Slowly Turning the Protagonist to the Dark Side

STPDS Chapter 9

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Chapter 9


Translator: Mimi

When it was dawn, Bai Jingchen woke up. He didn’t have the habit of dawdling in bed, and he directly got up after he woke up.

He took out a set of clean clothes from his low-grade storage bag and put it on. After he dressed neatly, he went outside and touched the clothes hanging on the shelf. It was washed when he took a bath yesterday and now it was still a little damp.

He raised his hand to collect the clothes and took it to the thatched hut to hang up. By the time when he came back at night, the clothes would be dry.

If it was exposed to the sun, the fabric would be damaged. He had no one to rely on now and he had no time to earn money, so he must save some. A set of clothes could be worn for several years if it was cherished.

After Bai Jingchen hung up the clothes, he glanced at the man he rescued yesterday. Seeing that his chest was still undulating at this moment, he knew that this person had survived. He walked to his side and squatted down to look at his face. He saw that he had abnormal flushes on his face and fine beads of sweat on his forehead, he knew that this person’s condition was not very good.

Bai Jingchen couldn’t do anything about it now, he was just an outer sect attendant, and his gainings were always embezzled. The medicinal pills and medicinal plants fed to this person yesterday were all collected by him for many years, and he used all of them last night. Therefore, he was helpless and powerless now.

Although Bai Jingchen knew that this person couldn’t hear him, he still whispered, “I can’t do anything now. If you want to survive, you can only work hard on your own. I’m going to take care of the spiritual plant and I’ll see you again when I come back tonight.” Then he turned his body and walked out.

This spiritual plant field of the Heaven Spread Sect was far away from the Heaven Spread Sect, otherwise the people of the sect wouldn’t regard this task as exile.

Whether it was the cultivation resource or spiritual energy here, it was much worse than the Heaven Spread Sect’s main gate. But Bai Jingchen would rather stay here, because here, he could get more, and no one around him would crowd out and mock him, so that he could concentrate on cultivation more.

Bai Jingchen walked on the foothpath of the spiritual plant field. His daily tasks had fixed amount. Basically, he dealt with one area of the spiritual plant field a day, which hadn’t changed in three years.

He went outside the Steward Li’s residence to get the token, and then walked towards the spiritual plant field that was to be dealt with today.

An hour after Bai Jingchen left, Liang Wensu finally regained consciousness. He immediately opened his eyes and looked at the surrounding environment. After realizing that this was a dilapidated thatched hut and there was no threat around him, he sat up at ease. He looked at the medicinal paste that clumsily applied on his body and frowned. He cast a dust removal spell on his body, and then took out a set of clothes from his storage bag and put it on, before sitting up cross-legged to meditate.

The spiritual energy here was far less abundant than that in the Devil Palace. After cultivating for a while, Liang Wensu found that the spiritual energy in the outside world was really poor. Then he took out more than a dozen high-grade spirit stones from his mustard space and set up a simple spiritual gathering formation in the center of the thatched hut, and then sat in the center of the formation to meditate.

He cultivated until night when he sensed that the outsider was approaching, only then he opened his eyes vigilantly.

When Bai Jingchen returned home after finishing his task, what he saw was such a scene. The man he rescued was sitting in a spiritual gathering formation, staring straight at him with narrowed eyes.

Bai Jingchen stopped his footsteps under his gloomy gaze. He stood at the doorway and said respectfully, “Senior, you are awake. I’m the one who rescued you back. If you recover, you should leave quickly.”

Such a person, he knew that he was not a kind person at first glance, so Bai Jingchen naturally immediately drove him away tactfully.

Hearing this, Liang Wensu glanced at him and asked coldly, “Where is this place, and who are you?”

Bai Jingchen saw that this person’s cultivation was unfathomable, so he obediently replied, “Senior, this is the outside territory spiritual plant field under the Heaven Spread Sect. It’s located near the Jinshui River in the east place of Rook Islet World. I’m an outer sect attendant of the Heaven Spread Sect, my name is Bai Jingchen.”

“Are you a member of the Bai clan of the six major clans of Heaven Spread Sect?”


After Liang Wensu finished asking, he had a rough idea in his heart, but he still asked, “Where did you find me?”

Bai Jingchen pointed to the short mountain peak not far away outside and said, “I went to the mountain to pick the Bell Spiritual Flower yesterday. On the way, I saw you, senior, lying on the ground covered in blood, so I carried you back. I have no malice, just help in passing.”

Liang Wensu let out an ‘en’ sound noncommittally, and then took out a pouch of spirit stones from his storage bag and threw it into Bai Jingchen’s arms. He closed his eyes and said, “This is your reward. I will stay here for a while, you know what you should do.”

Bai Jingchen heard the warning and threat in his voice and hurriedly said, “This’s natural. Senior, please do as you pleases.”

Liang Wensu had already started to cultivate. Bai Jingchen saw that he was busy with his own business, he scratched his head and walked away with the pouch thrown by the other party.

He walked to the small courtyard outside the thatched hut and directly sat on the ground.

He didn’t dare to go too far. Although not many outsiders came to his thatched hut, he was afraid that people from the sect would come to see him and discover the strangeness here.

After Bai Jingchen sat down, he opened the pouch. When he saw the pouch was full of middle-grade spirit stones, he was astonished and pleasantly surprised. This was the first time he got so many spirit stones, and all were middle-grade spirit stones.

