Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1016 - The Past Was Like a Dream When Looked Back Upon

"Those who cultivate the Sword Dao sense a pinnacle that they are unable to scale and overcome?"

Blind and Mute looked at each other and decided to hide the fact that they had scolded Founding Emperor to his face. Blind chuckled and said, "Lucky that there's no such pinnacle in the path of formations, I haven't seen such an existence."

Mute shook his head and said, "I have also never seen such an existence in the path of forging. You people who traverse the sword path are just too pessimistic. Strange that we haven't heard Mu'er mention this."

When Village Chief heard him mention Qin Mu, he became unhappy. "Mu'er fears nothing and no one, he's unable to sense this pinnacle. Given his coarse and reckless character, even if he sensed this pinnacle, he would charge over to piss at it! Founding Emperor's Sword Dao is simply too powerful. According to my estimate, if his Sword Dao advances another step, it will be imprinted onto the universe, with him becoming the first to achieve it using the Postcelestial Great Dao, hence refuting the Precelestials."

Mute and Blind's hearts trembled violently. What sort of realm could imprint the universe and refute the Precelestials?

"Sword Dao, Knife Dao, formation techniques, forging techniques—these are Great Daos created by the Postcelestial lifeforms and don't belong to the Precelestials. Moreover, the Sword Dao of Founding Emperor has been cultivated to its peak and is indeed too powerful."

Village Chief said, "Everyone who cultivates the Sword Dao is able to feel him clearly, unable to ignore his achievements. I sense that he is close to the peak of the Sword Dao. Maybe he will be the one to imprint a Postcelestial Great Dao onto the void of the universe. When he achieves that, it will then not be an exaggeration to refer to him as the Supreme Practitioner of Sword Dao."

Blind and Mute were shaken. The level that Village Chief described was simply too high. Although they each had their unique abilities and achievements, they were unable to imagine the terrifying amount of comprehension and creativity required to imprint their Great Daos on the void of the universe.

Village Chief heaved a sigh of relief and said, "I wonder how Mu'er is getting on in the celestial heavens. When I think of the amount of humiliation and hardship he has to suffer under the gods of the celestial heavens, I…"

His eyes turned red. He quickly stopped talking about Qin Mu and changed the subject. "Why are the two of you here?"

"Mu'er has returned!"

Blind smiled and said, "There's news from Butcher. Two days ago, Mu'er visited the Surging River Academy and was chased away by him! I believe it won't be long before he comes over here!"

Village Chief was extremely emotional, and his eyes turned red again. "Mu'er is back? It's good that he's back… Wait a second, you mentioned that the moment Mu'er came back, he went to visit Butcher instead of us? Indeed, he loves Butcher more than us. We have raised him in vain…"

Mute chuckled and said, "When he visits us, we must provide him our best hospitality!"

Village Chief and Blind both nodded their heads.

The Heavenly Dragon Treasure Carriage was getting close to the Heavenly Saint Academy. Inside the carriage, Qin Mu, Divine King Lang Wo, and Shu Jun finally refined the Grand Emperor's consciousness that was inside the bottle. Each of them received their share. Divine King Lang Wo incorporated the Grand Emperor's consciousness into her own, greatly increasing her cultivation level.

Shu Jun, in particular, had died once and was unable to recover his corporeal body and consciousness after he was brought back to life. Hence, he immediately reconstructed his corporeal body after refining the Grand Emperor's consciousness.

As one of the three ancient primordial kings, Shu Jun was naturally extremely shrewd. He knew that refined consciousness was ultimately inferior to that which he had cultivated, so he used the refined consciousness that he received to reconstruct his corporeal body!

He changed his existing frail and delicate appearance, becoming incomparably huge and imposing. Just the strength of this corporeal body was as powerful as an expert of the Numinous Sky Realm!

Qin Mu was full of envy.

They had also tidied up the Great Overarching Supreme Consciousness that was hidden in the Grand Emperor's consciousness. Qin Mu finally filled up the missing parts of the Great Overarching Supreme Consciousness that he had gotten before, except that the Grand Emperor's consciousness was still short of the celestial heavens cultivation technique.

