Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 979: Shattering space itself, controlling the familiar with dark lightning

"Shatter the space around Itogami Island?!"

Yukina and Kojou were shocked by Wu Yan's words. Even Vatler couldn't help but flinch in shock. He had a serious look.

To shatter the fabric of time and space is a herculean task even for superhumans. But, for people with exceptionally powerful abilities like Vatler, Kojou, and space magic users like Natsuki, it's possible to do so.

But, break the space of Itogami Island?

Forget Kojou and Vatler, even the other primogenitors combined probably couldn't do it.

Wu Yan said it like he's just going to break a window with a rock.

With a magic storm whirling around him, Wu Yan stood like a titan amidst mortals, he didn't say anything, he didn't need to prove anything after all.


The wind around Wu Yan got pushed away, his gargantuan magic power suppressed everything as it went into the sky, With sheer magic power alone, he blasted a hole in the storm clouds hanging over them.

This magic power already transcended what a primogenitor should possess.

Kojou, Vatler, and Yukina watched with trembling hearts.

He never slacked on his magic power cultivation, why would he stagnate at his previous level?!

When he removed the restraints on his magic power, a primogenitor, a super-vampire inferior only to a primogenitor, and a sword shaman with the abilities and equipment to kill a primogenitor bore witness to the magic power of a full-powered Wu Yan.

Shock and awe, that's the emotions flying around in their hearts.

Kotori just watched with a smile, she used her magic power to keep her twintails from fluttering too much.

Wu Yan channeled his magic power with closed eyes, he breathed out once and he raised his hand. The hand darkened as red lines of power crept up his arm, it looked like a demonic arm with red circuit lines drawn on them.


Kojou and Yukina gasped.

"Is he going to summon his familiar?!"

Vatler's eyes widened with glee and passion. He recalled how he only got a brief glimpse of Wu Yan's familiar.

"Finally, I can see that vassal beast again!"

Bloody mist rose up from Wu Yan's demonic arm. The magic power around him surged into the mist. Then, a black plasma came forth, it arced around the bloody mist.

"I didn't think my first summon would be under such a condition..."

He felt his magic power leaving him and forming the dark plasma, further expanding the already insurmountable magic power cluster. Wu Yan sounded a bit helpless.

Familiars are entities of destruction. They symbolized power and destruction. Missing is one thing, getting hit by one is another. If the opponent is not careful, even if the opponent outpowered the user by a tier, the opponent would still be gravely injured. Primogenitor-class familiars are even scarier. Wu Yan's vassal beasts were a class above that.

Wu Yan wanted to keep his familiars as trump cards.  These vassal beasts have a high standing even among his trump cards.

To find the Prison Barrier, he used one of his trump cards...

"But, I really need your help here."

Wu Yan closed his eyes and he called the beast out...

"I summon thee..."

"Descent, Dark Dragon Lei Xian!"

The black plasma exploded outwards.


A thunderous noise came as a pillar of lightning struck down from the heavens above. A dark dragon could be seen basking in its dark lightning.

It was a dark dragon with jet-black scales. It looked like a dinosaur from a bygone era. It stood on its hind legs. Its shoulder had iron spaulder-looking scales glimmering with a cold light. It had metallic wings with steel webbing growing from its back. Its dark claws were more like baseball-mitt forged with brutality in mind. Its tail is spiny and thorny, whenever the dragon flailed its tail, space trembled.

Only its dark red eyes were of a different color compared to the rest of the dragon. Lei Xian opened its eyes and it hovered in the air. An aura of desolation and destruction came forth. It also released black lightning.

They saw it, the black lightning that cracked space.


Yukina's hair stood on ends, a sense of danger assaulted her mind, she couldn't stand still.

"There are vassal beasts so powerful in this world?!"

"That familiar..."

Vatler examined Lei Xian.

"It's different compared to the white fellow from before, are the familiars of the fifth primogenitor so scary?!"


Kojou bit his lips, he drank his blood to calm down his boiling blood.

His blood reacted to the presence of something so powerful it terrified the vassal beasts within his body. They wanted to break out and fight the source of this fear.

Kojou had to focus to keep his familiars in check. His eyes were stuck on the black lightning raging around the draconic entity.

He saw the black lightning destroying space bit by bit.

Lei Xian's ability is anti-space. It can destroy space.

The black lightning can hit more than just a target, it affected space itself.

With Wu Yan's nigh-infinite magic power supporting it, the black dragon flew around in the sky as if it's claiming earth as its territory.


The dark lightning intensified on the dragon and it spread out in an instant like an EM burst.

Space around Itogami Island cracked under this immense pressure. Cracking in a spiderweb pattern, space fell in fragments, leaving only darkness and the void in the sky. Soon, space around Itogami Island got completely shattered.

If anyone touched this void or non-space, that person better pray he has an ability to stay alive or he's going to die without a doubt.

Fortunately, the citizens and demons were already evacuated. If they saw this earth-ending event, the city would probably be caught up in turmoil. But, there are still powerful mages and demons here.

The dark lightning consumed Itogami Island's space like a scene straight out of an apocalypse film. Wu Yan got what he wanted.

Wu Yan kept his eyes on Itogami Island's space. At the northern end of Itogami Island, an island made up of rocky outcrops appeared. There's a castle built with rocky outcrops as the foundation. It stood at the very top of the rocky island...

Prison Barrier!

"It finally appeared..."

Wu Yan grinned. He cut off his magic power and Lei Xian faded from view. Soon, space repaired itself...

Aside from the otherworldly island, nothing else was out of place.

Wu Yan's eyes returned to his usual red eyes.

"Prison Barrier's over there, let's go!"

Kojou and Yukina exchanged a look. They nodded rigidly. Clearly, they are still affected by the scenes they saw.

Meanwhile, Vatler watched Wu Yan with a revised point of view. His eyes flashed with thoughtful glints.

Perhaps this fifth primogenitor of unknown origin is the most terrifying existence on earth...

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