Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1009 - Founding Emperor's Sword, Qin Mu's Mouth

The Surging River was the celestial river. Its water gushed endlessly from the other heavens and crashed onto the ground there as it flowed into the ocean in the Primordial Realm.

The Surging River was vast and majestic, its breadth as wide as an ocean. If all of its water was removed, one would see that the river contained heavens belonging to countless water races.

At this moment, the mountains on the two sides of the river trembled like giant waves. These divine mountains were tall and imposing. One could imagine how terrifying the giant creatures beneath the ground were!

Yun Chuxiu's expression changed slightly. She quietly hid behind Qin Mu and muttered, "Mother Earth… It can't be. Isn't she dead?"

Shu Jun's expression also changed slightly as he stared at the rise and fall of the mountains on the two sides of the river.

"Divine King, don't worry. With me around, Mother Earth is unable to see us." Divine King Lang Wo's voice traveled over.

Shu Jun became slightly at ease.

The nine heavenly dragons trembled with fear and came to a halt.

The current of the Surging River was indeed ferocious. However, it almost got cut off. Clearly, a giant creature from the shore had dove into the river. Because its body was too big, it stopped the flow of the river.


A violent shockwave traveled over, and a giant stone coffin slowly rose from the heart of the river, blocking the path of the Heavenly Dragon Treasure Carriage.

Qin Mu put away the jade bottle and took out the core of the Primordial Tree. He transformed it into a cane as he walked out of the carriage, raising his head to look at that giant stone coffin. The huge roots at the bottom of the coffin were like tentacles, wriggling below the water surface.

"Celestial Venerable Mu, there are still five years left in our ten-year agreement."

A roar came from within the coffin as a terrifying corpse aura flowed out. It should be the corpse of North High Emperor. "Did you return to revive Mother Earth?"

Countless fish corpses floated on the river surface. After some time, they suddenly started to move after being infected by the corpse aura.

Qin Mu smiled and said, "There are still five years left. There's no need for High Emperor to be anxious."

"In that case, why did you wake Mother Earth?" The corpse in the stone coffin was furious.

"I'm in trouble and need Mother Earth's help."

Qin Mu said with a serious expression, "Does Mother Earth know that there was once a Celestial Venerable buried in the Primordial Realm?"

The corpse in the stone coffin fell silent. Beneath the water, the voice of Mother Earth traveled over, drifting erratically as she said faintly, "The Celestial Venerable that was buried in the Primordial Realm? Are you referring to the Celestial Venerable that was buried 40,000 years ago at the Celestial Venerable Ridge?"

Qin Mu smiled as he said, "It should be him. Mother Earth, that man is the Grand Emperor. He has come forth to kill me. I would like to ask Mother Earth to help me stop him."

"He's the Grand Emperor? He's still alive?"

Mother Earth gave a snort as she said angrily, "As you know, I'm already dead. Are you trying to get me completely obliterated by asking me to confront the Grand Emperor? There's no one who understands the power of the Grand Emperor better than me!"

Qin Mu patiently said, "The Grand Emperor is also dead. There's no need for Mother Earth to worry. The ability of his 40,000-year-old corporeal body won't be too powerful."

"It should still be much stronger than my current state!"

Qin Mu glanced at the stone coffin and laughed. "I'm around to help too. That should be enough to handle the Grand Emperor, right?"

The stone coffin trembled. Clearly, the corpse of North High Emperor was very fearful of the Grand Emperor. Or, more so, the corpse was fearful of the Celestial Venerable.

"The abilities of the Grand Emperor are peerless. Do you know how many ancient gods died trying to kill him back in the day?"

The voice of Mother Earth came from beneath the water, sounding furious. "Why couldn't you behave yourself and remain in the Primordial Realm to work on your cultivation instead of provoking him? You are dead for sure. Wait a moment, I've seen him. His coffin is flying here at great speed, carried by many white skeletons…"

Qin Mu's heart flickered slightly. The surface of the Surging River became calm like a giant mirror and projected the image of a flying copper coffin carried by many white skeleton gods. It was traveling at great speed, almost moving as fast as the Heavenly Dragon Treasure Carriage.

"I could really die if I were to stop him."

Mother Earth said, "Back in the day, in order to eliminate the Grand Emperor, there were no less than 10 battles. However, even the final battle wasn't enough to kill him off completely. The Grand Emperor has ways to prevent me from reviving forever, and now I'm unable to fight head-on with him. Unless you bring me back to life…"

Qin Mu said indifferently, "If I'm dead, there's no way you can be brought back to life."