In the Rook Islet World, a middle-grade spirit stone could be exchanged for a hundred low-grade spirit stones. There were at least dozens of middle-grade spirit stones in this pouch, which means thousands of low-grade spirit stones.

For him who was still an ordinary person, this was a huge sum of money. You must know that as an outer sect attendant of the Heaven Spread Sect, his monthly allowance was only two low-grade spirit stones, which was not counted the situation of being embezzled. Bai Jingchen was happy, but at the same time indirectly confirmed the fact that the person he rescued had a big background.

However, this had little to do with him. He saved this person and although this person’s eyes were not friendly, he could see that this person didn’t want to cause trouble. So, after he recovered from his injuries, the two of them would have nothing to do with each other.

Bai Jingchen held a middle-grade spirit stone in his hand and looked at it carefully, while thinking that after he had these spirit stones, what cultivation items he would buy next time he went to the Lane Market.

Although he still couldn’t draw the spiritual energy into his body until now, he had always thought that he didn’t have a suitable cultivation method for himself, so he couldn’t get started. If he went to the Lane Market to find a suitable cultivation method for himself this time, then his road of cultivation would definitely be smooth.

After Bai Jingchen made plans, he stood up to take a bath and wash his clothes. When he was done, it was already late.

He thought for a while, but in the end he didn’t dare to go in to disturb that person. He went to the back of the thatched hut and built a simple straw bed with the straw piled up there, and then lay down on it to sleep.

After a good night’s sleep, the next day, Bai Jingchen got up as usual. After he tidied himself up quickly, he went to the thatched hut in front and said to the person in the room, “Senior, I’m going up the mountain today. I’ll be back late in the evening.”

He didn’t know why he said such a sentence to this person, but after he finished speaking quickly, he felt his whole body relax, and then he ran out briskly.

Hearing this, Liang Wensu opened his eyes and looked at his running away figure, and couldn’t help frowning.

This teenager named Bai Jingchen had a very familiar smell on him. It was an exotic smell that if it wasn’t for someone the same kind as him, one would definitely not be able to smell it.

This smell gave him a particularly carefree and refreshing feeling, even more so than the white-clothed mask man before. This was the reason why he didn’t kill Bai Jingchen at first sight. He was sent to the lower realm by his clansmen when he was young. When he arrived in the lower realm, he was in hiding at first, but later, he inadvertently forgot many things.

Now, as soon as he smelled this teenager’s scent, the blood in his body began to boil and his whole person seemed to be reborn. So, what was the origin of this teenager?

Liang Wensu couldn’t figure it out and he had nowhere to understand, so he just made a decision in his heart that when he recovered a little from his injuries and was going to leave this place, he would take this teenager with him.

Thinking so, Liang Wensu closed his eyes and once again began to heal the deep internal injuries on his body with the spiritual energy.

His Nascent Soul was almost pierced by Xuan Daozi’s sword before. Although he narrowly avoided it at that time, the profound sword energy still wound him.

But that was not important, because although the injury in his abdomen was serious, it could be recovered after a few years of cultivation. What he cared about now was that matter.

It was the trip to the Age State Secret Realm two years ago, where he met the white-clothed mask man for the first time. That man was very strong, unprecedentedly strong, far surpassed himself.

Although he managed to escape by chance in the end after went all out at risk of his life, while being seriously injured, he accidentally landed on his way and was planted with the Love Snake Parasite.

Thinking of this, Liang Wensu looked at his palm with a gloomy face. When he injected the spiritual energy into his hand, a Black Erotic Snake Flower slowly bloomed on the palm of his left hand under his gaze.

This was a dark black flower with twelve snake-like petals on it and a snake-tail-shaped flower trail below.

This was the erotic flower specially used for high-level snakes to mate and give birth. This kind of flower had been extinct in the Rook Islet World for many years. Even in the Age River World, the higher realm, it was estimated to be the flower on the verge of extinct. This flower could only be found in the secret realm.

Along with the decreasing of spiritual energy in the cultivation world, the Four Great Divine Beasts gradually disappeared in the torrent of time, and the number of high-level snake races became less and less, just like the heavenly law couldn’t accommodate these high-level demonic beasts.

Generation after generation of old demonic beasts died, but there were fewer and fewer newborns. At the same time, the number of female snakes decreased year by year. Then, males couldn’t even find females to reproduce.

Reproduction and continuation of life were the most important mission for the demonic beast race, and no one wanted their race to completely exterminate. Then, after many experiments and searches, the high-level snake race found this flower in the secret realm.

After they experimented, they developed the Love Snake Parasite, and thus, a new situation appeared for the high-level snake race.

This was a kind of parasite that could let another male snake race to conceive and give birth. The male snake race that had been planted with the Love Snake Parasite could have children for the male snake race higher than him.

This was a kind of parasite that was specially used for the male of the high-level snake race, but now it had shown its effect on Liang Wensu’s body.

Liang Wensu didn’t care about it at first, because he had always lived as a human being. So even if he was warned by the white-clothed mask man, he doesn’t believe what that man said at all.

But at this moment, the fact was unfolding before his eyes, he couldn’t help believing it. After two years, the Love Snake Parasite that only worked on the high-level snake race, had blossomed. He was not a real human devil cultivator.

To make matters worse, he had to find a male snake race of higher rank than him to mate and then gave birth to undo the Love Snake Parasite, otherwise his life would be bleak.

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