Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1005 - Dutian's Dream

Although Dutian Devil King planned to head towards the Great Void to achieve deeds of merit, he was, in fact, seeking his own death. However, he had already entrusted his people to Qin Mu, and if he died in the Great Void, Qin Mu would have no choice but to take care of them. To him, this was also considered as his wish being fulfilled.

In his heart, he knew that the high and mighty Celestial Venerable Mu would have the means to settle his people in a safe place.

Qin Mu may not provide the utmost care to his people after his death. However, based on their past relationship, he would at least give them a place to settle down so that they wouldn't be drifting in the universe, putting themselves in unpredictable and dangerous environments.

The heavenly devil people had enough of their years of wandering.

After the Dutian World was destroyed, he and his people drifted around, as there were no heavens or worlds willing to take them in. From time to time, they were even plundered by some of the stronger heavens, who pursued them and captured them as slaves.

If that were to continue, the devil race of the Dutian World would go extinct.

Dutian Devil King was indeed at his wit's ends. He was a smart man. The year he invaded Eternal Peace, he originally thought that it was only a small heaven. However, when he saw the stone statues in the Great Ruins, he immediately knew he had encountered a strong foe. Hence, he dispelled his thoughts of invading Eternal Peace.

Qin Mu had great attainments in devil language and algebra, and so did Dutian Devil King. He was particularly skilled in algebra.

He knew that going to the Great Void would mean death for him, but he had no alternatives.

Qin Mu already knew this in his heart. He raised his head to look at Dutian Devil King. The hardship on his face was like knives. Tribulations were indeed a form of weapon that would make one old. The heavenly devils were immune to aging, but Dutian Devil King clearly became older, and his ambition was unlike before.

His ambition died as he struggled to survive after being forced to leave his homeworld.

\"How many Dutian World devils are left?\" Qin Mu asked.

Dutian Devil King revealed a happy expression, but only a little. He hurriedly replied, \"There aren't many of them, only a million devils. We only need a small place to live in, with plenty of water and flora. There's no need for a big piece of land, they would be able to survive on a small one…\"

\"A million is definitely not many. However, although I have the title of Celestial Venerable, I have no power in the celestial heavens. I'm unable to find a place for them.\"

Qin Mu said, \"Where are they now?\"

\"On the celestial river outside the celestial heavens. They aren't qualified to enter the celestial heavens.\"

Dutian Devil King smiled apologetically and said, \"I asked them to remain outside by the shore so that they wouldn't be smashed by any incoming ships. Celestial Venerable…\"

Qin Mu interrupted him. \"Oh well. Sister Yan'er, Fatty Dragon, come over.\"

Yan'er stood on the head of the dragon qilin as they rushed over. Qin Mu took out a tiny bottle and said, \"Take this treasure with you and go outside of the celestial heavens with Dutian Devil King. After which, put the million devils under his charge into this bottle.\"

This bottle was the Bottle of Flask World, a treasure of the Hidden Mountain Tribe of the masters of creation. Qin Mu and Luo Wushuang encountered the heroic spirit of the Hidden Mountain Tribe's chief in the Land of the Great Void. He promised her that he would establish Youdu there. In return, the people of the Hidden Mountain Tribe gave him this treasure.

The interior of the Bottle of Flask World was vast. It contained a giant heaven and was extremely vast.

Qin Mu used this Bottle of Flask World to hold the primordial liquid for his cultivation purposes. He could use a planet from the Bottle of Flask World as a temporary resting place for the devil race.

Dutian Devil King was extremely grateful. The dragon qilin glanced at him and asked puzzledly, \"Old Brother Dutian? When did you age like this?\"

Dutian Devil King smiled bitterly and said, \"Dragon Brother, quit joking around.\"

He led the way, leading the dragon qilin and Yan'er outside of the celestial heavens. They saw devils in ragged clothing standing onboard a ruined black ship. However, there weren't too many of them. They should be the divine arts practitioners of the devil race. There was also a devil god.

A few damaged divine treasures were also onboard. The dragon qilin took a look and saw that it was the devil god's Six Directions Land. In it, there were tens of thousands of devils. It appeared that the dead devil god offered his Six Directions Divine Treasure to give his people a temporary place to stay.

Yan'er placed these devil refugees on one of the planets inside the Bottle of Flask World. It was a fertile place with verdant hills and clear waters. These refugees could settle there without worrying about survival.

Dutian Devil King heaved a long sigh of relief and followed the two back to the residence of Celestial Venerable Mu. Yan'er and the dragon qilin went in to report while he waited outside.

After some time, Yan'er came out and said, \"Master said he won't be seeing you. He also said he will have tough times ahead and asked you to take care.\"

Dutian Devil King prostrated in front of the residence, kowtowing as he said, \"I will repay Celestial Venerable's debt of gratitude in my next life!\" He left after saying that.