The Surging River shook violently, its water bursting into the sky. Clearly, Mother Earth was furious.

Qin Mu was unmoved. He said, "He's also dead. I need you to help me stop him right here. We can't let him take another step towards the east. Mother Earth, can you do it?"

"You dare to threaten me?"

Mother Earth was getting more furious, and waves of heart-gripping roars rang out from within the coffin. The coffin then opened, filthy corpse aura filling the air.

"Child, come with me to kill the Grand Emperor!"

Mother Earth gave a roar, shutting the stone coffin as it rose in the air. At the same time, the ground shook as Mother Earth's roots burrowed deep underground, causing the earth and the Surging River to tremble incessantly.

Qin Mu turned and returned to the carriage. Yun Chuxiu was shivering with fear. She tugged at his sleeves and said, "Darling, when are we leaving this place?"

Divine King Shu Jun also felt some uneasiness. It was very easy for him to expose his identity, as both the Grand Emperor and Mother Earth had seen him before.

Although the consciousness of Divine King Lang Wo could prevent Mother Earth from seeing them, she was unable to hide from the Grand Emperor.

"Wait a while more."

The God Eye at the heart of Qin Mu's brows opened up as he looked into the distance. He lowered his voice and said, "I'm unable to put my heart to rest as long as the Grand Emperor is alive. I'll never bring him to Eternal Peace."

He frowned and said, "Strange that Celestial Venerable Xiao hasn't made a move to stop the Grand Emperor. Logically, he should have already taken action. If not for his passivity, I wouldn't have summoned Mother Earth…"

He used his God Eye to look at the lands far away. That High Emperor stone coffin was flying close to the ground, alongside the Surging River. Waves rolled and crashed on the surface of the river as they moved upstream.

Finally, Qin Mu saw the copper coffin that was flying through the air, being carried by hundreds of white skeleton gods in tattered clothing!

There were still a thousand miles between the stone coffin and copper coffin. At this moment, Qin Mu saw a middle-aged man and was stunned.

"Founding Emperor?"

That middle-aged man had a sword by his waist and looked like an ordinary traveler who had made a long journey. He appeared to be lonely.

Although Founding Emperor Qin Ye's steps weren't quick, he was still faster than the copper coffin carried by the white skeleton gods. Soon, he was nearing the copper coffin.

The copper coffin and those white skeleton gods shook abruptly, and the coffin cover flew up with a whoosh. From the coffin, a huge figure came flying out. His clothes were luxurious, except that over time they had become worn out and tattered. The clothing fluttered in the wind, covering the entire sky!

Although this figure emerged from the coffin, his size was bigger than the coffin several times over. Under his robes, the copper coffin was only a thousandth of his size!

His overflowing arrogance charged into the sky as overlapping celestial palaces appeared behind him, looking incomparably terrifying.

This was the corpse of a Celestial Venerable. It was in the Celestial Venerable Ridge, stealing its earth qi and yin aura for 40,000 years, and it had long been transformed into a corpse demon.

His eyes were like bright moons, appearing tranquil but distant. His gaze was extremely cold, freezing the vapor in the air to create a scene of drifting snow.

For a moment, Qin Mu saw everything falling into a state of atrophy. The trees withered, and the Surging River froze. The wave of decay was quickly spreading.

"Qin Ye, we meet again!"

That Celestial Venerable corpse gave a loud roar as terrifying consciousness engulfed his surroundings. "Back in the day, during the Founding Emperor Era, you tried to enter the Celestial Venerable Ridge multiple times, trying to seek out my treasure. There were a few occasions where you almost died at my hands. And now, you appear again!"

Founding Emperor pulled out his sword.

Qin Mu saw the Carefree Sword transforming into a moving sword light that covered the sky, forming 34 overlapping heavens.

"It's been a long time."

Founding Emperor Qin Ye returned the Carefree Sword into the sheath with a faint clinking sound. This middle-aged man then continued to walk forward with his arms crossed, hugging his chest as though he was feeling a little cold.

Above his head, that Celestial Venerable corpse slowly split open, cut into countless pieces. That giant corpse body then crumbled, falling from the sky.

In the distance, the gushing Surging River suddenly stopped, and so did that flying stone coffin.

Qin Ye revealed a puzzled expression as he looked at the faraway stone coffin. He shook his head and said, "Celestial Venerable Mu bragged about how well his Eternal Peace was developed. In that case, why does this Primordial Realm have so many monsters and demons?"

