Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1014 - Ultimate Void

Tens of thousands of gods and devils flew towards Fallen God Valley. They transformed into rays of light in the air, making it appear as though tens of thousands of comets were cutting across the sky of the Primordial Realm.

The formation of these gods and devils continued to undergo countless changes in mid-air. As the most ancient existence in the present-day world, the knowledge Grand Emperor Ju Yushi possessed was incomparably deep. Every formation was at his fingertips, everchanging and full of marvels.

He hadn't been so mad in a long time.

There weren't many things that could truly infuriate him. He was angered when Celestial Venerable Yun, together with the race of masters of creation of the Great Void, ambushed and trapped his corporeal body.

When his own divine arts were broken through by the unchanging substance divine art created by Celestial Venerable Ling, he was angered. He deeply understood the damage this frightening divine art could do to him. If he didn't get rid of Celestial Venerable Ling, he would have died at her hands sooner or later.

For the last million years, he was only angered by these two matters.

However, he was angered now.

Back when the Primordial Realm broke its seal, he mobilized the divine weapon Celestial Venerable Yu personally but was killed by the rascal Qin Mu at Fallen God Valley. Although one could say he didn't display his true abilities because he didn't wish to reveal his identity, he was still unhappy dying at the hands of the little rascal.

Also, at the Jade Pool in the celestial heavens, the little rascal actually removed the bloodline curse that he left in Yun Jianli's bloodline!

This definitely infuriated him.

Not only that, but Qin Mu ventured deep into the Great Void and took Celestial Venerable Yun's corpse from the supreme consciousness realm. He even refined a part of his own consciousness, trying to explore the secrets and marvels of his technique!

Moreover, after the little rascal returned to the celestial heavens, he told the other Celestial Venerables that the Grand Emperor wasn't dead and that he was hidden among them. This had forced him to go into a passive state.

When he came forth to kill him, he was killed by Founding Emperor mid-way. It was a wrongful and baffling death.

Now, Qin Mu had returned to Fallen God Valley and was planning to summon his consciousness and refine it again!

Even if one was to shear a sheep, he couldn't keep on shearing one particular sheep. It seemed that the little rascal had a bone to pick with him, always chasing after him and shearing non-stop!

He was unable to tolerate the little rascal any longer. Today, he would get rid of Qin Mu no matter what!

"Ignorant little lifeform, I have traversed the universe and seen countless talented figures, as many as the stars in the sky. One by one, they fell, leaving only me!"

The tens of thousands of gods and devils flew across the sky, charging towards Fallen God Valley. They descended into a violent tremble, transforming into a majestic loud voice.

"You aren't worthy of being my enemy!

"During my long lifespan, the enemies that I met were much stronger and smarter than you. You're just an ant that I can easily kill!

"My lifespan started from the ancient primordial era and lasted until now. I'm the universe's oldest lifeform, a legend that cannot be defeated! My history is like a long river of time!"

In Fallen God Valley, Qin Mu looked towards the west. Rays of dazzling light gushed forth like strong waves. The voice transformed from the consciousness of the Grand Emperor was already ringing in his ears, its deafening force splitting heaven and earth!

"You are just an insignificant figure in my life and my long river of time. In my eyes, you are just a single drop of water, not amounting to even a ripple!"

Within the great sea of dazzling light, Qin Mu saw the figures of tens of thousands of gods and devils.

That was the celestial heavens' most profound and mysterious killing formation. Its killing aura covered the entire sky, charging forth with a whoosh. Before it reached Fallen God Valley, the ground began to crack open. Pieces of earth loosened and crumbled under the terrifying pressure, floating up in the air!

That surge of god aura charged over, engulfing heaven and earth. The sky looked like glass that had been smashed into pieces, while the earth completely disappeared. The soil and rocks floating in the air were ceaselessly pulverized into nothingness!

Now, only the ground beneath Qin Mu's feet was whole, and the sky above his head was unadulterated, seemingly untouched by that killing formation.

Tens of thousands of gods and devils rushed over, shouting in unison. Their voices transformed into an earth-shattering roar. "The so-called Celestial Venerable Mu and the so-called ten Celestial Venerables are all mediocre!"

Before that voice landed, Divine King Lang Wo suddenly raised her palm and removed the willow leaf at the heart of her brows, revealing the hexagon-shaped vertical eye. She crossed her hands as her consciousness divine art exploded!

In an instant, her consciousness swept across the void. As it passed, the tens of thousands of gods and devils immediately fell from the sky, dropping into Fallen God Valley, which had been transformed into an abyss!

Even for the Numinous Sky Realm god general, the Grand Emperor's consciousness in his head was forced out of his body as he fell.

As Divine King Lang Wo clasped her hands together, the abyss instantly disappeared. Under her visualization, the earth speedily grew, filling up the abyss!

