Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 100 - Seven Writings Of Creation

Qin Mu returned to the inn and continued to study Great Educational Heavenly Devil Scriptures. Unknowingly it was late at night and Qin Mu had already learned over a dozen spells. However, with no corresponding techniques, only half the power of the spells could be unleashed.

"I have to find a Unification Technique otherwise it would be hard to unleash the full power of Great Educational Heavenly Devil Scriptures."

Just as he was entranced by the book, he suddenly felt a warmth at his waist as if there was something warming him up. Lowering his head to have a look, it was the little white fox who had fallen asleep while leaning on his body and nudged her head on him.

Qin Mu revealed a smile and carefully sent the little demon fox back to her bed to let her rest her head on the pillow. He then returned to the table and continued to study Great Educational Heavenly Devil Scriptures.

Sometime later, he felt drowsy too and decided to extinguish his lamp. He then fell asleep unknowingly after lying on his bed.

The next morning Feng Xiuyun came to take Qin Mu to the ship, then said, "Young master, I can only see you off here. You will be able to reach Eternal Peace by following the river down from here. Young master, be careful on your journey and get to Eternal Peace Capital City as early as possible, Patriarch is already there waiting for you."

Qin Mu nodded and waved his hand to bid goodbye.

In front of the fleet of ships, there was a soldier cranking the capstan on top of the towering wharf to open up the huge iron lock. The ships gradually moved out of Secret Waters Pass and followed the currents to sail down Surging River.

Qin Mu and Hu Ling'er stood at the bow of the ship and looked around. The scenery at both sides of Surging River gradually became different from Great Ruins. There were flourishing villages hidden among the forests and mountains which were unlike Great Ruins where there were all straw huts.

The ships on the river also gradually increased in numbers. Most of them were ships carrying ores and goods, therefore, they were submerged deep in the water. There were also mines at the sides of the river and numerous slaves were mining.

"How many of the people here are abandoned people from Great Ruins?" Qin Mu thought as he retracted his gaze.

Moving forward another thirty miles, there were refineries at the sides of the river. Huge great furnaces were refining the ores which had been dropped off by the numerous ships berthed here.

The violent flames rose dozens of yards upwards from the great furnace and as their ships sailed past, Qin Mu could see several divine arts practitioners air blasting and executing spells to raise the heat and intensity of the fire.

There were some divine arts practitioners who were using spells to control the river water to cool down the black iron and red copper.

There were also some divine arts practitioners executing divine arts with White Tiger Vital Qi to cut up the black irons and red coppers into neat cubes which made it easier to stack and store in the ship.

This sight was very rare in Great Ruins.

"No matter whether in manpower, resources or wealth, Eternal Peace far surpassed Great Ruins." Qin Mu exclaimed in admiration.

One can know a lot by seeing a little. They could see the prosperity and strength of a country from just the slightest things. The refineries beside Surging River were close to a water source, therefore, it made freight transport more convenient which helped to provide materials endlessly to the empire. These materials were used to forge spirit weapons and upgrade the military armaments, therefore, one could imagine how great the military power of Eternal Peace Empire was.

"Feng Xiuyun said there were sects which took the chance to rebel and assassinate Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor on his way back after suffering a loss in Great Ruins, causing Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor to suffer grave injuries."

Qin Mu thought to himself, "Even though Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor had suffered a loss, the power of the army wasn't reduced and still had its full strength. With numerous strong practitioners by his side and being the number one man below gods, how was he severely injured from being assassinated? There is something fishy and if they misjudge the situation, I'm afraid these sects that had revolted will die miserably."

The merchant ship had a huge beast in the water pulling it along therefore it traveled at an extremely fast speed and reached Dyke River County in the evening.

Dyke River County was constructed along the river and somewhat bigger than Border Dragon City. Looking around with his Heaven's Eyes, Qin Mu didn't find any divine statue with majestic grandeur and felt slightly uneasy. Suddenly he came to the realization and mocked himself, "I thought I was still in Great Ruins…"

Living in Great Ruins since young, it was already his instinct to look for places to stay that were under the protection of the divine statue before nightfall. It would be hard for him to change this habit within a short period of time.

In front of Dyke River County, the caravan suddenly stopped. Fishing boats appeared in front of them and there were fishermen that were using hooks to fish up the dead bodies in the water.

"What bad luck." A merchant shook his head.

Qin Mu brought Hu Ling'er with him and entered the city with the caravan. Just as he stepped into the city, he saw numerous coffins placed on both sides of the street. There were about four to five hundred of them.

Qin Mu jumped in shock. Some coffins were empty and there were soldiers who were carrying corpses to place them inside the coffins. Some coffins were covered up and the residents of the city had all avoided far away, not daring to come near.

"What happened here? Why did so many people die all at once?"

Qin Mu was bewildered. A merchant went forward to ask and a soldier replied, "They're floating corpses swept over here by the river. We also don't know where they came from. We reckon that there was a flood upstream and drowned them, washing them down to our Dyke River County, then they got intercepted by the dam. The county magistrate said that if these corpses piled up, a plague would occur therefore they ordered us to make some thin coffins to put the corpses in. We then will bury them tomorrow morning."

"So that's what happened."

One after another, the merchants drove their carts around to avoid the coffins and look for inns to rest their feet. Qin Mu also found an inn to stay. After dinner, he took out the geographic map of Eternal Peace to study.

Dyke River County was in the central of Eternal Peace. Heading up north, he would be able to reach the capital city in about ten days. If he continued east, he would be able to see the sea in about a thousand miles.