When he arrived at the Western Heavenly Gate, the celestial heavens were recruiting soldiers and buying horses. Many gods and devils from the various great heavens came forth to enlist themselves, preparing to go to war with the Great Void.

Dutian Devil King also enlisted himself. The god official in charge saw that he was someone proficient in battle and had a high cultivation realm. After all, he was considered to have reached the peak of the Jade Pool Realm. Hence, he was made a captain and had hundreds of gods and devils under him.

The celestial heavens recruited gods and devils from all over the various great heavens. After two months, they gathered millions of gods and devils, as well as countless large ships with fluttering flags. It was a majestic sight.

On the ships, the various generals passed down the order of Neither Thought nor No Thought to deal with the peculiarities of the Great Void.

They traveled for a few months before finally arriving at the Great Void.

Under the attacks of the various peculiarities of the Great Void, millions of gods and devils of the great army died. The troops led by Dutian Devil King fought valiantly. It was lucky that they ran into the walking corpses of the Great Void and managed to survive until they reached the Land of the Great Void.

However, there were all sorts of other peculiarities in the Land of the Great Void. The millions of gods and devils had been dwindled down to half a million. Dutian Devil King was lucky enough to have survived and had been promoted to Guerrilla General, as many other leaders had died from the attacks.

Dutian Devil King led his men, fighting fiercely as they combated various peculiarities. Finally, they established a stronghold in the Land of the Great Void.

Over time, his warriors were becoming fewer and fewer. Before his army was decimated and their food supplies were depleted, reinforcements arrived.

The great army of the celestial heavens came, led by Crown Prince Ming Ya of Celestial Emperor's family. He was assisted by the three councilors who were leading the great Celestial River Navy.

Crown Prince Ming Ya and the three councilors greatly rewarded Dutian Devil King for his bravery, promoting him to the position of the fourth-ranking General of Loyalty and Martial on the spot. They gave him an army to lead, battling alongside the crown prince.

Fighting in the Great Void was extremely dangerous. However, it was as though Dutian Devil King was blessed by the heavens, delivering outstanding achievements over and over again. Also, his cultivation improved tremendously, breaking through the God Execution Stage Realm and Jade Capital Realm. He gained recognition from Crown Prince Ming Ya and was promoted repeatedly.

Unknowingly, a thousand years of fighting passed. Under the leadership of the crown prince and the three councilors, Dutian Devil King encountered a counterattack by the masters of creation and soundly defeated them, therefore contributing distinguished service to the war efforts.

As his military exploits increased, he was promoted to General of Guide Commandery.

This day, the Celestial Venerables descended upon the Land of the Great Void, preparing to encircle and suppress the masters of creation with their full might, fighting their way into Carefree Village.

The crown prince and the three councilors handed over their military authority and gloriously brought him back to the celestial heavens to receive his rewards.

Celestial Emperor personally met and rewarded him. When he asked Dutian Devil King what he wanted, Dutian Devil King knelt and said, \"I would like a heaven for my people to settle in.\"

Celestial Emperor and hundreds of officials and gods burst into laughter. \"My beloved official, you have provided meritorious service, yet you only ask for a heaven, truly honest.\" Hence, Celestial Emperor rewarded him with countless treasures, two additional heavens, and promoted him to the rank of Marquis.

The name Dutian Devil King permeated all levels of society. As he prepared to head towards Celestial Venerable Mu's residence for a visit, the crown prince summoned him. He told him, \"Celestial Venerable Mu has intentions to rebel. His Majesty has tolerated him for a long time, but he couldn't get a handle on him. Since you used to be on good terms with him, he won't be guarded when you are there. Take this imperial seal and robes and hide them in his residence. After you do this, I will go forward and search his place. When I uncover these items, I will slap him with the crime of treason and execute him! By doing this, His Majesty will be able to rest with an easy mind.\"

Dutian Devil King was stunned and didn't dare to accept the imperial seal and robes.

\"Are you worried about your people? Dutian, after you've killed Celestial Venerable Mu, your people will still belong to you.\"

Crown Prince Ming Ya's expression sank as he laughed coldly. \"Don't forget, you have a debt of gratitude to me for being your patron, elevating you to where you are today. It's time you repaid your debt!\"

Dutian Devil King knelt as he said, \"Your Highness, I have a debt of gratitude to you, but I owe a mountain of gratitude to Celestial Venerable Mu. It may be fine if I don't repay my debt, but I can't bite the hand that fed me. I humbly request that Your Highness retracts your order!\"

Crown Prince Ming Ya was furious. He slammed the table as he stood up, angrily saying, \"I need to charge Celestial Venerable Mu with a crime before killing him, but it's not the same for you! Dutian, I'm giving you two options. One, take a trip up to the God Execution Stage. Two, bring the imperial seal and robes to Celestial Venerable Mu's residence. You choose!\"

Dutian Devil King's mind was blank as a sense of struggle arose in his heart. After some time, he said, \"I'm willing to get on the God Execution Stage.\"

The crown prince flicked his sleeves and said, \"Then you shall die!\"

Dutian Devil King knelt on the God Execution Stage in a daze as he thought of the encounters throughout his life. He thought to himself ruefully, 'My people are with Celestial Venerable Mu, they should be fine…'

Two blades of knife light flashed past as his head fell. His primordial spirit was also killed as his soul dispersed, unable to enter Youdu.

