Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 102 - Divine Arts Practitioner

"It really was the cult leader's son of Corpse Immortal Sect…"

Qin Mu's face turned black. Isn't this too much of a coincidence? The son of the cult leader just had to attack him and he just had to be so weak that he couldn't even withstand a single stab from him.

The Corpse Immortal Cult definitely wouldn't let him go this time!

Before the flying zombies in the sky came near to him, he had smelled a fishy smell. It could be obviously seen that the flying corpses were poisonous from their dark green fingernails!

"It's corpse poison!"

When Qin Mu smelled the odor, he immediately recognized the toxicity. The medicinal knowledge Apothecary had imparted to him included how to identify toxic and medicine by odors. Qin Mu was practically fed with medicine by Apothecary ever since he was a child, therefore, he had an extremely high ability to identify toxic and medicine.

The fingernails all had corpse poison on them and if the skin was pierced by them, first the blood will solidify. After that, the muscles would become stiff and as hard as boulder which no weapons could pierce through. Finally, one's consciousness would fade away and the spirit would disintegrate!

Qin Mu sprinted frantically but the speed of the flying zombies behind him was even faster. The distance between them grew closer and closer.

The yellow joss papers continuously laid the path forward as the flying zombies continued to leap repeatedly in the sky and were about to catch up to them!

Behind them, He Yin waved his hand and another firebird came flapping through the sky. Before they could even get close, Qin Mu could already feel the surging heatwave which raised up hot wind. The greenery on the ground became instantly shriveled and was completely dehydrated!

This person should have taken two approaches and cultivated both spell and sword control. This situation was rare in the past but with Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor bold and decisive actions to reform the old, he had gathered all the sects in the whole world for the Imperial Family and broken numerous inherent barriers, lessened the estrangement between different classes, therefore, the situation of classes converging appeared.

Even evil cults like Corpse Immortal Sects also took advantage of this big transformation to improve the techniques and divine arts of their own cult, developing numerous new spells and divine arts.

"That's not right. It should be three different classes! What these flying zombies are exhibiting the moves from the battle technique class!"

Qin Mu frowned and suddenly increased his foot force. With his body snaking forward like a dragon, he dodged the huge firebird.

Unexpectedly the huge firebird blew up with a boom. The flames exploded and instantly formed a rapidly swelling huge fireball which had a radius of twenty yards. The surging heatwave and blaze ruthlessly smacked Qin Mu away!

Before Qin Mu could land on the ground, he saw more yellow joss papers come fluttering over as eight to nine flying zombies passed through the flames from the explosion while stepping on the yellow joss papers to attack him!

These flying zombies were all strong martial practitioners of the Five Elements Realm. Their bodies were refined as hard as spirit weapons. Their moves were simple and they could only shovel, slice, cut and stab, however, if he was surrounded by them, there was no way he could escape.

There were flying zombies chasing him on the land and there were also flying zombie attacking him from the sky. Furthermore, He Yin was also attacking him using divine arts, therefore, the situation was extremely bad to him.

The yellow joss papers fluttered and rapidly broke through the air which giving off screeching sounds. He Yin seemed to be controlling the yellow joss papers but he was actually using sword skills. This kind of sword skill was extremely intricate and was not any inferior to the sword skill of Li River Sword Sect.

The most crucial point was that he had a very bad feeling about the Taoist incantations drawn on the yellow joss papers by cinnabar and blood.

If they were normal papers, they definitely wouldn't have the power of swords, but there were Taoist incantations drawn on them, and the talismans contained a hidden power!

As Qin Mu hovered in midair, he gave no explanation and used Heavenly Devil Creation Technique to seal his own souls and spirits. After that, he shook out the little fox inside his backpack with his vital qi. With his ten fingers rapidly poking, he also sealed her souls and spirits inside her body.

Hu Ling'er was embarrassed and angry after getting poked all over by him and slipped back into the backpack refusing to come out.

Sealing souls and spirits required one to poke the intimate parts of the body. She was still a female fox after all, therefore, she was still shy.

Qin Mu had no time to care about these matters. The yellow joss papers were paper money that was burned for the deceased and the talisman drawn onto the yellow joss papers meant that the power of the talisman was most likely aimed at the souls and spirits. If the power of the talisman burst forth when he got into contact with these yellow joss papers, his souls and spirits will probably be injured therefore he had sealed his souls and spirits in advance to prevent himself from being caught unprepared from the vicious attacks.


The yellow joss papers came spreading down from the sky and with the yellow joss papers were eight flying zombies. The yellow joss papers flew past both sides of Qin Mu, allowing the eight zombies to surround and envelop him from all directions.

With his body in midair, Qin Mu started to fall while the five tattered flying zombies leaped up from and attacked him!

At the same time, the yellow joss papers weaved past the crowd of zombies.

"Bind!" He Yin cried out.

A yellow joss paper suddenly burst into flames, however, the Taoist incantation written by cinnabar and blood didn't vanish and instead grew bigger and bigger at the flames floated in the air, shining on Qin Mu up in the sky.

As if he had no feeling, the fish dragon leaped up behind Qin Mu's back and spat out a sword. The arm thick vital qi of the youth from Disabled Elderly Village burst forth and swept up Junior Protector Sword before giving a horizontal cleave.

Cleave Sword Form!

The sword energy broke through the air and the head of a flying zombie came rolling off.

He Yin who was currently rushing over was astonished. The power of the rest of his yellow joss papers burst forth as he tried to bind Qin Mu.

The use of his binding talismans was to bind the three souls and seven spirits of a human. If the souls and spirits were bound, the body would be unable to move as well. However, he was puzzled at why the previous binding talisman had not exhibited the effect.

