Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1001 - Eggshell

The Crown Prince of the East Palace led the way as Qin Mu leisurely walked around whilst driving Celestial Emperor's corporeal body. There were countless beauties in the chambers of concubines, which caused him to forget about returning.

The chambers were beautiful and plentiful. One would find beautiful, enchanting, and gentle ladies' love nests wherever they chose to go. It sure was a leisurely place.

Qin Mu looked at the roads and shook his head. 'Celestial Emperor knew too much about indulgence. After his death, it wasn't him indulging but the ten Celestial Venerables. Did he leave behind kids? If so, who are the kids' mothers?'

His curiosity overpowered him. Despite the perilous circumstances around him, which could cause him to die, he couldn't help but let his thoughts run wild, causing him to step on thin ice.

Finally, the Crown Prince of the East Palace brought him to the forbidden area of the chambers of concubines. There were few people present since statues of ancient gods watched over it. Every stone statue they walked past became a living, breathing body. They wielded various divine weapons and bowed to pay their respects.

Qin Mu looked at them. These gods were extremely powerful and had great essences and blood. They could be at peak condition in an instant after coming out of a petrified state.

'These warriors should be from one of the ten celestial heavens' guards, tasked with guarding the forbidden area.'

Qin Mu's heart became cold. The ten guards of the celestial heavens, namely the Left and Right Feather Forest, Left and Right Dragon Martial, Left and Right Divine Martial, Left and Right Divine Stratagem, and Left and Right Divine Awe, only chose the most powerful gods and devils available. One had to be of the Jade Capital Realm to even be considered.

The power of the gods and devils on guard there was extremely terrifying!

Their divine weapons weren't regular either. They all contained the Great Dao of an ancient god, which, when combined, could form an ancient god form to unleash terrifying power!

Even Heaven Duke was made out of the Forty-nine Heavenly Dao.

Yet, there were at least ten thousand gods and devils and divine weapons there!

Although the combined divine weapons couldn't compete with a real ancient god, there were so many of them that it was still strong.

'The ancient Celestial Emperor placed a lot of emphasis here. Have other Celestial Venerables been here before?'

Qin Mu walked forward and thought, 'Of course, those Celestial Venerables wouldn't let go of Celestial Emperor's birthplace. This place was likely searched countless times.'

At the front, the Crown Prince of the East Palace stopped and bowed. "Father, the forbidden area is in front. I dare not enter."

Qin Mu walked up and smiled. "Why don't you dare to do so when your father lets you in?"

A melody came into his ear. It was an extremely marvelous Dao rhythm, the Dao reverberation.

Qin Mu heard it and suddenly understood Celestial Emperor's Great Dao runes that he couldn't comprehend previously. The secrets within them flowed into his ear along with the melody as marvelous information!

He obtained a lot of Celestial Emperor's Great Dao runes from the Guardian Pavilion. However, these runes were too profound, which made them hard to understand.

Hence, Qin Mu put more of his effort towards the ancient gods' Great Dao runes, particularly Heaven Duke's. He solved his runes the most before using the Computational Canon of Supreme Molecule to recalculate them. Thus, he also obtained the most from him.

He solved only a few of Celestial Emperor's Great Dao runes.

Celestial Emperor was the strongest practitioner among the ancient gods. He controlled the existence of the ten thousand paths and had the most profound Great Dao runes. Thus, the celestial heavens' Dao Sect and Dao Ancestor put in the most effort for his runes.

It was difficult for Qin Mu to decipher Celestial Emperor's Great Dao runes even after entering the path via dreams and learning Brahma Buddha's Boundless Calamity Sutra.

Unexpectedly, via some Dao melodies, he solved some of the hard to understand Great Dao runes before entering the forbidden area of Celestial Emperor's birthplace.

It was truly extraordinary.

He looked forward and daydreamed for a little bit as the rainbow from the sunlight was cleansed by the curly gas that it was entangled with. Their combined illumination was faint.

The purple in the rainbow seemed real. The Dao melody came from the rainbow.

Weirdly enough, although not seeming big, the space in the area became vast as he walked on. Rainbows gently swayed around them like a grand purple light waterfall.

'The ancient Celestial Emperor was born here?'

Qin Mu felt his Great Dao melody as more of the runes were deciphered. He felt relieved.

The purple light and gas flowed in a regular pattern. Some looked like a mountain that one could walk on, some looked like a celestial river that fluttered, and some of the purple light hid countless rays of starlight as if there was a galaxy within that sometimes became a star ring or a jade buckle.

Some of the light and gas formed linking landmasses. They walked on it as if it was real. On these landmasses, all sorts of weird trees and flowers were also formed.

The Dao melody that entered was marvelous and mysterious.

Even more marvelous was how, after breathing the light and gas there, Qin Mu felt that his own vital qi had become purer.

This was a supreme holy cultivation site filled with supreme power.

Suddenly, the Crown Prince of the East Palace gave a cold humph. His legs were bloody, corroded by the light and gas.

This light and gas contained the purest of Great Daos. Walking in caused him to be attacked by it. It was already extraordinary for him to be there, which was expected of a being who took down Red Deity Qi Xiayu.

"Your cultivation is too weak."

Qin Mu shook his head and said, "Father allowed you here to benefit you by having you raise your cultivation level and power so that you could become his right-hand man. Unfortunately, you disappointed him."

The Crown Prince of the East Palace was ashamed and looked down, saying, "I'm too weak to help carry some of Father's burdens."

