Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 984: The battles popping up all over Itogami Island

Itogami Island...

The cloudy skies made the evacuated city look like a ghost town.

Winds could be hears whistling through the vacant streets. Trash and paper could be seen dancing along with the gust here. If not for the well-maintained buildings on the island, the city would have looked like it's been abandoned for years. Walking the empty streets gave one an eerie sense of danger.

Fortunately, the citizens were long gone. There are only capable demons and mages on this island. This kind of situation isn't going to make them feel intimidated.

Aside from these hermits and independent demons, the Management Corp also stayed behind. Those in charge of maintaining the Island's operation also stayed. The special police is also still here.

The island can't be abandoned, who else is going to run the place if not them?

The Lion King Organization told the other citizens and demons to evacuate because something went wrong with the dragon veins below Itogami Island. Most of the authorities and independent forces didn't buy this excuse. It also didn't fool the ones in charge of maintaining the island.

They don't know what's going on but since their superiors promised to do as the Lion King Organization said, they should keep doing their jobs and make sure everything runs smoothly.

They don't know what they are going to face soon...

On the almost abandoned Island, inside the Management Corporation building...

There were servers here that easily ranked top in the world. Neatly stacked, the servers were with a bunch of techy monitors that made the room look like a very advanced cyber cafe.

The monitors had pings and landmarks all over the map, it's what the workers here had to sort out.


Beep boo beep boo

A warning sign popped up and the workers quickly got to work with a panicky look.

"Captain, there's a strong magical outburst near the western float. It's a big one!"

"Captain, there's a magical disturbance near the eastern region. There are at least 10 biological signatures there!"

"Captain, there are a bunch of magical signatures popping up all over the southern float."

"Captain, the northern float is..."

The workers who were steadily handling their tasks were reporting situations left and right. The captain had a hard time monitoring the situation with alarms going off everywhere.

"What's going on? Why are there so many magical alarms going off? And, they are all so strong..."

"Captai, the borders are being attacked!"

"Captain, over here too..."



The captain regained his senses after his subordinates bombarded him with reports. The captain passed his orders down.

"Mobilize the special police!"

"Yes sir!"

Also, near the borders of Itogami Island...

Bam bam bam bam bam

Strong attacks and spells were parting the sea near the borders.

But, whenever the attacks were about to make it out into the ocean, the attacks got stopped by a barrier that looked like a mirror. The otherwise invisible mirror lit up when the attacks crashed against the barrier. The attacks failed to penetrate the barrier, it only left ripples on the tough barrier.

The convicts used more powerful attacks on the barrier only to see the barrier receding back to an invisible state after blocking every attack.


"What the hell is this thing? It's so tough..."

"Who set this barrier up?!"

"Did Itogami Island have a barrier like this?!"

The prisoners were fuming and frustrated.

The culprits were giving their positions away through their attacks and loud curses.

When these prisoners wanted to escape into the ocean, the barrier stopped them. Even with dozens of supervillains working together, they couldn't bring the barrier down.

This barrier's clearly very high level...

Clap clap clap clap

Somebody started clapping behind them. While everyone's stunned, a series of footsteps entered their ears.

"As expected of the Prison Barrier inmates, you guys are strong..."

The criminals almost had heart attacks, nobody detected this guy's approach!

They turned back and they saw a handsome man in a white suit. He looked very salient in the dark background.

It's Vatler!

"The duke of Ardeal!"

"A noble from the Lost Warlord!"

"It's him!"

The prisoners were dumbfounded by Vatler's presence.

He gave them a very charming smile. Then, he looked at the invisible barrier cutting off Itogami Island from the rest of the world.

"Ah, that must be the barrier installed by that fellow. What impeccable skills, before you guys attacked, I didn't even notice the barrier. I heard it needs three primogenitors to hit it at once to break this barrier down, makes me want to give it a go..."

"The barrier can only be broken by three primogenitors working together?!"

The prisoners were awe-struck.

What use would their attacks do? They needed the power of three primogenitors combined to do anything...

The prisoners reckoned that even if they all used their full power, their combined might is still inferior to a primogenitor. Forget three primogenitors, they are screwed!

"Oh? I said something I shouldn't..."

Vatler shook his head, then he smirked.

"It's alright, none of you are going to escape."

Magic power poured out from Vatler. His magic lit up his sinister expression.

"Relax, somebody specifically told me to keep you guys alive. That's the only relief you're getting though."

A coiling serpent leaped towards the inmates. It opened its gnarly maw.

"Argh! Nooo!!!"

"Wait, I surrender! I give! Gargh!"

"Help me momma!"

"Good god have mercy!!!"


Vatler's passionate laughter echoed in the sky while the prisoners wailed in misery...

On the other side...

"What's going on?!"

Unlike the prisoners who wanted to escape, the inmates roaming the city is looking for targets to vent their pent-up frustration on. They are fuming because there's no one around.

"Is the entire island abandoned?!"

"Impossible! This is a demon sanctuary, there are also dragon veins here, who would give this place up?!"

"Then why don't I see anyone here?!"

"I don't know..."

"Damn, I wanted to beat a few guys up after all those years in that damned Prison Barrier..."

"Hmph, maybe there are still people in the Key Gate?"

"Yeah, there should be magic police guarding the place!"

"If we go there..."

"Hahaha! Sounds fun, let's go bust down some doors!"

"Let's go!"

"Fuck yeah!"

The prisoners banded up. They headed for the Key Gate, there should be special police there so they can still duke it out with them. Then, they noticed something off...

A figure stood in front of them.


Kojou lowered his hoodie while the prisoners looked on with shock. His eyes turned deep red.

"This is our war!"

His roar came at the same time as a golden lightning storm, a lion made of golden lightning came into existence!

"Go get them! Regulus Aurum!"


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