Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 980: The castle in the Prison Barrier

The dark clouds had a sinister aura to them, they were rolling the sky like magma in the sky. The temperature is also weird as it seemed like space can be distorted under its weird influence. The oppressive aura spread everywhere like unchecked miasma...

The creeping eeriness came from the otherworldly island situated at the northern end of the Island. The castle on top of the rock outcrops overwritten the original geography here. The castle and the island seemed ancient.

The island looked like a mirage, it wavered like space was trying to push it out of existence. There's a bridge connecting the weird island and Itogami Island. The bridge seemed like it's hovering between reality and non-existence. It made one question if standing on it would result in falling into the waters below.

The Prison Barrier appeared like a mirage. It felt tangible and intangible at the same time.

Wu Yan's black lightning peeled away the space hiding this secret realm. The space destruction revealed the Prison Barrier, it didn't manifest itself in reality of its own volition. It also couldn't affect reality.

Even if the Prison Barrier is in another world. The black lightning could have destroyed it just as easily as it destroyed the space that veiled the magic prison. The destruction of the Prison Barrier would lead to the destruction of everything within it.

Destroying Prison Barrier will probably destroy the world's connection to that magic prison and kill Natsuki who is in an enchanted sleep within it.

Wu Yan used his dark lightning to peel away the layers of space covering the magic prison, forcing it into view. It is hovering between reality and the otherworld because space is still repairing itself. Given enough time, the Prison Barrier will return to another world.

Of course, the Prison Barrier will have to get Wu Yan & co's permission to return to another world.

Vatler looked at the ancient island and castle in the distance and he asked Wu Yan.

"It seems the Prison Barrier can only be accessed through a sufficiently strong attack that can tear away its outer space. How about if I try it?"

Vatler unleashed his familiar, it's a sea serpent with pale blue scales.

This is Vatler's low-level composite familiar. Although it's not his strongest vassal beast, it should not be forgotten that Vatler devoured two second-generation vampires in the past. His familiars are definitely strong enough to shatter space and force the Prison Barrier into the current universe.


"If you move then I will break all your limbs and feed you to the fishes!"

Vatler's curiosity was met with Wu Yan's frosty voice.

The Prison Barrier is something Natsuki made, it's linked with Natsuki. If an external force assaulted this magic prison, Natsuki would also feel the attack.

Vatler might not be strong enough to kill Natsuki through her magic prison but it definitely wouldn't feel nice on her end.

Vatler shrugged with a hint of disappointment. The snake behind him disappeared.

"Although I want to fight you, the prisoners in Prison Barrier look more delectable to me..."

"Vatler, you bastard..."

Kojou looked at Vatler with an annoyed look. It's like he's looking at a gangster who just wouldn't quit making trouble for everyone. Vatler just gave him a cheeky smile. Kojou backed away in trepidation.

Wu Yan turned towards Yukina after glancing at Vatler.

"If you will, Himeragi..."


Yukina nodded, she instantly activated Sekkarou, her magic spear.

This magic spear had an effect that can dispel magic, prying open Prison Barrier's outer barrier is an easy task for her spear.


With her silver spear, Yukina stabbed the illusory bridge with the butt of her spear. A ripple expanded outwards from the point of contact.

The bridge then turned real. Yukina then used the tip of the spear to touch the Prison Barrier image in front of her. The image steadied and it slowly turned solid.

The seal on Prison Barrier got opened, it's now firmly rooted in reality.

The realized castle and island welcomed Wu Yan & co with a doorless entrance. They could see a tunnel leading inside the inner sanctum of the castle.

The Prison Barrier is apparently hollow in nature. The tunnel led to a void-like space.

Wu Yan can more or less guess why Natsuki's called the Witch of the Void.

"The witch within the void of space, the Witch of Void, huh?"

Wu Yan chuckled.

"That's a rather literal sense of naming..."

Wu Yan stepped into that magic prison, he walked towards the castle.

As seen from the outside, the inner sanctum of the castle is just a rather wide space.

The walls are built with black and purplish blocks of stone. The mood was designed with an eerie silence in mind. Other than the walls, there's also a chair in the center area.

The chair looked very grand, fit for a king even!

That throne had a beautiful young woman sitting on it. She is still as cute as a doll while dressed in her flowery-laced dress. Ignoring Natsuki's appearance that looked a bit on the thin side, she certainly had the air of a capable queen.

But, contrary to the rumors, Natsuki isn't in an enchanted sleep. Her eyes shone like beautiful sapphire stars in the sky from within the darkness. There's a hint of anger and frustration mixed into her gaze.


Wu Yan couldn't help but feel baffled by this scene.

"Why are you?..."

"Not asleep?"

Natsuki raised her head with an annoyed look.

"When I found out what you did, even if I am asleep, I would have woken up in anger anyway."

Wu Yan scratched his cheek. Kojou tried to stand up for Wu Yan.

"Vampire-sensei is just trying to save you Natsuki-chan..."

Natsuki leered at him.

"Don't call your teacher's name with the -chan suffix!"

Natsuki stood up from her chair and saw Vatler who is grinning next to Wu Yan.

"Why is that snake guy over here?"

"Why, I came here on an invitation of course!"

Vatler laughed out loud.

"I am here on an official invitation, I will have you know..."

"You can keep your yap shut, I already know why you're here!"

Natsuki adjusted her tone with Wu Yan.

"It's not too late to back out now..."

Wu Yan smirked when Natsuki tried to advise him. He shook his head, his steely eyes told Natsuki he's definitely not backing off. Natsuki just sighed with disappointment.

"Think carefully, this wouldn't end well if things go south..."

Wu Yan blinked in confusion.

"You're not going to stop me?"

"Is there any point in doing that?!"

Natsuki asked him a rhetorical question.

Wu Yan just chuckled.

"Of course not!"

He waved his hand and a ripple in space opened near his hand, a weird knife that looked like it was modeled after a bolt of zig-zag shaped lightning appeared in his hand. It's a knife that looked more ceremonial than designed for combat.

Kojou and Yukina watched in shock as Wu Yan raised that dagger. He then stabbed Natsuki in her chest.

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