Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 988: Descending from the skies, an attack...


Kojou collapsed on the sofa the moment he's home. He didn't even care his face is buried in the sofa.

"I am so tired... It feels like my bones are breakings... I want to die..."

Kojou grumbled with his face buried in the sofa. He looked like a neet and Nagisa's not impressed.

"Kojou-kun, you just went on an errand for sensei. It's not like you had to fight the Prison Barrier convicts. If you keep lazing around like this then you won't be popular with girls, you know?"

Kojou gave her a forced smile. He wanted to cry deep down inside.

I just fought a bunch of prisoners!

Kojou didn't shout his retort out loud. Otherwise, his "errand boy" cover would be blown.

Yukina isn't like Kojou. She had a serious look as she reported to Wu Yan.

"Sensei, I got the items you requested..."

"So fast?!"

Wu Yan Gasped. Yukina just giggled when she saw his astonishment.

"There is a Lion King Organization outpost here, I just placed the request. It's hard to procure items when Itogami Island is in such a state..."

After the Prison Barrier collapsed, Itogami Island became a huge arena. Although there's a barrier to keep the inmates here, running around when buildings can collapse or catch on fire isn't exactly a good idea, even if you ignored the criminals prancing about.

With almost all the citizens gone, it's hard to find items when no one's around to help out. If not for the outpost, Yukina's resourcefulness will not help her get the ritual items ready in such short order.

Indeed, Yukina didn't have a better time compared to Kojou.

He gave her a thumbs-up. He looked at Kojou.

"What about the recaptured prisoners?"

"They were incapacitated and processed by the guys over at Keystone Gate, I told them your orders so the special police is probably keeping an eye on them?"

Kojou scratched the back of his head. He didn't mince his words in front of Nagisa.

Nagisa assumed he only ran around giving orders to the Management Corp on behalf of Wu Yan so she didn't suspect a thing.

"The magic police, huh?"

Wu Yan rubbed his chin.

"Let's hope they can detain those criminals..."

"Don't underestimate the special police."

Natsuki is one of the instructors for the special police training program.

"The magic police can handle the prisoners if their powers are sealed. I don't think they are going to have any trouble watching a bunch of criminals for a few days."


Wu Yan scratched his cheek.

"I still don't think they can offer us much help..."

"Only because we are going up against criminals from the Prison Barrier!"

Natsuki shook her head.

"With their abilities, they are already faring well by holding on till now..."

"Are they that great?"

Nagisa doesn't know much about the special police. She's only a high school student, why would she?

"Yeah, they are strong."

Kotori knocked Nagisa's head lightly with a hand on her waist.

"Don't go running around during this time, you hear me?"


Nagisa puffed her cheeks.

"Everyone's helping out, am I the only one sitting around doing nothing?"


Kotori bitterly laughed, she tapped her on the head.

"Don't be down, you're going to drag our mood down too..."

Nagisa psyched herself up again. She decided to do something for them.

"Okay, I am going to go whip something up!"

"I want to help..."

Kanon tugged Nagisa's sleeve. Nagisa giggled when she offered her help.

The two stood up. Wu Yan opened his mouth but a sudden burst of aura made him pause.


He looked up at the ceiling, the aura's coming from there.

"What's the matter?"

Nagisa and Kanon looked back at Wu Yan who looks like he's bewildered. They looked up at the ceiling too.

"What's wrong with the ceiling?"

"This aura..."

Natsuki, Kotori, Yukina, and Kojou detected it. They looked up at the same time.

It felt like something's building up in the sky above the apartment building. It sounded it's crashing down.

Judging by the intensity, it's probably strong enough to destroy the entire building.

"Not good!"

Natsuki, Yukina, and Kojou cried out while Kotori went over to cover Kanon and Nagisa. Wu Yan used his magic and he teleported outside the building, he's on the rooftop now.

He looked up at the dark sky and he saw the spell that he detected a brief while ago.

It's a hurricane-like storm cloud.


A sharp voice came as a giant tornado 100 meters in diameter came whirling down. It was heading straight for their apartment building!

This attack is unleashed without a hint of mercy.

The depowered Natsuki and Nagisa probably won't survive this. Yukina and Kojou might also be hurt if they got dragged into this storm.

Wu Yan is furious. The apartment building is empty except for Wu Yan & co.

"How dare you!"

Wu Yan grabbed Nietono no Shana, the flaming blade that poked out from a portal nearby.

Blazing flames covered the blade as he faced the incoming tornado.

He swung the flaming blade and...


A giant sea of flames even wider and grander than the tornado spread with Wu Yan's sword as the center. He sent the roaring flames towards the tornado.


When the flames made contact with the tornado, it completely enveloped the whirlwind.

The tyrannical flames engulfed the storm and reduced it to nothing.

The tornado dissipated in a huge plume of smoke...


When the tornado got cancelled out by the sea of flames, a shriek of disbelief came from the rooftop of a building just adjacent to Wu Yan's apartment building.

There are five figures standing there.

One of them's Tokoyogi Aya!

The Prison Barrier prisoners are attacking!

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