Even the chaotic shattered sky around them was restored to its initial state within the blink of an eye.

Divine King Shu Jun bellowed and mobilized the seals that were hidden in the 35 voids.

The seals were jointly laid down by him and Divine King Lang Wo. With his current consciousness cultivation, he was unable to handle a frightening existence like Grand Emperor Ju Yushi. However, he had sufficient experience while Divine King Lang Wo had a terrifying level of cultivation.

The consciousness of the Grand Emperor, upon seeing Divine King Lang Wo's attack, immediately came to a realization. His terrifying consciousness trembled like waves, trying its best to coagulate so as to resist Qin Mu's Soul Guide. Ultimately, it proved too difficult to resist Qin Mu's divine art, and his consciousness was sucked into the jade bottle beside Qin Mu's feet.

Right at this moment, the seals of the 35 voids activated. Starting from the 35th void, the seal leaped to the 34th void, merging it with the seal there. After that, the merged seal leaped to the 33rd void.

Although the merging of the seals of the many layers of voids sounded slow, in reality, it was pretty quick. Within a split second, the merged seals had reached the 1st void, which was the Primordial Realm where Qin Mu and the rest were.

The consciousness of the Grand Emperor had already been subdued by the seals and was being forced into the jade bottle!

When all of the Grand Emperor's consciousness was sucked into the jade bottle, the 35 circular seals rotated around the bottle, sealing every inch of the bottle's surface, leaving no gaps!

"So it was you!"

The jade bottle trembled as the furious voice of the Grand Emperor traveled over. "I recognize you, the girl that ambushed me together with Celestial Venerable Yun! The master of creation of the Great Void! And also you, Divine King Shu Jun!"

Divine King Shu Jun laughed heartily. "Ju Yushi, it has been a long time since we met! Back then, you beat me into a miserable state. Now, you're in the bottle while I'm outside!"

The Grand Emperor roared angrily, "Shu Jun, as a divine king of the masters of creation, you have colluded with outsiders and ambushed me with the human race! And you, girl, despite being the leader of the masters of creation, have schemed against me twice, ambushing the Grand Emperor of the masters of creation race!"

Divine King Lang Wo plainly said, "You destroyed the race of masters of creation and haven't been our Grand Emperor for a long time. Ju Yushi, we are just collecting some interest from you today."

Shu Jun had an anxious expression as he hurriedly said, "Stop making idle talk with him! Watch the 35th void carefully, in case it is attacked by his Great Overarching Consciousness Heaven!"

Qin Mu dissolved the Soul Guide and picked up the jade bottle. It was jumping around his palm as though it was trying to break free and leap through the air.

It was good that Divine King Lang Wo and Divine King Shu Jun's seals were around. Because of the seals, the force emitted from the bottle wasn't too powerful. The bottle remained in his palm.

Shu Jun and Divine King Lang Wo both sat in a lotus position. The heart of their brows repeatedly gave off light rays that looked like twisted bubbles. They ventured deep into the void, preparing to jointly seal the 35th void in order to stop the Grand Emperor's Great Overarching Consciousness Heaven.

There was an in-depth description of the void in the wisdom imparted by the masters of creation of the Ancestor Spirit World to Qin Mu.

During the ancient primordial era, which the masters of creation lived in, souls weren't important. What was important was consciousness. In particular, how to protect one's consciousness was extremely important. When consciousness was deposited within the void, one could merge with heaven and earth, hence prolonging one's life.

The masters of creation used consciousness to create things. To them, any places in which they could create things or deposit their consciousness were considered voids. Hence, the real universe was naturally the 1st void.

After breaking through the 1st void, one's consciousness would reach another illusory level. That was the 2nd void.

If one was able to create things in the 2nd void, they could try to break through to reach the 3rd void.

The 3rd void was more illusory, vague, and insubstantial.

So on and so forth, void after void was founded by the masters of creation. The deeper one ventured into the void, the longer one's consciousness was preserved. However, within the wisdom of the Ancestor Spirit World, there were only 35 voids. There were no records of the 36th void, which was the Ultimate Void.

Actually, when one attained the 35th void, their consciousness would live as long as heaven and earth and would be immortal. One would enjoy eternal tranquility there, only dying if the universe was destroyed.

However, during the ancient primordial era, there were masters of creation who were able to reach the 35th void, refining the consciousness of others who had deposited their consciousness there, using it to kill their enemies. Hence, depositing one's consciousness in the void wasn't entirely safe.

Qin Mu had only heard of the 36th void, the Ultimate Void, from Shu Jun. However, he didn't know much about it.

Given his current consciousness cultivation, it would be considered decent if he could reach the 10th void.

The Grand Emperor was the only one who could reach the 36th void. The consciousness that he deposited there was refined into the Great Overarching Consciousness Heaven. Since the ancient primordial era, he had witnessed and survived countless calamities. One could see how powerful this Ultimate Void was.

