Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1024 - Flowers of Illusory Grandeur Between People

The taiji diagram, 49 Heavenly Daos, and 64 Great Daos of Youdu were activated in Qin Mu's Spirit Embryo Divine Treasure. Yet, when the Heavenly Dao and Great Dao of Youdu collided, they dissolved, causing his cultivation to fall rapidly!

Qin Mu had to stop immediately.

East Deity frowned.

Now, the dragon qilin and Yan'er could clearly feel the killing intent coming from him!

Qin Mu remained still as he quietly thought. He borrowed Heaven Duke and Earth Count's power to rebuild the broken soul, relying on the Gate of Heaven Influence to coordinate their power.

The Gate of Heaven Influence connected heaven and earth. It was a door in the celestial heavens. One had to enter a door to enter the Numinous Sky Hall in the inner city of the Jade Capital. That door was the Gate of Heaven Influence.

Qin Mu initially reversed the Gate of Heaven Influence and used its marvelous properties to resculpt the soul with god path and devil path.

Initially, he didn't do much research into its nature when he pioneered this resurrection divine art. He just stole Heaven Duke and Earth Count's power as per usual.

Now, as he teetered on the edge of death, he finally began to question this divine art's nature.

East Deity's killing intent became denser and denser. Yan'er and the dragon qilin became more nervous and stared at him. Even though they weren't his opponents, if he wanted to kill Qin Mu, they would fight him to the death!

It was just that the outcome of the battle was obvious. They were all going to die to East Deity.

At that moment, a fate-altering power of creation gently circulated in Qin Mu's body suddenly. It was gentle, but it was filled with the power to create lives and souls. It slowly entered the body of that dragon god.

White light radiated from that dragon god like a mist. In his body, his black soul sand kept on rebuilding itself. His earth soul was reborn and rebuilt as it evolved his soul!

The killing intent in East Deity disappeared when he saw that.

Yan'er and the dragon qilin gasped for breath as if a heavy load was lifted from them.

Just now, East Deity gave them too much pressure, which caused them to be unable to breathe.

Qin Mu used the power in his body to resculpt that dragon god's seven souls. After a while, he woke up and looked around, not knowing why he was lying there.

He crawled up hurriedly and slowly remembered the scene before he died. He remembered that he had died at the hands of his own father, East Deity Qing Long. He looked down and stayed silent, not daring to have any grudges.

East Deity didn't put it to heart as he laughed. "Great Wizard! As expected of you!"

Qin Mu smiled. "Can East Deity relax now?"

East Deity smiled. "Of course, you passed the test, Great Wizard. The next test will test your potential."

Qin Mu breathed a sigh of relief. It was as if he let down a large rock. He then smiled. "So, may I ask, how do you intend to test me?"

The boat sailed deep into the Jade Pool as East Deity moved to its front and leisurely said, "Celestial Emperor has few children, Heaven Duke was hurt by love, and Earth Count is trapped due to his children. They lack descendants too. As for Mother Earth, Celestial Empress, and Yuanmu, they are all dead. The strongest bloodline today is thus mine!"

His long beard drifted while his green shirt fluttered. He continued with a clear voice, "There are many strong practitioners among my dragon sons and dragon grandsons. If they were to head to the celestial heavens, they could compete with the best there! Even if they go into Youdu after their deaths, they can become Youdu's ghost heroes! Great Wizard!"

He looked at Qin Mu and smiled. "I have a daughter named Gu Yan and a son named Qing Ming. They are the best talents of their generation. If you can defeat them, Great Wizard, you will pass the test. Gu Yan, Qing Ming, come out and meet Celestial Venerable Mu."

Deep in the Jade Pool, a dragon island emerged, one on which many young men and women of the dragons cultivated.

As soon as East Deity Qing Long finished, a male and female dragon god flew into the air and greeted Qin Mu.

Qin Mu glanced at them, saw how they were rare talents, and praised, "Your bloodline is truly extraordinary. However, although I'm your Great Wizard, I'm still Celestial Venerable Mu. Isn't it disrespectful of you towards the title of Celestial Venerable to test me with these two younglings?"

East Deity raised his eyebrows and asked, "What do you mean, Great Wizard?"

Qin Mu plainly said, "I was conferred with the title of Celestial Venerable in the first year of Dragon Han. I slaughtered people at the Jade Pool and killed countless half-gods. The head of the ten Celestial Venerables today, Celestial Venerable Hao, was beaten by me for a thousand years. If you were to use your dragon sons and grandsons to test me, wouldn't that be looking down on me?"

East Deity frowned and said, "What you mean is…"

Qin Mu leisurely said, "Heaven Duke and Earth Count reincarnated before to try and get out of the predicament of being an ancient god. As the great deity of the East Pole, you should've reincarnated as well, right?"

East Deity nodded.

Qin Mu continued, "You are familiar with the divine treasures and celestial palace cultivation systems, right?"

East Deity replied, "When I reincarnated, I spent a hundred years on the divine bridge and a thousand on the Emperor's Throne. I've met Crimson Emperor, and Light Emperor called me uncle. I left behind a Green Dragon Great Desolation Sutra, which is an Emperor's Throne technique that was recorded down by the celestial heavens. Most of my descendants cultivate with that technique."

Qin Mu smiled. "East Deity, you are indeed brilliant, far-sighted, and wise. Did you do any research on the Celestial Heavens Realm then?"