However, with an Emperor's Throne level Great Overarching Supreme Consciousness technique, Qin Mu was pretty satisfied.

Within his 15 celestial palaces, the Great Overarching Consciousness celestial palace was unsophisticated and heavy. It weighed down on his other 13 celestial palaces, looking like it had the tendency to compete with Qin Mu's main celestial palace!

'When the guest supersedes the host, I worry there might be repercussions.'

Qin Mu frowned slightly. He examined his celestial palaces and felt a little uneasy. Eight of his celestial palaces were incomplete. Given the strength of the Great Overarching Consciousness celestial palace, if it ended up superseding his own celestial palaces, this would mean that the path of the Grand Emperor was better than his.

Superseding his celestial palaces was a small matter, but damaging his Dao heart was not!

If the Great Overarching Consciousness celestial palace actually surpassed his main celestial palace, his unrivaled Dao heart would be broken. He was worried that if he used the Great Overarching Consciousness celestial palace as the main celestial palace to build his celestial heavens, he would end up becoming just another Grand Emperor and wouldn't outdo him.

However, if his Dao heart got broken, there was a high possibility that he wouldn't ever be able to recover from the setback.

"Grandpa Blind, Granny Si, you have to really work hard and perfect your Emperor's Throne techniques…"

Qin Mu let out a long sigh as he thought, 'There are many Emperor's Throne techniques gathered by the celestial heavens over the years. If I could steal them and give them to Eternal Peace, Granny Si and the rest could absorb the nutrients from these techniques. By drawing parallels from inference, maybe they could end up creating their Emperor's Throne techniques. It's a pity…'

Finally, the Heavenly Dragon Treasure Carriage arrived at the Heavenly Saint Academy. Qin Mu got off the treasure carriage. Before he could enter the door, he heard the sound of "Maha Maha" traveling over. Hundreds of flood dragons cried sweetly as they engulfed him and the dragon qilin.

Qin Mu was licked by these dragons until his entire body was covered with dragon saliva. He managed to break free after much effort. However, the dragon qilin was still buried underneath these dragons. Yan'er hurriedly took out some spirit pills and lured those dragons away.

Qin Mu tidied his attire and took out a mirror to ensure his face didn't have any dragon saliva on it. Only then did he enter the academy.

The Heavenly Saint Academy was now called the Heavenly Saint Cult. However, the teaching methods of the academy remained. That hadn't been changed.

Granny Si, Deaf, and Apothecary stayed behind to manage the academy. Hence, the place was still in good order.

"Mu'er, what a fine lady you have here."

Granny Si inspected Divine King Lang Wo from head to toe. The more she looked at her, the happier she was. She secretly gave Qin Mu a thumbs-up, causing Qin Mu's face to turn red. He hurriedly left to find Apothecary. Deaf's eyes sparkled as he took out a brush, ink, paper, and inkstone. He sat down, preparing to draw the portraits of Granny Si and Divine King Lang Wo. However, he hesitated for a long time, not knowing how to start.

Divine King Lang Wo examined Granny Si. She couldn't help but praise, "Younger Sister is so beautiful."

Granny Si laughed as she said, "Why do you call me Younger Sister? You should call me Granny."

Divine King Lang Wo was stunned. She hesitated a while and said, "This year, I am 1,050,000 years old. May I ask about Granny's age?"

Granny Si got a fright and said to Deaf, "Take good care of Younger Sister Lang Wo. I need to speak to Mu'er!"

Deaf didn't hear her words. He continued to hold the brush in his hand, attempting to draw Divine King Lang Wo. However, he still didn't know how to start.

This lady was simply too beautiful. No matter how he drew her on paper, it was very easy to miss out on her grace. After a long time, Deaf sighed and put away his drawing materials.

Divine King Lang Wo blinked as she thought, 'Holy infant's family is quite weird.'

When Deaf found Granny Si, he saw that she was holding Qin Mu by the ear, giving him a lecture.