Qin Mu continued on, saying, "The deeper we go, the greater the stress on your body. Retreat to a safer place and cultivate for a while using this place's spirit power. Don't disappoint me."

The Crown Prince of the East Palace was happy as he retreated to a safe place to cultivate.

Qin Mu's gaze fell on the center of Celestial Emperor's birthplace. The purple gas was dense there, and something with a great power of attraction floated in it.

'We will know whether the ancient Celestial Emperor and the ancient gods were born naturally or made by masters of creation via visualization when we reach there!'

He felt the pulsating Great Dao. It was deep and long, which allowed him to feel more and more of the marvels of Celestial Emperor's Great Dao. It allowed him to solve more of it too.

Countless bits of mysterious information flooded in, which became knowledge in his brain.

He obtained the knowledge of the spirit ancestors of the masters of creation in the Paramita World's Ancestor Spirit World. However, they didn't have memories pertaining to the creation of the ancient gods.

During the Great Ruin of the primordial era, most of the masters of creation were eliminated by the ancient gods, causing the passing down of their civilization to be interrupted. Add to that the incident of the Grand Emperor's invasion of the Great Void, and the masters of creation had many parts missing in what they inherited.

Qin Mu suspected that the masters of creation created the ancient gods, which eliminated them because of the ruins he saw at the Blood Rust Zone.

However, this was merely his theory. He had to see the birthplace of the ancient Celestial Emperor for himself to know the specifics.

It was only at the deepest part of the purple light that one could learn the secret!

Qin Mu could hardly suppress his excitement. This secret could only be known to the ten Celestial Venerables and the ancient Celestial Emperor. Now, he would know too!

He continued on and got closer to that bunch of purple gas and light. Suddenly, Qin Mu stopped and frowned when he saw the toes of Celestial Emperor's corporeal body.

The extremely powerful corporeal body and legs were cut by the light and gas!

The muscles on the legs became thin after the terrifying pressure!

'After all, this isn't the ancient Celestial Emperor's real corporeal body, only a replica created by the Patriarch Creation Palace's creation divine weapon. It can hardly compare to the real Celestial Emperor's corporeal body.'

Qin Mu frowned. Celestial Emperor's corporeal body was formed out of his Great Daos. The Great Dao runes that the Dao Sect of the celestial heavens researched were carved in accordance with macroscopic algebra and were without microscopic algebra.

Creating Celestial Emperor's corporeal body that way caused it to pale in comparison to the real one in terms of strength or power level.

Once it reached there, the replica found it hard to sustain itself.

Qin Mu tried to move the 2,000 places of strength in it, reducing the Great Dao pressure. However, he was unsure if he could walk there.

He looked around and was slightly stunned.

Looking from where he was, he could see Xuandu, Youdu, and even the Primordial Realm!

Not only that, but the four poles of the universe and all of the heavens were in his sight. They were crystal clear, as if within touching distance.

Qin Mu groaned and looked at the purple bunch of light far away. He could faintly see the outline of the thing in the bunch of light. It was like a cracked egg. However, beneath it was something obstructed by the purple light.

The Crown Prince of the East Palace sat at the edge of Celestial Emperor's birthplace and used the light and gas to slowly cultivate. He felt that his stagnant cultivation was rising, which delighted him.

He looked at Qin Mu, who was deep within the forbidden zone, and thought, 'Father neglected the other princes and me for 40,000 years. I now know about the frustrations he faced. He took on so much stress over the years to protect us after all…'

Suddenly, doubt spread across his face. 'Why has father stopped?'

He looked at Qin Mu deep in the forbidden area with a mortified expression that only grew in severity.

He saw how, just like his own legs, Celestial Emperor's legs were cut by the light at his birthplace!

He felt a chill run down his spine. There was no way that the real ancient Celestial Emperor could be cut by the light at his own birthplace.

'He can't be Father!' A terrifying thought was birthed in his heart.

Under his gaze, Qin Mu continued moving towards that purple light and gas. His legs became a mushy mess of blood and flesh, and the imposing body of Celestial Emperor began to contort under the terrifying pressure of the Great Dao there. His muscles began to contract as his corporeal body shrank.

Even Qin Mu, who hid between the brows of Celestial Emperor's corporeal body, felt the Dao pressure seeping into Celestial Emperor's body, pressuring him. It was so strong that if he exposed himself outside, he would instantly be incinerated to ashes and cease to exist!

'I can't walk forward anymore!'

Qin Mu stopped and used Celestial Emperor's eyes to look at the purple light. It was too blurry for him to see what was beneath the eggshell.

'Since his corporeal body's eyes aren't useful, I'll use my own! Open!'

Qin Mu used the power in Celestial Emperor's body to shield the heart of his brows. It cracked open, and his real body appeared. He opened his third eye to look at the thing in the purple light.

His heart shuddered when he saw that the thing that was drowning in dense purple light beneath the cracked eggshell was an ancient sacrificial altar!

The sacrificial altar seemed to have a mysterious power that led the Great Dao of Heaven and Earth to coalesce in its center. Many dense and complicated rune imprints were being imprinted on the cracked eggshell by the light and gas!

The imprint on the eggshell was marvelous and complex, even more so than what he saw in the Guardian Pavilion's jade scrolls. There was more of it too!

However, the eggshell was hollow. All that was left were those marvelous runes that were flashing and giving off light!

'There seems to be some egg white inside…'

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