He couldn't help but shake his head again.

The stone coffin abruptly fell, stabbing into the ground with a thud. Countless tentacle-looking roots emerged from the ground, quickly coiling around the stone coffin before retracting back into the earth.

Qin Ye removed the sword by his waist. He stabbed it, together with the sheath, half a foot into the ground.

Violent tremors came from beneath the earth as rows of ravines with abrupt cliff walls appeared, created by the sword qi that penetrated deep into the earth.

On the broken cliff walls were gigantic thick roots with divine blood flowing out of the cracks on their surfaces. Streams of blood formed a river in the valley, creating a frightening scene.

"That was a quick escape."

The middle-aged man knitted his brows tightly as he hugged his arms, flying towards the east. The Carefree Sword flew up and landed by his waist.

In the distance, on the Surging River, Qin Mu shut the vertical eye at the heart of his brows. Suddenly, the waters of the Surging River filled the air as countless roots burst out of the water, entangling the Heavenly Dragon Treasure Carriage, entrapping it. Fresh blood was still flowing out of these roots, turning the water red!

Mother Earth's voice came from below the water. She was incensed. "Celestial Venerable Mu!"

Qin Mu quickly stood up on the treasure carriage and shouted, "This isn't my doing!"


Mother Earth's voice was full of rage. She shouted, "Not your doing? Do you think you're deceiving a three-year-old kid? I can overlook the fact that you asked me to help you handle the Grand Emperor, but you actually planned to ambush me here with Qin Ye! He's your ancestor, and the two of you have ganged up to attack me! Today, I will kill you!"

Qin Mu hurriedly said, "This really isn't my doing. If I knew Celestial Venerable Qin was here, I absolutely wouldn't have asked you for help. The heavens can be my witness! You know that I'm an honest man and that I wouldn't deceive anyone! If not for the fact that I had no other options, I wouldn't have asked you for help."

Mother Earth gave a snort. Although she would very much like to get rid of this kid, she still needed him to help her reconstruct her soul. However, she was very unhappy that she had suffered a loss just now.

Qin Mu laughed as he said, "Mother Earth, I asked you to help me handle the Grand Emperor. However, you didn't do so. Instead, you're now piling your anger on me. What logic is that? Before you leave, I have something that I need you to do."

He reached in and grabbed Yun Chuxiu from the treasure carriage, shouting as he held her high up in the air, "Mother Earth, do you recognize her?"

"Jue Wuchen!"

The river waves crashed and tumbled as a big flower rose from the water, towering over the treasure carriage. The flower slowly opened up, revealing an eye in the center. It rolled around and focused its sight on Yun Chuxiu, laughing coldly as it said, "Celestial Empress, we haven't met for a long time!"

Yun Chuxiu's face was pale. She pedaled her legs but was unable to break free from Qin Mu's grip. She turned and stared furiously at him before turning back with a sweet smile. "Mother Earth, I feel very sorry about you having fallen to such a state. Thirty thousand years ago, you dominated the Primordial Realm and could take the celestial heavens head-on by yourself. Now, you're just like a miserable stray dog, and even Celestial Venerable Qin could beat you easily."

Qin Mu laughed as he said, "Mother Earth is indeed knowledgeable. However, you have guessed incorrectly. Jue Wuchen isn't Celestial Empress, she's Mistress Yuanmu."

The river water trembled. Clearly, Mother Earth was shocked to hear this.

All along, she thought that Jue Wuchen was Celestial Empress. She didn't expect her to be Mistress Yuanmu.

"You didn't take care of the Grand Emperor. In that case, why don't you help me take care of her?"

Qin Mu smiled as he said, "The Grand Emperor was very powerful, but this Jue Wuchen is only a small Divine Bridge Realm divine arts practitioner. It should be quite easy to handle her, yes?"

A root flew over and grabbed Yun Chuxiu as Mother Earth's laughter traveled from the center of the flower. "I'm more than happy to take care of Yuanmu. Our old grudges…"

That big flower slowly sank into the Surging River as Mother Earth's laughter came from beneath the water. "…it's time to settle them!"

Yun Chuxiu struggled non-stop as she was dragged into the Surging River. She shouted angrily, "Qin Mu, I won't let you off!"

Qin Mu heaved a sigh of relief as he thought to himself, 'Finally, I have sent this troublemaker off. Now that she's not around, I can help Celestial Venerable Yun gather his soul…'

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