out..."

Yukina and Kojou sighed in relief. Kojou's vassal beasts are very powerful, he's not sure he can control the power precisely when he's in a real fight. He's worried he might sink the island with his immense power.

Wu Yan's word is like a vaccine to his immense power virus. He's telling him that he can go all-out to save Natsuki.

Vatler also chuckled.

"That is great. This island has so many intriguing things on it, I can't let it sink like this..."

He tossed his golden locks once. He looked at Wu Yan.

"Can we start already? I am getting giddy..."

Wu Yan didn't say anything. He walked to the edge of the rooftop.

"Okay, what do we do now?"

Vatler licked his lips, his face had a sinister grin.

The Prison Barrier is a top-secret facility for Itogami Island. Even the executives and top dogs of the Management Corp are unaware of its exact location. This is also why Prison Barrier is regarded as an urban legend. Nobody has seen it.

Only Natsuki knew where it is...

Wu Yan looked around, it's like he's trying to see the Prison Barrier itself. He sneered.

"The Prison Barrier is a separate realm created by siphoning the dragon vein energy below Itogami Island. I don't know where it is. But, its nature will distort the space and it's on this island..."

His eyes turned golden and a gigantic surge of magic power assaulted everything nearby. His magic power shot into the sky in a giant pillar.

"Since I know it's near Itogami Island and it is a distorted space. I can make it appear if I destroy space on Itogami Island, let's see where it can hide then!"

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