Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1002 - Exposure of Identity

'The sacrificial altar belongs to the masters of creation. However, why did they visualize an egg? The ancient Celestial Emperor hatched from it, but the masters of creation could have just visualized a lifeform. There would be no need to visualize an egg and hatch the ancient Celestial Emperor from it…'

Qin Mu was confused.

The ancient Celestial Emperor's birth was peculiar. Judging from his birthplace, the egg should have come first. The masters of creation got it from somewhere and found life in it, so they built a sacrificial altar for it.

They sacrificed to it, causing power to flood into the egg so the life inside would hatch.

However, the birth of the ancient Celestial Emperor also caused the masters of creation's fall and near extinction. They had to open another void and hide in the Great Void.

However, this theory still had a lot of unsolved mysteries. Where did the egg come from?

How could the egg birth such a powerful being like the ancient Celestial Emperor?

Why did they gather so many masters of creation to hatch the ancient Celestial Emperor?

Qin Mu felt that the Celestial Emperor replica couldn't take it, so he backed off to relieve the pressure.

'That cracked egg should be useful, should I take it?'

His gaze flashed as he tried to use the power in Celestial Emperor's corporeal body to retrieve the cracked eggshell.

However, despite having power above the Emperor's Throne level, the magic power flooding out of Celestial Emperor's corporeal body was still pulverized by the purple Great Dao light.

Qin Mu frowned. The eggshell was there, yet none of the celestial heavens' ten Celestial Venerables took it, suggesting that it was very hard to take.

Although he could use the corporeal body's power, it couldn't withstand the pressure of the birthplace to reach the sacrificial altar.

'Could one retrieve it if they had the real body of Celestial Emperor? It's still stuck in Celestial Venerable Ling's divine art, though. However, when his real body was still here, they didn't retrieve it. Could they have been worried that the eggshell would fall into another's hands.'

After the ancient Celestial Emperor died, the Heaven Alliance ceased to be united. Internal strife occurred, which explained why they couldn't take the eggshell when they controlled Celestial Emperor.

'No divine art in the world can be preserved here. Even the supreme consciousness realm can't deal with the pressure here. However, there is a divine art that can deal with the Great Dao's purple light!'

Qin Mu's gaze flashed as he retrieved Celestial Venerable Ling's peachwood hairpin.

Only Celestial Venerable Ling's divine art of unchanging substance could make the Great Dao purple light and gas there go still.

He used the power within Celestial Emperor's body to utilize the peachwood hairpin. With a gentle wave, the light flowing towards the eggshell stopped!

Qin Mu was happy and strode forward, towards the purple light. However, when he moved and touched the purple light, he felt the pain experienced by Celestial Emperor's corporeal body.

This body was unable to withstand the light and gas, so when it touched them, many injuries appeared.

Qin Mu frowned. He had to utilize the power in Celestial Emperor's corporeal body to maintain the unchanging substance divine art, yet there was little power he could utilize from the body.

'Can I reach the sacrificial altar with my own vital qi and consciousness?'

When he thought about that, his vital qi and consciousness flooded out, and he ran straight for the sacrificial altar.

The sacrificial altar looked close but was extremely far away. It looked bigger than him, and the cracked eggshell was bigger than his imagination too!

Qin Mu's vital qi and consciousness merged, and he became extremely agile. When he reached the sacrificial altar, he tried to lift the eggshell.

However, the eggshell, which still had egg white in it, was heavy. He couldn't move it at all.

He turned to pull the other eggshell, and it moved.

Qin Mu was delighted. He used his vital qi and consciousness to pull it bit by bit to the edge of the sacrificial altar.

It fell off of the sacrificial altar and onto the still purple light as if it was floating on water. Qin Mu's heart pumped as he pulled it closer.

The closer the eggshell was, the more of its power he felt. When he pulled it to his front, the eggshell was taller than Celestial Emperor's corporeal body, and he needed to look up to see it!

Qin Mu was shocked, and before he could size up the rune imprints on it, he had to send it to the Qin word land.


A loud rumble came from the Qin word land. The eggshell fell from the sky but didn't land. Instead, it floated in the air, covering half of the landmass!

Qin Mu felt that his third eye's vision became blurry. He could only see countless flashing runes and nothing else.

This was because his third eye was weird. It used the Qin word land that Earth Count's horns formed as the iris and the Grand Primordium Origin Stone as the pupil. So, when Celestial Emperor's eggshell fell, it blocked his eyes.

'I have no other precious artifact to place this thing in, so I can only put it in the Qin word land. However, it isn't great that it blocks my vision.'

Qin Mu's heart tightened. 'There's nothing behind the Qin word land. Could I put it there?'

He didn't go for it immediately. He put back the peachwood hairpin first before backing off until Celestial Emperor's corporeal body could take the pressure.

He used Celestial Emperor's power and flooded it into his third eye to shift the eggshell to the back of the Qin word land, hanging it in its center.