East Deity smiled and put his hands behind him. "Knowing oneself and one's enemy renders one victorious in battle. Of course, I do. Truth be told, my reincarnation is still alive, drifting through the eras. I have also been collecting Emperor's Throne techniques, and I have my own understanding."

Qin Mu gratefully applauded and praised, "It's reckless for the ten Celestial Venerables of the celestial heavens and me to look down on the ancient gods. Disregarding Heaven Duke and Earth Count, even you cannot be underestimated!"

East Deity smiled and said, "The ten Celestial Venerables are powerful, so I have to tolerate them. However, that doesn't mean that I'm weak."

Qin Mu said, "Thus, I dare ask for you to test me with your reincarnation."

East Deity already figured that out, and his gaze flashed. He leisurely replied, "Since you so passionately ask for it, I can't reject you. I'm just afraid that my punches may be too heavy, causing you to be injured."

"All is good."

Qin Mu's smile covered his face. "My body is tough."


Gu Yan, the dragon daughter, bowed. She looked up to glance at Qin Mu, saying, "Celestial Venerable Mu is famous. I want to learn from him too."

The dragon son, Qing Ming, who was eager to fight, said, "Why use a sledgehammer to crack a nut?"

East Deity looked at Qin Mu and smiled. "Do you see this, Great Wizard?"

Qin Mu lifted his hand slowly, and a lotus flew out of the Jade Pool and into his hands. He said, "It's extremely good that your descendants have the will to improve. Unfortunately, they still lack experience."

He plucked a petal and gave the rest of the lotus to Yan'er. Yan'er hastily morphed into a girl and held the lotus.

Qin Mu blew gently.

The petal rose from his palm and flew towards Gu Yan and Qing Ming.

The petal floated in the air, spinning. With every rotation, it multiplied into two. From one petal, two emerged, from two petals, four emerged, and from four petals, eight emerged.

Soon, the lotus petals floating towards Gu Yan and Qing Ming covered the skies. The pink petals formed a sea of flowers that rushed towards them.

They hastily deployed their divine arts to rush towards that surging sea of flowers. They wanted to cut it open and face Qin Mu directly.

However, when their divine arts landed in the sea of flowers, it helped it to multiply, causing even more petals to emerge!

The sea of flowers drowned them as they rode the clouds, trying to fight back. However, all of their divine arts were absorbed. The number of petals grew and gradually drowned the dragon island.

On the island, those cultivating there tried to defend themselves, but the sea of flowers absorbed their divine arts too. It expanded and expanded as the area it covered grew!

Although the Green Dragon Celestial Palace's Jade Pool wasn't as vast as the celestial heavens', it was still the size of a small ocean. Yet, at that moment, the sea of flowers had already occupied its center and was about to drown the Jade Pool!

In the sea of petals, dragon roars rumbled. Some were roars of fear, while some were roars of anger and shock.

The petals grew in number, and some even landed on them and fused with their blood and flesh to make them look like they had pink petals growing all over their bodies.

Even more terrifying was how these petals absorbed their energy to split into more petals that replaced the dragon scales on their bodies!

Some even felt these petals replacing their blood, flesh, and bones.

In the most extreme cases, these petals entered their bodies and landed on their primordial spirits!

The petals were absorbing the power of their primordial spirits!

Gradually, the roars became roars of fear. Even experts valued by East Deity Qing Long, such as Gu Yan and Qing Ming, could only roar in fear.

They couldn't break this sea of flowers and were stuck in it. Every attempt to break this divine art only served to strengthen it.

All they could do was watch these petals grow on them and root themselves in their flesh and primordial spirits before absorbing their corporeal bodies, vital qi, and power!

Such a feeling of slow and unavoidable death caused their Dao hearts to collapse!

Finally, the sea of flowers came to Qin Mu's side and threatened to devour the boat.

Qin Mu lifted his palm gently and pinched a petal.

When that petal landed in his hand, the sea of flowers instantly disappeared. Dragon descendants like Gu Yan and Qing Ming laid on the island, unable to move as their vital qi cultivation was completely devoured by the sea of flowers!

If the sea of flowers didn't disappear, their lives would've become the petals' fertilizer!

"Creation technique? Art of creation?"

East Deity Qing Long stared at that petal in Qin Mu's hand. He solemnly said, "This divine art of yours uses a lot of things. Outside of the art of creation technique, there's also algebra, Heavenly Dao, Youdu's techniques… Wait, there's also the masters of creation's visualization technique and Celestial Venerable Ling's unchanging technique!"

Qin Mu walked to Yan'er as he pinched the petal and placed it back on the lotus.

When the petal returned to the flower, the energy contained in it spread through the lotus, and it glowed gold. Waves of terrifying energy burst forth like a geyser in a gorgeous fashion.

The lotus' potential rose rapidly, and in a short moment, it became a peculiar treasure of terrifying potential!

This was because Qin Mu had extracted the cultivation of the dragon descendants on the island to forge this lotus. With such contributions from the divine dragons, the lotus could only be strong.

"This divine art is the fifth form of me entering the divine art path. It's called Flowers of Illusory Grandeur Between People."

Qin Mu passed the newly refined lotus treasure to Yan'er, turned around, and smiled. "What you saw, East Deity, is what I allowed you to see. The true marvels of my divine art are something you won't understand as an ancient god. Now…"

He coalesced his aura and circulated his Overlord Body Three Elixir Technique. An incomplete celestial heavens came from the back of his head, whose light shone across the entire Jade Pool.

Qin Mu clutched his fists and plainly said, "It's time for you to test me personally."

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