Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 101 - Corpse Immortal Cult

In the yamen, a booming voice rang out in a sneer, "Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor coerces the emperor in order to command the various sects, you have all suffered for long! Dyke River County Magistrate Gao Jude acted as an accomplice and was willing to become the eyes and ears of Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor therefore even his death couldn't wipe out his crimes!"

In the inn, Qin Mu frowned, "The Dyke River County Magistrate died so fast? I'm really unlucky to encounter such a situation after leaving Great Ruins for the first time! Granny is right, the people outside are really fiercer than Great Ruins. The people of our Great Ruins are more simple. Come to think of it, what rank is the Dyke River County Magistrate? How's his ability compared to the lower second ranking prefecture governor?"

There were nine grades and eighteen ranks in Eternal Peace Empire's official positions. These official rankings were granted according to status and cultivation. Some cult masters or sect leaders have extremely high cultivation, therefore, they were conferred as high officials while those who had lower cultivation were conferred as local officials. There were also some who were conferred as governors of he various regions and counties.

For example, Mu Beifeng of Li River Sword Sect was the finest strong practitioner in the southern border, therefore, he was conferred as a lower second ranking prefecture governor who was extremely powerful.

Hu Ling'er sobered up and quickly executed her spell. The demon wind whirled out from the window while Qin Mu raised his hand and threw a cushion into the air. With the demon wind blowing on the cushion, Hu Ling'er immediately leaped up onto the cushion and asked bewilderedly, "Young Master, even if they are rebelling, they won't go as far as to massacre the commoners in the entire city, right? They shouldn't be a threat to us."

Qin Mu jumped out of the window and before he could land on the ground, a gust of demon wind came blowing over and the youth immediately stepped on the demon wind to rapidly sprint out of the city, "My sword is Junior Protector Sword which is the sword of a lower first ranking high official of the Imperial Family. If discovered by these rebelling people, we are definitely going to die! Furthermore, a man won't stand beside a collapsing wall. These rebelling people will definitely not allow the commoners in the city to leave therefore we'll only be trapped if we stay here. When the great army of Eternal Peace Empire arrives, how many people will still be alive in the city? Corpse Immortal Cult seems to use corpses to cultivate."

Hu Ling'er gave an uncontrollable shiver.

Qin Mu's last sentence was simply too terrifying.

Corpse Immortal Cult used corpses to cultivate which also meant if the army of Eternal Peace Empire came forth to pacify this rebellion, the commoners in the city would probably be refined into flying zombies by the Corpse Immortal Cult regardless of their identities or statuses!

At this moment, Dyke River County was already in a great mess as battle cries sounded out everywhere. Corpse Immortal Cult came prepared this time. They first dumped the flying zombies that they had refined to block the dam of Dyke River County and then divided up their forces to infiltrate into the city.

When night came, the cult master of Corpse Immortal Cult attacked the yamen first to kill the magistrate.

Even though the magistrate of Dyke River County was also an expert and had extraordinary divine arts, he could only give up his head when he got raided.

At the same time, the other experts of Corpse Immortal Cult rushed to the four city gates to intercept and kill the soldiers in county city while the cult master brought the rest to kill officials like the county deputy, the county military officer, and the official registrar so that the soldiers would have no one to lead them.

Even though there were still experts in Dyke River County, there was no one to give commands and each fought his own battle. On the other hand, Corpse Immortal Sect used the yellow joss papers to line up a formation and constructed pathways that led everywhere in the sky. Their people in different locations could provide support to each other therefore Corpse Immortal Cult was bound to emerge victorious in this massacre!

"Cult Master has ordered to lock down the entire city and let no one leave!" A shout came from the center of the city.

Qin Mu had the foresight to leave early. With Hu Ling'er executing demon wind and Qin Mu stepping on the wind, just as the human and the fox was about to fly out of the county, sword screeches suddenly sounded out. Qin Mu even didn't look back while his fish dragon spat out Junior Protector Sword which flew into the sky and thrust backward!

Ding. A crisp sound traveled out and the flying sword which was thrust towards Qin Mu's back was deflected away. The speed of the momentum of Junior Protector Sword wasn't reduced as it flew along the vital qi thread and stabbed that person's chest, nailing the black-clothed man, who was stepping on yellow joss papers, to a flagpole.

The disciple from Corpse Immortal Cult ambushed him from his back but since childhood, he had learned sound localization from Blind. The direction where the sword came from, the location where the person was standing couldn't escape from his ears.

As that person gave a lethal blow ruthlessly, it was almost conditioned reflex that Qin Mu countered it by stabbing the opponent with Junior Protector Sword. It was a habit he had cultivated since childhood.

The demon wind brought the human and the fox out of the city when a voice cried out, "Senior Brother He Yin, someone has escaped from the city and even killed little junior brother?"

"Little junior brother?"

An astonished and furious voice sounded from the center of the city, "What are you people doing? How could you let little junior brother put himself in danger? How am I supposed to explain this to cult master? Guard the city, I'll go kill him!"

Qin Mu stopped in his steps and the demon wind instantly scattered. Hu Ling'er abandoned the cushion in the sky and leaped onto the backpack on Qin Mu's back before tunneling in.

"Little junior brother? Could he be the son of the cult master of Corpse Immortal Cult?"

Qin Mu landed on the ground and immediately sprinted away while thinking to himself, "He could also be just a normal disciple…"

Hu Ling'er's demon wind may be convenient but its speed couldn't match the speed of Qin Mu's sprint. Furthermore, it was harder to hide one's track in the sky whereas one could make use of the cover of the mountains and forest by sprinting on the ground, making it harder for enemies to catch up.