Qin Mu nodded meekly and didn't dare to rebut her. Apothecary was beside them with his bronze mask, gathering his herbs. He made no attempt to stop them but looked at them gleefully.

"I am unable to draw her."

Deaf said, confusedly, "I am able to draw beauties like Granny Si and other tens of thousands of things in the world. The only thing I am unable to draw is this Divine King Lang Wo."

Qin Mu covered his ear and asked curiously, "Grandpa Deaf, Granny's beauty isn't inferior to Divine King Lang Wo's. If you're able to draw Granny, why aren't you able to draw Divine King Lang Wo?"

Deaf held his hand and said, "Come with me."

They came to the front of Divine King Lang Wo, and each of them set up a desk and prepared their brush, ink, paper, and inkstone. They then raised their brush and filled it with ink.

Granny Si and Apothecary also followed over, wanting to see how these art saints would start drawing.

Divine King Lang Wo was getting more curious. She sat there quietly, looking at them.

Qin Mu and Deaf were silent as they carefully examined the beauty in front of them. When Qin Mu was about to draw, he felt that his artwork would tarnish this beauty. Hence, he was unable to actually begin.

Deaf was facing the same situation.

Granny Si and Apothecary clicked their tongues in wonder. These two art saints were actually holding onto their brushes, unable to start.

"Why are you able to draw Granny Si but not Divine King Lang Wo, do you have an answer now?"

Deaf let out a long sigh as he threw his brush onto the floor. He said, "Granny Si is a human. Although she has cultivated to the god realm and has outstanding beauty that words and poems are unable to describe, I am still able to distill her grace within. But for the girl you have brought, she isn't human. There are no human feelings in her, just god feelings. Despite that, she isn't emotionless. Hence, I find it very difficult to capture her grace, making it hard for me to draw. Apothecary, take off your mask."

Apothecary was slightly stunned when he heard Deaf's words. However, he complied and removed the bronze mask that was covering his face.

Deaf was looking at Divine King Lang Wo while she looked at Apothecary. Deaf shook his head and said, "The handsome man that swept the world was unable to stir up any emotions in this divine king. I am unable to start drawing."

Qin Mu put down his brush. He looked into Divine King Lang Wo's incomparably pure gaze and felt lost.

Divine King Lang Wo gave him a quiet and peaceful smile, which Qin Mu returned with a faint smile. Suddenly, there was a sense of relief in his heart.

Even the Heavenly Painting Art Saint would find it hard to draw this lady. After all, she wasn't the same as him. Ever since he met Divine King Lang Wo, he had been mesmerized by her beauty. He had never thought that the heart of such a goddess didn't have any secular feelings.

He thought that Yun Chuxiu was an object of creation, a beauty based on Divine King Lang Wo's features. However, after Deaf's reminder, he suddenly realized that Divine King Lang Wo didn't have any worldly feelings or seven emotions and six sensory pleasures.

In comparison, the Yun Chuxiu that was transformed by Mistress Yuanmu was more like a sharp but eccentric person. Although she was an object of creation, she possessed human nature. On the contrary, Divine King Lang Wo was a goddess that stood high above the rest with an unmoving heart.

She only possessed god nature, not human nature.

It would be best if he simply admired her beauty quietly.

He put down the desires in his heart and looked at Divine King Lang Wo again. Finally, he could view her with an ordinary heart.

"As I indulged in the fragrance of the red apricot flower in my hand, the past was like a dream when looked back upon."

Qin Mu started drawing. His heart was bright and clear as he drew the beauty in front of him with great detail.

Deaf was shocked. He stood beside him and observed carefully. The beauty in Qin Mu's painting was inferior to the actual Divine King Lang Wo. However, the girl looked as though she was a real person. Her eyes were limpid and full of affection, looking lively and captivating, and there was shyness in the corners of her mouth.

Deaf raised his eye to look at Lang Wo as he thought to himself, 'Mu'er is drawing the woman he loves, not her.'

He felt something in his heart as he emptied his state of mind. He then picked up his brush and started drawing.

He was using god nature to draw Divine King Lang Wo's god nature.

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