Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1020 - The Case of Taking the Cat

Emperor Yanxiu was stunned. She shook her head and said, “You are asking for a death sentence saying that in front of Sister Yun Chuxiu.”

Although she didn't know her real identity, she could guess that she must be one of the people in charge of the celestial heavens. That was because on the day that the Spirit Energy Mutual Shift Bridge connected Eternal Peace and the celestial heavens, she was the one who walked out of it.

To be able to build a Spirit Energy Mutual Shift Bridge in the celestial heavens, the person must have great authority. This was why she immediately agreed to Yun Chuxiu's suggestion of becoming sworn sisters.

She was smart. She knew Yun Chuxiu's high status in the celestial heavens. Regardless of her motives, she had to agree to it.

This was how Eternal Peace survived.

The truth was that the reason that Eternal Peace was able to work with the Patriarch Creation Palace was Yun Chuxiu's influence.

“Yun Chuxiu is the sister of Celestial Empress, Mistress Yuanmu.”

Qin Mu looked at Lian Huahun, Yun Chuxiu, and the others that were approaching and used his consciousness to transmit his voice. “Lian Huahun is Celestial Empress.”

Emperor Yanxiu was shocked, but she didn't show it. She asked, “Imperial Preceptor, could we use the rift between them to maintain Eternal Peace's safety?”

“We can, but we must be careful. They are sworn enemies that will never let up until death. We must not be too close to them nor too far.”

When Qin Mu said that, he laughed and walked towards Yun Chuxiu and Lian Huahun. Inside, he was crying. ‘I gave Yun Chuxiu to Mother Earth. I wonder whether she'll make a ruckus over it.'

Yun Chuxiu didn't mention it at all as she pulled him over and told him about them becoming sworn sisters. She smiled. “If I die, they will have to die with me. Isn't that right, Sir Qin?”

Qin Mu's eyes jumped. Yun Chuxiu was threatening him. If he struck out against her, she would eliminate Ling Yuxiu, Gongsun Yan, and the others.

All that she would lose would be a created body, and it wouldn't hurt. However, for Qin Mu, his loss would be great.

Ling Yuxiu was the heir to Emperor Yanfeng's reform and Eternal Peace's pillar. She wasn't like Emperor Yanfeng, as she was able to go with the flow.

She was a lady, so she wasn't guarded against or valued by the celestial heavens. Thus, she could lower her status and negotiate business with the Patriarch Creation Palace. She was reliable and successful in mediating the relationship between Eternal Peace and the celestial heavens, preventing the former from being the latter's eyesore.

Emperor Yanfeng was a mighty ruler. Yet, he would only do worse when faced with Ling Yuxiu's situation.

At the very least, Emperor Yanfeng couldn't become sworn sisters with Celestial Empress and Mistress Yuanmu.

In addition, Gongsun Yan was just a small Mother Earth guarding Eternal Peace. She had a lot of potential and couldn't be lost.

‘I should leave Eternal Peace quickly. The longer I stay here, the more danger Eternal Peace faces.'

Qin Mu calmed himself down and chatted with the girls. He saw the night coming, so he yawned and returned to his room to rest after claiming to be tired.

At midnight, Emperor Yanxiu visited him, and they talked a lot. When morning came, Emperor Yanxiu rose and left. The stars were still up as she returned to the palace with the starlight on her.

Qin Mu sat silently and smiled. “Dao Friend, it's quite cold outside, why not come in here for warmth? My door isn't closed.”

A light creak came from the door as a white cat came in through the gap. It sat in front of Qin Mu and spoke like a man, saying, “Celestial Venerable Mu, you can lie to the ten Celestial Venerables about stealing Celestial Emperor's treasure, but you can't lie to me. Hand over that piece of the eggshell, and I shall leave without hurting you.”

Qin Mu curiously asked, “Does Heavenly Lady Yan know about you being here?”

The white cat replied, “Of course, I'm here to retrieve it on her behalf. There are less than three feet between us. At such a distance, it's easy to kill you. I can cut open your throat with my claws and execute your primordial spirit without alerting anyone. After that, it will be easy to take back the treasure. You can also give Celestial Emperor's eggshell to me, and everything will end peacefully. I will leave after getting it.”

