Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 985: Itogami Island turns into a battlefield...

Bang bang bang bang bang



"Stop them!"



Gunfire everywhere, wails of anguish, rallying cries, angered roar, and orders to evacuate, it all formed a rather chaotic scene in the dark winding alleys of the city. The entire island is enveloped in flames and smoke.

The prisoners were fighting against Itogami Island's special police.

Even if Kojou and Vatler are hard at work, they already took down dozens of prisoners. There are still inmates running loose on the island.

Given Itogami Island's nature as a demon sanctuary, there are always evildoers out to cause havoc on the island. Wu Yan just arrived on the island and he got dragged into the Nalakuvera incident. Then, he got dragged into a fight with the Black Death Emperor Faction. After that, he solved Kanon's Faux Angel issue. He roughed up Kensei and the Magus Craft that tried to sell angels as weapons.

Even if these villains didn't end up in the Prison Barrier, it's only because the Warlord Empire had jurisdiction over Gardoff while Kensei had utility so he's spared from heavy sentences.

In one month, he encountered two crises. Imagine the number of prisoners inside the Prison Barrier after a decade of accumulation at this rate. There are at least a hundred such supervillains running around on the island.

These inmates are also powerful mages and demons. They were involved in terror crimes or mass murder events so they were locked up in the Prison Barrier which was designed to contain these superhuman threats.

With a hundred of these bastards running around, the danger they posed goes without saying...

The prisoners were out of luck as they were pitted against the fourth primogenitor and the direct descendant of the first primogenitor. With such powerful criminals running around, there is only a few individuals capable enough to deal with a threat of this level.

The magic police are also ill-prepared to handle threats on this level.

They are just humans with anti-magic equipment. Nobody knew how to deal with an assault mage. If they had the skills, they would have been promoted to the ranks of the assault mages a long time ago. When they fought against the criminals, their abilities and experience were tested to the extremes.

Fortunately for them, their equipment bought them precious time when fighting against these prisoners. Vatler and Kojou were combing the entire island like overstretched firefighters, putting down the inmates like heroes. Vatler just wanted to hunt, saving the special police is just icing on the cake. Kojou saved every officer he encountered, he's just missing an ugly skintight suit and he would look like a superhero.

The independent mages and demons also pitched in. The entire island became a huge free-for-all arena.

Aya stood on top of the Key Gate. She watched the commotion with calm eyes. The windows of her soul reflected the blazing flames beneath the building.

Aya is adept with spatial manipulation, she's like Natsuki, among the prisoners, nobody dared to pick a fight with her even if she's not the most powerful among the supervillains.

If Aya joined the fray then Itogami Island's special police, demons, and even Kojou would be hard-pressed to take her down.

She didn't look like she wanted to join the fight. She also looked like she's not in a hurry to escape Itogami Island.

She wants the item that is still with Natsuki.

It's not to say Aya didn't try her luck with the barrier surrounding Itogami Island. Alas, even a space magic expert like her had no way of escaping the confines of the barrier here.

Aya knows Natsuki didn't put this barrier up. Someone else did this!

That powerful entity is also Natsuki's ally.

This forced Aya to sit on the sidelines, biding for time.

Aya isn't the only one waiting for a chance.

There are four individuals standing behind Aya.

There's a muscular man with armor, an old man in Lama religious clothing, a delinquent with a pirate hat, and a slut in slutty clothes.

These four were prisoners of the Prison Barrier too.

They are all powerful individuals on par with Aya and just as vicious.

Aya noticed their arrivals and she turned around.

"Only the four of you?"

"That looks like the case..."

The promiscuous-looking woman answered, she looked up at the dark sky with her arms akimbo. She started laughing out loud.

"The others are drunk with their newfound freedom, they don't understand they are still trapped in a cage, this cage is just bigger than the last one..."

It's as the slut hypothesized. The barrier made Itogami Island look like a huge prison.

They are not free and clear yet.

"Tsk! Damn it! Fuck them for giving me false hope!"

The delinquent cursed.

"The barrier master better pray I don't find his ass because I am going to rip him a new one!"

"Witch of the Notaria, High Librarian of the Library, Tokoyogi Aya."

The armored man spoke.

"Why did you gather us here?"

"It better be good!"

The delinquent smirked.

"I am in a bad mood..."

Aya didn't take the delinquent's threat seriously.

"I want to cooperate with you guys."

"You want our cooperation?"

The four prisoners flinched in shock.


Aya nodded. She gazed down upon the chaotic city.

"You guys are stuck here, right?"

"You're saying..."

The old man in Lama clothing asked with a hoarse voice.

"You want us to work together and break that barrier?"

Aya shook her head.

"That barrier can trap all of us here, I doubt the five of us can do anything. No, I want your help, our target is Natsuki."

"The Witch of Void?"

The four prisoners were imprisoned by that scary jailer, they shivered at the sound of her name.

"This time, Natsuki's allies are apparently aiming to break Natsuki from her demonic bondage, that's how we were freed..."

Aya said with a complicated face.

"Don't you find it weird? They know this would result in all the prisoners escaping and they still did it."

"I think I get what you're trying to say."

The enchantress spoke with gleaming red eyes.

"The barrier stopping us is made by one of her allies, right?"

"I see!"

The delinquent snorted.

"You gathered us to take down that witch bitch and kill the barrier master, thereby breaking the barrier?"

"It's a good idea..."

The armored man and the Lama old man concurred.

They didn't think they would still be trapped after escaping from the Prison Barrier. When they saw Vatler and Natsuki standing there, they panicked and just ran away in all four cardinal directions.

With the Prison Barrier broken, anyone fighting the Witch of Void must be a fool when they can enjoy their newfound freedom.

They didn't consider how freedom is still out of their reach.

If they wanted to duel Natsuki 1 v 1, they would most likely lose. With all five of them, the story's different...


"But, that battle junkie from the Lost Warlord's empire is with them!"

The slut asked Aya.

"With Natsuki in the picture..."

"It's okay..."

Aya took out a grimoire with No.14 written on it.

"Natsuki's not a threat anymore..."

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