Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 997: Operation love

Early morning...

With the sky growing brighter, golden rays started lighting up the green earth. The light also brought vitality and cool air along with it, adding to the palette of the world.

The air's still cool. Itogami island is not that hot during dawn. However, the coolness will be gradually replaced with the heat of the baking sun.

Itogami Island's climate is a torment for those who can't tolerate heat.

Nagisa woke up while it's still not that hot yet. She slapped her cheeks and she stretched her back before getting out of the bed.

She kept rubbing her eyes to perk up her foggy mind. Nagisa's wearing a short-sleeved shirt and shorts. She walked out of her room without changing.

This is her daily life.

Unlike her brother who is a sleepyhead, Nagisa woke up on time. She's a bit of a neat freak so she made sure to clean their home up as part of her morning routine. After that, she would change her clothes and wake Kojou up.

Compared to the two primogenitors, Nagisa lived according to a set routine. With her bubbly personality and cute face, it's no wonder that Kojou treated her like a treasure. The lucky guy also didn't mind the siscon tag other people gave him.

As usual, she started grumbling about her brother's bad habit of sleeping in.

"Seriously, Kojou-kun, you can wake up early when you're in middle school. You also liked heading out early in the morning to play basketball. You also woke up on time for school. You even checked out the morning practice of the basketball club. After entering high school, you're much lazier, is it because you don't play basketball anymore?"

Nagisa yawned after complaining a bit. She entered the living room.

"Sensei also likes sleeping in but he's a vampire. Kojou-kun, you should learn to take in a bit of that early morning fresh air. You're just acting like an old slob..."

Fortunately, Kojou's still asleep so he's not around to hear the slanderous and unfair remarks against him. If he heard them he would have fainted from his sisters' outrageous comments.

As a vampire, the rumored strongest vampire in the world, Kojou had a rough time on par if not worse than Wu Yan's daily life.

After grumbling about the sleepy vampiric sensei, she entered the living room only to see a shocking scene. Her jaw almost dropped to the ground.

"Yo, good morning, Nagisa!"

His energetic voice came from the dining table set in the living room. Nagisa returned to her senses as she called out the identity of the person greeting her in her home.


"As expected, you're an early bird, aren't you?..."

Wu Yan chuckled.

"Luckily, I woke up before the sun even broke the horizon. Otherwise, I am afraid I might not have made it in time..."

"Sensei... Y-you..."

Nagisa stuttered. She looked down and she's still in her sleepwear so she blushed furiously.


Nagisa escaped back into the safety of her room. She slammed the door shut.

Wu Yan's warm smile petrified...

"Why did you get up so early? Why are you in my home? Are you hungry? I thought you're good at making your own food? And, you're better than Nagisa when it comes to cooking, too..."

In casual clothes, Nagisa started bombarding Wu Yan with questions. She almost buried Wu Yan in her questions. Anyone can see she's glad to have him over.

For Nagisa, seeing the person she loves first thing in the morning probably came as a pleasant surprise, right?

Wu Yan also planned to give her all the celebration she wants...

Wu Yan's mood improved after seeing the positive vibes Nagisa's giving off. He grabbed her hand and he sat her down at the dining table.

"Well, a change of pace is good sometimes..."

Wu Yan looked into her eyes with a cheeky smile.

"For example, you can make a love-filled breakfast for your girlfriend..."


Nagisa finally noticed the delicious food laid out on the table.

When she thought about what Wu Yan said, why wouldn't she get the hint in Wu Yan's words?

She started blushing and she averted her gaze, looking at the food on the table. Her heart filled up with saccharine goodness and she leaked a tiny voice.

"Th-thank you... Sensei..."

"No need to thank me, this was long overdue..."

Wu Yan said with an ambiguous tone. It looks like Nagisa's glad so he sighed in relief.

Kotori used the most violent method to wake him up and it was worth the pain. With Nagisa's reaction, the mind unison aspect should be easily fulfilled now.

Wu Yan got up early because he wanted to fulfill the requirements to activate the Monster Tattoo.

After the discussion he had with Kotori, Natsuki, and Kanon. They made great strides in decoding the requirements needed for Monster Tattoo activation.

The physical compatibility part had something to do with magical power.

Meanwhile, mental unity referred to getting their familiarity up to a certain degree.

With these parameters, it should be possible to turn Nagisa into his familiar.

After releasing Alrescha through the entity within Nagisa, Wu Yan already established the magical power connection between himself and Nagisa.

That entity also granted him summon authority over Alrescha.

This authority helped Wu Yan.

Now, he needs to score more familiarity points with nagisa to achieve the mind unison aspect.

As for the last requirement, the nature-fit, they weren't sure what it meant so they decided to stake it on the assumption that Nagisa already fulfilled this special nature requirement.

Wu Yan can only do one thing.

Improve his relationship with Nagisa.

In other words, he needs to up his game with Nagisa.

This is why Wu Yan got out of bed early made a scrumptious breakfast feast.

It's working well if her reaction is any indication.

While the iron's hot, Wu Yan kept pounding the iron piece. He presented his food to Nagisa.

Nagisa was stunned by the feast spread out before her. Her face turned redder.

Forget about the taste for now, the presentation of the food is...

Heart heart heart

They were all made in heart shapes...


Nagisa started pouting in bashful anger.

"Why did you make the food look like this?! This is so embarrassing!"


Wu Yan looked down in a "disappointed" manner.

"Nagisa doesn't like it?"

"N-no, it's not like that..."

Nagisa shook her head and hands in panic. With a face as red as tomato, she continued.

"What if Kojou-kun sees this?"

"Relax, he's not going to see this..."

"Hmm? What do you mean?"

"I-it's nothing..."

Wu Yan gave her a pair of chopsticks.

"Come, taste it. It's a holiday so I am going to take you out for a fun stroll later..."

Nagisa's eyes lit up.

"Okay, Nagisa's digging in!"

Nagisa started enjoying the feast prepared "lovingly" by Wu Yan.

Nobody noticed Kojou's tied up like a kidnap victim in his own room...

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