Qin Mu smiled. “I heard Heavenly Lady Yan calling you Xiao Qi. How am I supposed to address you, Dao Friend?”

The cat shook its tail and solemnly said, “Are you stalling for time, Celestial Venerable Mu? I have already examined the entire capital of Eternal Peace. No one here is my opponent, though if you were to stretch it, maybe that Yan'er person is. Even if you call your friends, I can kill them too. However, by then, you will have died.”

Qin Mu leisurely said, “Do you know that there are two ladies here that are Celestial Venerables?”

The fur on its tail puffed up as it lowered its body to make threatening purrs.

He wasn't threatening Qin Mu, however. Instead, it was a natural response of fear to what Qin Mu said.

Qin Mu smiled and said, “You really are loyal to Heavenly Lady Yan to sneak over here with two Celestial Venerables watching. There are more than two Celestial Venerables here too. Celestial Venerable Xiao is watching over as well. You will die once you get out of Eternal Peace's capital if you take Celestial Emperor's eggshell. Do you believe it?”

The cat's pupils became vertical as it hoarsely said, “You're lying!”

Qin Mu leisurely said, “Yun Chuxiu is Mistress Yuanmu, while Lian Huahun is Celestial Empress. Why would I lie to you? Celestial Emperor's eggshell is in my third eye. If you don't believe it, I will dig it out for you, and you shall see whether you can walk out of Eternal Peace alive.”

He actually dug out his third eye and gave it to the white cat!

The cat stared at it and slowly raised its claws. It was hesitant. At the same time, a chicken crowed as the sun gradually rose.

The cat gritted his teeth, picked up the eye, and left.

Qin Mu smiled. His real third eye was still in the heart of his brows. The eye the cat took was merely the eye he visualized with his consciousness.

The cat snuck out of Qin Mu's room and glanced around. There was no one there, so it leaped onto the walls. It then leaped away on the walls to exit the capital.

At the same time, Yun Chuxiu, who was holding a horse whip, snuck out and followed the cat. The white cat felt it and turned around. Yun Chuxiu was suddenly engulfed by a deep abyss, however, so the cat failed to detect her.

Yun Chuxiu continued to stalk the cat quietly outside the capital. However, she felt someone behind her, so she suddenly turned around. She failed to see anyone.

Yun Chuxiu turned around and continued to follow the cat.

A flower bloomed in the air. Lian Huahun sat on it and quietly watched them exiting the city.

In the Imperial Preceptor Residence, Qin Mu woke everyone up. He took out a dozen bottles for Gongsun Yan and said, “Yan'er, these are bottles of primordial liquid. Mother Earth relied on the liquid to have such grand cultivation. It's very beneficial for you. However, you can't overwater yourself. You can only use a drop at a time. You must also be careful of Mother Earth coming over to steal it!”

Gongsun Yan took it and said, “I will be careful.”

Qin Mu called Dutian Devil King over and gave him a letter, saying, “Dutian, I hereby give you three heavenly dragons. You shall take my letter and go to see Yu Zhaoqing at Li River Academy. Give her the letter and say that I sent you to help her take back the Heavenly Feather World.”

He picked three heavenly dragons and took them from the carriage. He instructed them, “Follow Dutian and keep him alive.”

They rolled on the ground and became three gods of the Jade Capital Realm. They held their fist to their chest and bowed. “Yes, Celestial Venerable.”

Dutian Devil King's expression changed as he hurriedly asked, “Cult Master, can I change the heavenly dragons?”

He was unnerved because these three dragon gods withstood his whip. One of them was whipped by him the most.

“There's no time for that!”

Qin Mu jumped on the carriage and shouted, “Fatty Dragon, you will drive. Yan'er, be on guard, we will leave now! If we don't leave now, those two little demons will return.”

Divine King Lang Wo had already boarded the carriage. She lowered the drapes and sat down.