Now, the eggshell became his third eye's glass ball. The light came in from the outside and passed through the Grand Primordium Origin Stone in the center of the Qin word land. The light then shone on the interior of the eggshell, and the runes on it were lit up.

Then, a marvelous thing occurred. Qin Mu instantly felt that it was different seeing things with this eye.

He could see the microscopic composition of everything, even that of the purple light!

The composition of the Great Dao purple light and gas was clearly reflected in his third eye! This extended even to that of his own consciousness!

He looked down and saw Celestial Emperor's corporeal body. He originally couldn't see its composition, but now, it was clearly reflected in his pupil!

He could even see the algebra composition of this replica body, even the marvels of creation!

He looked at the sacrificial altar in the purple light. His gaze could cut through it and see the sacrificial altar clearly!

'This eggshell is useful. If only I could get the other one…'

Qin Mu shook his head. Currently, he lacked the power to move the other eggshell.

'Time is precious, I'm only borrowing this Celestial Emperor corporeal body. Although the ten Celestial Venerables are paranoid about one another, they will surely discover the disappearance of Celestial Emperor's corporeal body quickly. I can't stay here for long.'

Qin Mu controlled the corporeal body and shut the eye in the heart of its brows, hiding within it before controlling it and walking back towards the Crown Prince of the East Palace.

The eyes of the ten Celestial Venerables were everywhere. They wouldn't need long to find Celestial Emperor's corporeal body after discovering its disappearance.

He was going to borrow this body to inspect the Patriarch Creation Palace and the Hall of Fragrance, but he had to do it before they discovered him.

The Crown Prince of the East Palace's eyes jumped when he saw his "father" approaching. Qin Mu walked over to him, and he bowed down, saying that word, "Father."

Qin Mu stopped and looked at him vaguely. He opened his mouth and asked, "You discovered it?"

A chill ran through the Crown Prince of the East Palace as his hair stood on end. He had almost escaped!

"Your discovery means nothing."

Qin Mu plainly said, "As one of the ten Celestial Venerables, I don't care about a crown prince like you. Truth be told, your father, the ancient Celestial Emperor, is dead. You noticed that I neglected you for 40,000 years, and now you want to know why."

He coldly said, "Your father has been dead for 40,000 years!"

The Crown Prince of the East Palace kneeled on the ground, clutching the purple light as his palm was ground to a bloody pulp.

His body shivered. He wanted to rise up and kill the Celestial Venerable in front of him to avenge the ancient Celestial Emperor, but he knew how powerless he was in comparison. He knew he could never be a match for a Celestial Venerable!

His rationality told him not to move, to suffer, for it was the only way to survive!

Qin Mu coldly looked at him. After a while, he said, "Forty thousand years ago, your father died at our hands. We created this corporeal body to control the celestial heavens."

The Crown Prince of the East Palace hoarsely asked, "Why…"


Qin Mu laughed. "Because this position gives us power! If you stay as an honest crown prince, you can still live. However, if you speak out, you will die."

The Crown Prince of the East Palace was silent. He no longer shivered.

Qin Mu waved his hand and plainly said, "I haven't found your Achilles heel yet. It's difficult to depose a crown prince, so I shall spare you. Head down and take care of yourself."

The Crown Prince of the East Palace slowly stood up with tears in his eyes and slowly walked out, looking down.

"Stop," Qin Mu called out to him.

The Crown Prince of the East Palace froze and stood there silently.

"Don't think about betraying us, or we will have a chance to depose you, understand?" Qin Mu said.

The Crown Prince of the East Palace nodded silently.

"Go on," Qin Mu said.

The Crown Prince of the East Palace left, choking on his tears.

Qin Mu gave a sigh of relief as he thought, 'If he really acted, given his power at the Emperor's Throne, I might not have been able to withstand it even while controlling this body. It's too huge, making it inconvenient to control. It's quite difficult to defeat a strong practitioner of the Emperor's Throne at his peak with this…'

Feeling rejuvenated, he walked out. 'First, I'll go to the Hall of Fragrance and see if I can retrieve the soul of Celestial Venerable Yu. After, I'll go to the Patriarch Creation Palace to see what kind of creation divine weapon could create so many Blue Fatties…'

He walked out of the forbidden zone, and suddenly, a lady walked towards him. She wore gilded wing shoes and a red shirt that revealed her shoulders. She was tall and had half her breasts exposed. It was Heavenly Lady Qiang of the ten Celestial Venerables!

Qin Mu blinked and thought he was in trouble!

"Why are you here, Emperor?" Heavenly Lady Qiang seductively sized him up before giggling.

Qin Mu laughed back. "My lady, this is my ancestral land, why are you here?"

Heavenly Lady Qiang smiled. "You haven't entered the chambers of concubines for some time. Now that you've arrived, I would naturally wait for you. Unexpectedly, you came here instead of visiting me."

Qin Mu had goosebumps all over him. Once he thought about how this Heavenly Lady Qiang could have come from the ancient Celestial Emperor's soul, he felt uncomfortable.


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