Suddenly, flames rose into the sky and transformed into fire birds flying in the sky, lighting up the sky in a snow white light. This was a divine art executed by a divine arts practitioner.

Qin Mu raised his head and the firebirds flying past. Behind the firebirds were yellow joss papers fluttering over as they laid out in the sky.

These yellow joss papers were long rectangular strips of paper that were as big as feet, which allowed people to walk on them.

"Heaven's Eyes, awaken!"

The vital qi formation markings revolved around Qin Mu's pupils as his Heaven's Eyes awakened. Looking back, he could see flying zombies stepping on the yellow joss papers and hopping through the sky.

The yellow joss papers split into two paths and the flying zombies also split into two groups. As more and more yellow joss papers appeared in the sky, they split into four paths and the flying zombies also split into four groups to search everywhere. Behind the yellow joss papers, a young Taoist carried a long sword case on his back. With the sword case opened, yellow joss papers flew out from inside and laid out continuously in the sky. This must be the Senior Brother He Yin that was mentioned by the Corpse Immortal Cult's disciple.

He stepped on the yellow joss paper as he walked in the sky. As he lifted his feet, the yellow joss papers would fly up and return to the sword case. Meanwhile, there were new yellow joss papers flying out from sword case, which would appear in front of him in the exact places where he would step on.

The reason why every yellow joss paper had to return to the sword case should be because that every time the yellow joss paper was used, the vital qi in it would be depleted and it was required to return to the sword case to replenish vital qi.

He walked forward but his speed was slow.

Qin Mu's heart sunk slightly. This was a divine arts practitioner that had opened his Six Directions Divine Treasure and it was difficult for him to escape from his pursue!

There was a Five Elements Realm and a Five Elements Divine Treasure between Six Directions Realm and Spirit Embryo.

Qin Mu had been cultivating diligently for the past three years and not long ago his spirit embryo had just awakened a fourth time. He had already reached the level of perfect Spirit Embryo Realm yet he was still unable to touch the Five Element Divine Treasure.

There was a difference of two realms between him and He Yin who was in the sky. Those were two huge gaps that he could never exceed.

From the various methods He Yin had exhibited, he should be a Vermilion Bird Spirit Body and cultivated fire-related divine arts. The sword case on his back showed that he cultivated sword skills. From the yellow joss papers that came spewing out from the sword case, he should be controlling the yellow joss papers by sword skills.

The yellow joss papers flew out and came back methodically to maintain the several flying corpses as well as the young Taoist traveling in the sky. This showed that his sword skill was extremely remarkable.

In addition, these yellow joss papers weren't only as simple as maintaining them to fly in the sky. On the yellow joss papers were Taoist incantations which were written on using cinnabar and blood, therefore, the power of every piece of paper would definitely not be weak!

"If I still had the Rulai's imprint from Grandpa Ma or Nine Heavens God Eyes from Grandpa Blind, I would have the confidence to fight with him, however…"

Suddenly a flying zombie bent over and came down to chase after him. With Qin Mu frantically running forward, more and more flying zombies came chasing after him continuously. These flying zombies couldn't really fly. The yellow joss papers from He Yin came flying continuously and landed under their feet to support them. This allowed the zombies to walk and even sprint or fight in the sky, therefore they looked like zombies that could fly.

As these flying zombies landed on the ground, they actually sprinted forcefully and had an astonishing speed which was even faster than martial arts practitioners!

Hu Ling'er popped her head out from the backpack and gave a blow which instantly raised demon wind. In the demon wind, formless wind blades were thrown towards the flying zombies!

Clank, clank, clank, clank. A series of collision sounds rang out and Hu Ling'er jumped in shock. The flying zombie had an incomparably hard body rendering her spells completely useless.

Qin Mu frowned. The flying zombies' bodies were incomparably hard and even much stronger than him. They were practically equivalent to human-shaped spirit weapons!

He promptly made the decision to execute Secrets Of Moving Rain and the clouds began to gather in the sky, followed by the pattering rain.

"Ling'er, assist with your wind!"

Understanding what he meant, Hu Ling'er immediately cast her spell. Spinning around and waving his hand, the raindrops shot backward and transformed into water swords. At the same time, the violent gust came blowing, which assisted the rain momentum, instantly giving an exponential boost to the power of Qin Mu's spell as it thrust towards the flying zombies which were sprinting over.

The clanging sound of collision rang out. With the two of them acting together, the power of the spell greatly increased as the water swords instantly stabbed through the incomparably hard skin of the flying zombies, turning the five flying zombies that were chasing behind them into sieves!

However, those flying zombies seemed to have no feeling of pain as they continued to chase over frantically. They didn't avoid anything that was in front of them as they shattered everything in their way, no matter trees or boulders!

"Since I can't kill you by turning you into sieves, I'll just have to shatter all of you!"

Qin Mu continuously executing Secrets Of Moving Rain while Hu Ling'er also continuously executed her gale, wearing out the flying zombies that were chasing behind and even shattering their limbs. At this moment, a firebird which was blazing with raging flames swooped from the back of the flying zombies. As the flames burst forth, raging flames were everywhere in the radius of dozens of yards. With the extremely high temperature, both their spells were totally broken!

Qin Mu and Hu Ling'er both gave a grunt. When their spells were broken, their qi and blood became unstable from the impact of the vital qi bouncing back.

"You dare to even kill Cult Leader's son of our Corpse Immortal Cult, are you seeking for death?"

He Yin quickly rushed down from the sky and the flying zombies came down from the sky attacking Qin Mu. At the same time, the five flying zombies on land also came pouncing forward!

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