The sky gradually dimmed and darkness of the night got denser and denser. Qin Mu put down the map and looked out the window. The darkness here was different from the darkness in Great Ruins. The night sky in Eternal Peace Empire turned dark slowly and there were the moon and the stars shining in the sky. However, when night fell in Great Ruins, darkness swarmed over from the west and shrouded everything instantly. There was no light in the darkness.

He carefully stretched his hand outside the window and there was no danger in the darkness outside.

"What exactly had Great Ruins gone through to have such a weird occurrence like the darkness invasion?"

The youth dispelled the doubts in his heart and took out Great Educational Heavenly Devil Scriptures to continue to study.

Pulling out a thread from his white glove, he soaked his vital qi into it and the thread instantly expanded. Becoming thicker and thicker, it revealed innumerable writings.

Qin Mu studied it attentively. This time he was comprehending the Creation Writings of Great Educational Heavenly Devil Scriptures. There were quite different varieties of Creation Writings in Great Educational Heavenly Devil Scriptures. There were Heavenly Devil Creation Technique, Heavenly God Creation Technique, Precelestial Creation Technique, Human King Creation Technique, Ghost Creation Technique, Spirit Creation Technique, and Earth Aeon Creation Technique.

Among them, Qin Mu had learned Heavenly Devil Creation Technique but Granny Si didn't teach him the complete technique and only taught him the method to seal souls and spirits.

"There are seven writings in Creation Technique which are Precelestial Technique, Earth Aeon Technique, Heavenly God Technique, Heavenly Devil Technique, Human King Technique, Ghost Technique, and Spirit Technique. They were all interrelated to Creation so could there be some relation between them?"

Qin Mu studied writing after writing. Stripping skin to make clothes was only an additional path of Heavenly Devil Creation Technique. The most powerful point of this technique was to strengthen one's souls and spirits. Heavenly God Creation Technique was good in imitating the technique of others, however, after studying it carefully, Qin Mu felt what the Heavenly God Creation Technique was trying to express was to have an impermanence power and form. Imitating other techniques and divine arts was just the superficial of Heavenly God Technique.

Precelestial Technique reverses the aging process, therefore, this technique could make one stay young forever. The young patriarch of Heavenly Devil Cult should have cultivated Precelestial Creation Technique. The Precelestial Freedom Technique of Heavenly Devil Cult should be a branch of Precelestial Creation Technique.

Earth Aeon Technique cultivates the living soul. Human King Technique cultivates the way of the king. Ghost Technique cultivates the communication with the underworld. Spirit Technique cultivates transformation.

The seven writings of Creation Technique all had their exquisite points but were difficult to understand. Qin Mu was engrossed in the book. He pondered the wonders of the writings until the late night before he realized it. The perfect stillness outside was interrupted only by occasional gong hit sounds from the night street patrol.

At this moment, a cold wind blew in from outside the window. The candlelight flickered and Qin Mu immediately raised his hands to protect the candle flame. Suddenly a soft creak came from the street which sounded clearly in the silent night.

Qin Mu was startled and extinguished the flame with his hand. Rushing to the side of the window, he closed the window and left only a slit open.

Spreading his fingers open, the thread transformed by Great Educational Heavenly Devil Scriptures immediately flew over and weaved itself into a glove which was as thin as cicada's wing.

Looking out from the window, Qin Mu could see moonlight shining onto the streets of Dyke River County. With coffins placed on both sides of the street, the night watchman struck his gong as he walked over from the other end of the street.

Suddenly the night watchman seemed to see something as he stopped.

Creak, creak.

The weird sound traveled out. The lid of a coffin was pushed half opened and a figure sat up in the coffin.


The gong in the startled night watchman's hand dropped onto the ground and the figure in the coffin suddenly flashed past. Landing in front of the night watchman who was currently frightened stiff, the corpse stabbed forward with both of his hands and severed the night watchman's head from his neck.

Qin Mu's heart trembled slightly. He could hear more creaks sounding out continuously as the coffins started to open up as the floating corpse sat up. At this moment, a door opened up on the street as dozens of Taoists came out one after another.

The Taoist in the lead wore an eight divinatory trigrams yellow robe and a Taoist cap on his head. A horsetail whisk rested on his elbow as he trod on the clouds. The Taoists behind him were wearing black Taoist robes and they all had sword cases on their backs as they followed silently.

Yellow joss paper flew out from the sleeves of the yellow robe Taoist and floated in the air, forming a long bridge.

The long bridge formed by the yellow joss paper connected from this end of the street all the way to the yamen of Dyke River County's magistrate!

Afterwards, the floating corpses leaped up and flew out from the coffins. Sprinting stiffly in the air, they stepped on the yellow joss paper and ran towards the yamen!

Concentrating his gaze, Qin Mu saw the corpses rushing into the yamen. After that, more yellow joss paper flew out from the yellow robe Taoist's sleeve and formed bridges in the sky, however, this time it was to the north, south, east and west gates.

Behind him, the black robes Taoists immediately rose into the sky and headed towards all four gates while stepping on the yellow joss paper.


Qin Mu's heart jolted and spun around like a whirlwind. Packing up his clothes into a bundle, he woke up the white fox and quickly said, "Don't say a word, we need to leave quietly! Ling'er, wield your wind!"

Hu Ling'er didn't understand what he was saying and blinked her sleepy eyes in a daze.

Suddenly a world-shaking bang came from the yamen and a voice cried out in astonishment and anger, "Flying zombies! There're flying zombies! The Corpse Immortal Cult had invaded, quickly protect the lord!"

"Your lord is dead and here is his head!"

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