The power of the Taoist incantations on the other talismans burst forth and strange Taoist incantations surrounded Qin Mu's front and back. However, Qin Mu wasn't the slightest bound and could still flick his fingers. Junior Protector Sword was changed from Cleave Sword Form into Flick Sword Form, flicking another flying zombie into half. He then followed up with Smear Sword Form controlling Junior Protector Sword to cut the neck of the third flying zombie in a circular ring.

The sword tip of Junior Protector Sword faced outwards and was waved in a full circle, causing the heads of the flying zombies all around to roll off onto the ground!

In a blink of an eye, the eight flying zombies immediately lost their heads and collapsed to the ground.

Wave Sword Form.

Qin Mu's sword skill was extremely fast. The simpler the move was, the faster the sword could strike. With the sharpness of Junior Protector Sword, the eight zombies were all cut down before they could even attack him!

He Yin had a pained expression. It was very easy to use flying zombies to surround strong practitioners of battle techniques or spells but against sword cultivators like Qin Mu, it would be slightly difficult.

Especially so when the sword of the sword cultivator was incomparably sharp. It was practically specialized in countering his flying zombies.

He used the Corpse Breeding Ground to create his flying zombies. The durability of the flying zombies' bodies was extremely high and they couldn't be hurt by normal spirit weapons. Furthermore, the flying zombies had no souls and spirits, therefore, spells that were targeted at souls and spirits were not useful as well.

Qin Mu's horizontal cleave seemed normal and ordinary but when the heads rolled down with just a raise of his hand, it meant that this sword was definitely surpassed most of the treasures among the spirit weapons!

He Yin hurriedly stopped and called back the five zombies below Qin Mu while sending the yellow joss papers in the sword case to slice towards Qin Mu!

Qin Mu took the chance to land on the ground and faced He Yin while moving backward. He executed Heaven Pilfering Leg Skill which Cripple had taught him to sprint so even when he was running backward. His sprinting speed was no less slow.


Sword light flashed as Qin Mu used qi to manipulate the sword to stab at the yellow joss papers flying over.


Violent explosions traveled over when his Junior Protector Sword contacted the first yellow joss paper. The Taoist incantation on the paper suddenly exploded and the burst of power instantly detonated the other Taoist incantations on the other papers. A series of explosions traveled out and Qin Mu suffered the impact of airwaves. With huge tremors to his chest, the air in his lungs was nearly squeezed out as he flew backward uncontrollably!

Flying dozens of yards away, Hu Ling'er in his backpack hurriedly executed her spells to raise a gale to cancel out the terrifying impact, only then did Qin Mu managed to stop.

However, the vital qi that was connected to Junior Protector Sword was also shattered by the explosions, causing Junior Protector Sword to whiz away and fall into the darkness.

Qin Mu landed on the ground and took a deep breath before giving two violent coughs. Despite being prepared, his lungs were still damaged by the explosions. This was simply because he had worn the Hundred Venom Golden Silk made clothes. If he didn't have this set of outfit, he would probably have died from this explosion.

"He's actually still alive?"

He Yin took out a jar of fishy smelling ointment and threw to one of the flying zombies before flying towards Qin Mu immediately. Flame divine arts were hidden in his yellow joss papers which could be used to slice opponents and could also explode. Apart from the explosions damaging the flesh body, the greatest damage was from the thunderclaps created from the explosions!

If one faced the impact of the thunderclaps head-on, their three souls and seven spirits would be shaken out of their bodies and disintegrate among the explosion!

It was really out of his expectation that Qin Mu could actually defend against the explosions and also the thunderclaps which could destroy the three souls and seven spirits.

However, it was nothing even if he had defended against that attack. Now that his extremely sharp treasure sword had gone missing after getting blown away and with the injuries from the explosions, only death awaited Qin Mu!

Instead of retreating, Qin Mu advanced and untied the sword sheath. He actually used his ability to use qi to manipulate the sword sheath like a treasure sword to stab it at He Yin. At the same time, his footsteps flickered indefinitely like a phantom as he closed in on He Yin!

He Yin sneered and his vital qi burst forth into firebirds which swooped towards Qin Mu. At the same time, the yellow joss papers fluttered out from the sword case on his back and slashed it at Qin Mu!

Qin Mu's footsteps became increasingly swift and with a sudden shout, he thrust his fingers at him.

Stab Sword Form!

The sword sheath whizzed toward He Yin and he sneered as a yellow joss paper flew out from his sword case and faced the sword sheath head on.

Even though the power of Qin Mu's stab was not small, the opening of the sword sheath was facing towards him. Without using the pointier end of the sword sheath, even if it struck him, it won't deal much damage to him.

He only needed to detonate one Taoist incantation and he would be able to block this attack from Qin Mu and blew the sword sheath away!

Right at this moment, the opening of the sword sheath suddenly transformed into a fish dragon opening its huge mouth pouncing over.

Being startled in his heart, He Yin immediately heard the sound of something breaking through the air behind him. The Junior Protector Sword which was blasted away actually whizzed back and came stabbing at the back of his heart.

He Yin immediately moved his body and wanted to avoid Junior Protector Sword and the fish dragon transformed by the sword sheath. However, a small furry head popped out from Qin Mu's backpack and spat out a whirlwind to bind his body in place for that instant.

As He Yin broke free from the whirlwind, he felt a cold sensation from the back of his shoulder. Junior Protector Sword stabbed into his shoulder blade and penetrated through it while bringing an arrow of blood into the fish dragon's mouth!

Just as Qin Mu succeeded in his attack and wanted to chase, the blazing flames from the firebird engulfed him which was followed by yellow joss papers flying into the flames.


Violent tremors traveled out and Qin Mu flew backward while being covered in blood. His vital qi swept Junior Protector Sword as he crashed into the forest. He quickly leaped up and disappeared into the darkness.

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