Gongsun Yan didn't know why they were leaving so hurriedly, so she was slightly disappointed. Qin Mu said, “After some time, I will find some phoenixes to build nests for you.”

Gongsun Yan happily watched the treasure carriage exit the Imperial Preceptor Residence.

The capital wasn't very lively in the morning, but some shops in the streets had already begun preparing breakfast. Some were making baked sesame-seed coated cakes, while some were making noodles. Steaming air came from the bun basket drawers, and fragrance from porridges followed it.

The carriage hastily went by all these shops on the street, which attracted their attention.

Suddenly, Qin Mu's voice came from the carriage. “Stop.”

The dragon qilin hurriedly stopped. Qin Mu said, “Sister Yan'er, buy some soy milk. It has been a long time since I had any.” He gave Yan'er some great abundance coins.

Yan'er flew, morphing into a girl upon landing, then walked to the shop on the street to buy some soy milk. She turned around and asked, “There are some steaming buns here too, do you want some, Master?”

Qin Mu nodded and smiled. “We will have some too. Have you tried the food here, Divine King Sister? It's a good day to do so.”

Divine King Lang Wo was perplexed. “Just now, you wanted to leave and were afraid of not leaving early enough. Why did you stop now?”

Qin Mu explained, “It has been five years since I ate food from my home, so I must stop no matter what.”

Divine King Lang Wo thought about it and shook her head. She didn't understand such weird feelings.

Yan'er bought soy milk and buns, saying, “The owner wanted to give me his shop, he gave me a lot of things for free.”

Qin Mu smiled. “Let's hurry, Fatty Dragon.”

The carriage went out of the capital. Instead of letting it fly immediately, Qin Mu got the carriage to continue on the road. He looked outside while eating his bun, nervously observing his surroundings.

Suddenly, a terrifying commotion came from the west. Qin Mu's hands trembled as the bun fell. He was happy as he smiled and said, “Xiao Qi of Celestial Venerable Yan's residence is probably going to die!”

In the west, near the Spirit Energy Mutual Shift Bridge, the white cat sped towards the bridge. Suddenly, a large hand came from that bridge to catch it!

The cat felt a chill down its spine. It was unable to dodge, so it rolled forward, morphing into a divine general in a white robe with pretty features. He took out a spear and stabbed at the large hand that came out of the bridge. With a slight shake, countless spear tips shot out of it!

In the next moment, it exploded. At the same time, he was grabbed from the back by the hand.

The general cried out, and his body shook. He went back to his original form, a white cat, whose head was being clutched from the back. His limbs drooped from his body, and he couldn't move.

“Where is Celestial Emperor's eggshell?” The hand's owner seemed to be in a faraway land, its voice coming from the other side of the Spirit Energy Mutual Shift Bridge.

In the next moment, the divine weapon Celestial Venerable Yu that was far away, in the center of the Primordial Realm, stretched its arm to flick the bridge. The Spirit Energy Mutual Shift Bridge exploded, and the palm that was clutching the white cat instantly lost balance.

At the same time, a giant whirlpool appeared in the Primordial Realm's sky. An imposing god came from the heavens to take the white cat away before the divine weapon Celestial Venerable Yu could!

Another whirlpool appeared, and another imposing god cleaved towards the head of the god who took the cat. “Give me back my cat!”

At the same time, the divine weapon Celestial Venerable Yu took the Primordial Tree and swung it towards the two gods.

The cat changed ownership multiple times, which caused it to be filled with fear and terror.

Now, there were four Celestial Venerables fighting over him, and he could die at any time in that terrifying commotion!

In the carriage, Yan'er lifted the bowl to Qin Mu's mouth. Qin Mu drank some soy milk while watching the battle in the sky. He kept on sighing, feeling demoralized.

“Why are you frowning, Master?” Yan'er curiously asked.

Qin Mu drank the soy milk and sighed. “I used all my tricks and ideas to get the ten Celestial Venerables to fight amongst themselves, yet they didn't fight. I didn't think that in the end, all I needed to do was use a white cat to start the fight.”

Chapter end

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