Everything in front of him turned pitch-black.

At this moment, he could hear calls from the girl called Yan'er beside his ear. Dutian Devil King quickly opened his eyes and looked around. Seemingly in a daze, he muttered, \"Where is this place?\"

\"Dutian, how did you manage to fall asleep in front of the Celestial Venerable Residence?\"

Yan'er laughed as she said, \"Master has let you through?\"

Dutian Devil King asked blankly, \"Am I dead? Where am I? Where is the God Execution Stage? What about Crown Prince Ming Ya?\"

Yan'er burst out laughing. \"What God Execution Stage? This is the residence of Celestial Venerable Mu! There is no Crown Prince Ming Ya here. I heard he has fled, and no one knows where he is. I just went to meet Master with Fatty Dragon, and Master instructed me to come out and get you. Unexpectedly, you fell asleep here.\"

Dutian Devil King stood up and was still a little dazed. The sun was shining brightly as he surveyed his surroundings. This was indeed the residence of Celestial Venerable Mu in the celestial heavens' Jade Capital City. The people who walked through here a thousand years ago were still nearby. It was as though only a short while had passed.

However, his dream was a thousand years long. He had experienced countless battles in the Great Void and even returned to the capital victorious to be rewarded by Celestial Emperor. Ultimately, he was escorted up the God Execution Stage!

Yan'er guided him into the residence as she said, \"You are probably too tired from your arduous journey. Master doesn't like people to kneel to him. You must not do so when you see him. What sort of spirit pills do you take?\"

Dutian Devil King shook his head and said, \"I don't take spirit pills.\"

Regardless, Yan'er shoved one at him. After tasting it, he found it to be rather delicious.

\"Sister Yan'er, I fell asleep just now, and unknowingly, a thousand years passed in my dream. The dream was so vivid, it was actually more real than reality.\"

Dutian Devil King followed her, eating the spirit pill as he talked about his dream state. \"When I woke up from my dream, I felt like I had lived another life. Now I don't know whether I was dreaming in that dream or am dreaming now.\"

\"You were dreaming just now, and you are now awake.\"

Yan'er couldn't help but chuckle. \"Whatever happened in your dream, how could it be real? For instance, you were a Marquis in your dream and had cultivated the Jade Capital Realm. Now, you are just at the Jade Pavilion Realm. If the things in your dream did indeed happen, you should be able to break through to the God Execution Stage Realm easily.\"

Just as she finished talking, Dutian Devil King's aura suddenly exploded. A primordial spirit was actually standing on his celestial palace's God Execution Stage, having survived the trials of the God Execution Stage!

Yan'er got a fright as she cried out, \"How did you manage to do that?\"

Dutian Devil King's four faces were utterly shocked. He was at a loss as he muttered, \"I simply followed what I comprehended in my dream. Strangely, I managed to achieve a breakthrough… Sister Yan'er, was it really a dream?\"

Yan'er pondered for a while before saying, \"It must be that your accumulation was sufficient. That's why you could break through easily and reach the God Execution Stage. Why don't you try again and see if you can enter the Jade Capital City of your celestial palace?\"

Dutian Devil King gave it a try and shook his head. \"I'm unable to enter.\"

Yan'er smiled. \"That's it. You haven't accumulated enough. Hence, it was just a dream. Master, Dutian is here.\"

Qin Mu was in the garden in front of them and was bantering with Divine King Lang Wo and Yun Chuxiu. The dragon qilin was lying on the ground beside them, a small bottle hanging from his neck. That was the Bottle of Flask World.

Qin Mu turned around and laughed. \"Old Brother Dutian, I have given it some thought. I'm unfamiliar with your people of the devil race. If I help you take care of them, it would require much time and effort on my part. It's best if you don't go to the Great Void and instead stay behind to take care of them.\"

Dutian Devil King wanted to kneel down but remembered Yan'er's reminder. He then bowed and said, \"Many thanks to Celestial Venerable.\"

\"It's better to just call me Cult Master.\"

Qin Mu smiled ambiguously as he said, \"You said that you would repay your debt of gratitude to me in your next life. You are living in your next life now.\"

Dutian Devil King's mind was blown. He could only look at him, dumbfounded, but he saw him starting to tease the two fair and adorable girls.

He was in a muddle-headed state. 'Isn't that something from the dream?'

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