'In the future, when my consciousness has been cultivated to the level of the Grand Emperor, I will definitely make a trip to the Ultimate Void! However, for now…'

Qin Mu put away the jade bottle and shouted, "Dutian, start the carriage and get ready to flee!"

In the distance, Dutian Devil King immediately woke up the nine heavenly dragons and rushed the Heavenly Dragon Treasure Carriage over as swift as the wind. Qin Mu picked up the unmoving bodies of Shu Jun and Divine King Lang Wo and hopped onto the carriage. He said solemnly, "Run as fast as you can, try to shake off the Great Overarching Consciousness Heaven!"

Dutian Devil King bellowed as he raised his whip to lash at the nine heavenly dragons. Upon feeling pain, the nine dragons galloped forward at full speed, moving as quick as lightning.

Dutian Devil King continued to lash with his whip until one of the heavenly dragons couldn't tolerate any longer. It turned its head and said, "Fellow, stop lashing! We're not beasts that are unable to understand what you are saying. You can simply tell us to gallop with our full might, and we will obey. Is there a need to lash us so severely?"

Dutian Devil King got a fright. He quickly put away the whip and kept quiet.

The Heavenly Dragon Treasure Carriage was moving faster and faster. On the carriage, Qin Mu saw that the foreheads of Divine King Shu Jun and Divine King Lang Wo were covered with cold sweat. The light rays of consciousness that were gushing out of the hexagon-shaped vertical eyes at the hearts of their brows were getting thicker. They had reached the 35th void.

They looked as though they were under extreme pressure. Clearly, the incensed Grand Emperor was locking onto them tightly. He was still able to find them despite the fact that the Heavenly Dragon Treasure Carriage had left their prior location.

Qin Mu frowned as he said, "Dutian, can this treasure carriage enter Youdu? Bring them to Youdu!"

Dutian Devil King quickly passed down the order. He heard a loud bang as the treasure carriage penetrated Youdu. Their surroundings suddenly turned dark as thunder rumbled around the nine heavenly dragons while they pulled the treasure carriage in the darkness at full speed.

The two divine kings, Shu Jun and Lang Wo, suddenly looked like they were relieved of a huge burden and woke up one after another.

"What a close shave!"

Divine King Lang Wo wiped off the cold sweat on her forehead and praised, "The Grand Emperor is indeed extraordinary, pressuring us until we are breathless! However, I have made use of this opportunity to discover the Ultimate Void!"

Qin Mu heaved a sigh of relief when he saw that both of them were fine.

Shu Jun looked around, his expression changing slightly as he asked, "Holy infant, what is this place?"

Divine King Lang Wo also surveyed the surroundings. Her expression changed drastically as she said with a trembling voice, "Could this be Youdu?"

In front of the Heavenly Dragon Treasure Carriage, two long streams of blazing yellow springs descended from the sky. Those were the two horns of Earth Count, formed by countless annihilated worlds. The water of the yellow springs was flaming lava.

In front of this colossal ancient god floated the divine weapon Celestial Venerable Yu. Although he was only a tenth of Earth Count's true body, he was nevertheless extremely huge, immeasurable!

"Quickly, go!"

Shu Jun shouted, "Earth Count and us, the masters of creation, were sworn enemies!"

Qin Mu was slightly stunned. He was about to get Dutian Devil King to turn the carriage around to leave Youdu when he saw the imposing Earth Count slowly turning his head, looking over with his three eyes.

Cold sweat appeared on Divine King Lang Wo's forehead again. She flew out and threw herself in front of the Heavenly Dragon Treasure Carriage.

"Holy infant, you have promised me that you will take good care of the masters of creation race! Don't forget your promise!"

She said without turning back, "Leave without me!"

Suddenly, Qin Mu appeared in front of her. He made a stroke with his hand and opened a Gate of Heaven Influence.

Earth Count's gaze swept over, disintegrating the Gate of Heaven Influence.

Veins were popping out on Qin Mu's forehead. He roused his vital qi to open another Gate of Heaven Influence, but it was disintegrated once again.

"It's useless."

Shu Jun sighed and moved to Qin Mu's side. He stood shoulder to shoulder with Divine King Lang Wo, shaking his head as he said, "The masters of creation and ancient gods are natural enemies. Back then, when the ancient gods were killing us, Earth Count was one of their leaders. He won't let us off. Holy infant, Lang Wo, leave without me. I'll stay back and handle this!"

Qin Mu gave a snort and tried to open the Gate of Heaven Influence again.

Earth Count seemed a little furious. He turned his head and refused to look at them. Divine King Lang Wo and Shu Jun were stunned. They wondered why Earth Count didn't make a move to kill them.

Qin Mu heaved a sigh of relief. He whispered, "Earth Count gave me some face and pretended not to see us. Let's quickly leave!"

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