Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1025 - Shocking the East Pole With One Blade

East Deity raised his eyebrows. He wasn't pleased by Qin Mu's prickly words, even if they were true. He didn't understand Qin Mu's divine art.

Flowers of Illusory Grandeur Between People.

The third moon was on the branch of the snowy day. Which level of the Jade Stage was the man on?

Qin Mu's fifth form of entering the path with divine arts had a deep mood. He opened it when he obtained the wisdom of the masters of creation in the Ancestor Spirit World and fused it with his experience and understanding. It contained too much knowledge on top of his own unique qualities.

East Deity was an ancient god and thus was limited by his own Great Dao. Although he could recognize the divine arts contained in this move, it would be difficult for him to learn and comprehend said move.

It was common knowledge that the ancient gods were constrained by their own bodies. Outside of Celestial Emperor, most ancient gods could only progress according to their own Great Dao. It was hard to break out of it.

This was the case for Heaven Duke, Earth Count, and East Deity Qing Long.

Despite how many ancient gods had tried to find a path to break out of this via things like reincarnation, they found that the only path out was death.

It was only with death and the abandonment of their own corporeal body and Great Dao that they could escape.

Thus, reincarnation couldn't allow them to break out of their original Great Dao constraints. This was the case for Earth Count's Ah Chou.

“My reincarnation is still touring the worlds outside. It will take him a few days to come here.”

East Deity laughed. “Please wait a couple of days, Great Wizard. I will get people to prepare a place to stay.”

Qin Mu said, “I'm used to staying at the Jade Pool. Don't worry, East Deity, I will stay on the dragon island.”

East Deity nodded, and the boat sailed towards the island. On it, his descendants laid on the ground, not having the energy needed to move. East Deity frowned and called many dragon servants to pack things up and bring out the largest palace on the island.

Qin Mu entered and saw that this palace's sculptures, pillars, and paintings were adorned with precious treasures. He couldn't help but praise, “How luxurious.”

East Deity said, “You shall stay here for a while. When my reincarnation arrives, we shall begin with the second test.”

Qin Mu said, “The later he comes, the more excited I get. You have already administered the first test, and I'm very excited for the second one. I can't wait for your reincarnation to arrive! I won't disappoint you, Deity!”

“Won't disappoint me…”

Suddenly, East Deity laughed. “Great Wizard, I'm busy with work, so I shall stop disturbing you.”

Qin Mu sent him on and said, “I believe you can feel my anticipation for your reincarnation's early arrival.”

East Deity returned to the Numinous Sky Hall of the Green Dragon Celestial Palace and summoned all of his officials.

They were his descendants. There was no one from another race. They looked up at him on the throne. He was visibly troubled and frustrated.

The crown prince coughed, bowed, and asked, “Why do you look so worried, Father?”

East Deity released a long sigh and told him about everything. “I just discovered that I don't understand this Great Wizard and his divine arts at all. Thus, I underestimated him. His divine arts are filled with wonders. That entering the path with the divine art, Flowers of Illusory Grandeur Between People, was something I couldn't comprehend and understand. I couldn't find its flaws or secret marvels. If that's the case with that move, I'll likely be even more clueless about his other divine arts. Thus, I'm worried about losing to him in the second test.”

The officials in court felt a chill down their spines.

The second prince came forward, bowed, and asked, “If you're not confident, Father, why not cancel the second test?”

“I was forced to administer the test by what he said, as he grabbed hold of my weakness.”

East Deity frowned and continued, “He is determined to beat me and overwhelm my awe. I cannot back out. All I can say is that my reincarnation is touring the world and is rushing back to delay the fight for a couple of days.”

The princes were furious. “This Celestial Venerable Mu is too heartless! He doesn't know how to save Father's face and give him a chance to back out!”

They discussed it and found a counter-strategy. They explained, “Fret not, Father, Celestial Venerable Mu has beaten up our brothers and sisters, so we have sufficient reason to challenge him. We can force him to deploy his other ultimate divine arts so you can observe in the dark and find a way to break them. Thus, when you battle him, you will win!”

East Deity was delighted and smiled. “I'm grateful that my sons are sharing my burden.”

The princes exited the hall. The third prince said, “Father is facing a strong enemy. It seems like this Celestial Venerable Mu's divine art is powerful indeed. There's another way besides forcing him to expose his divine arts, though. That way is to beat him up every day so that he leaves the East Pole!”

The crown prince said, “Father still needs him, and he doesn't want to burn the bridge with him. We are only to enact justice for our brothers and sisters. It'll be enough to force him to deploy his divine arts.”

The second prince said, “Big Brother is in the Emperor's Throne Realm, so he shall watch the grounds. Everyone else will go first. Remember, we're here only to enact justice for our brothers and sisters. Don't mention anything else!”

The plan was set, and they went to the dragon island of the Jade Pool menacingly by riding on clouds and lightning. Many divine dragons circled over the island, looking down on it.

A dragon son went down and claimed that he wanted to enact justice for the brothers and sisters on the island, thus challenging Celestial Venerable Mu.

After a while, a slightly delicate lady walked out and said, “Master is cultivating, so he sent me to deal with all of you.”

That dragon son was so angry that he laughed. “Is Celestial Venerable Mu so arrogant that he sent a maid? That's impotent from him!”

Yan'er coldly said, “I'm not Master's maid. I just like serving people. If you spew any further nonsense, I'll tear up your mouth!”

That dragon son was furious, and he morphed into a human with a dragon head. He held a dragon halberd and declared, “I'll beat you first before going after Celestial Venerable Mu to enact justice for my brothers and sisters!”

Yan'er rose up, and they fought in the air. After a few rounds, that dragon son's mouth was torn apart as he returned to his original form and fell into the Jade Pool, unconscious.

It was good that the water of the Jade Pool was filled with life force, as it prevented him from dying.

“You beat up the eighty-seventh brother!”

Another dragon son came and declared, “I'll avenge him!”

Yan'er fearlessly faced him head-on and almost beat this dragon god to death.

The other dragon sons came forward, and they all fell out of the sky in defeat. However, Yan'er was tired too. At that moment, Qin Mu's voice rang out, saying, “Back off first, Yan'er.”

Yan'er nodded and backed off.

“Pi, you will go.”

Qin Mu said, “Everyone, you challenged me, but I can't beat you with my seniority. Thus, I will let Pi battle you. If you can win while in the same realm, I'll battle all of you.”

As he was talking, a large creature walked out of the palace. He had the head of a dragon and the body of a qilin. As he walked, he morphed into a buff youth. He said, “I'm in the god realm. Who dares to fight me?”

The descendants of the Green Dragon Celestial Palace continued to challenge, yet this youth called Pi's techniques and divine arts were sharp and oppressive. He had all sorts of divine arts that made people confused, and he continuously defeated twenty to thirty dragon sons and daughters without losing.

Dragon Pi got tired, so Yan'er fought instead. This occurred over a couple of days, and they didn't lose once!

The crown prince frowned, coughed, and ordered, “Back off, I'll do it.”

The crown prince walked forward. Dragon Pi looked at him, hesitated, and shouted to the people inside the palace, “Cult Master, this dragon has the look of prosperity. He's probably a strong practitioner that cultivates the Emperor's Throne. I'm not his match.”

Qin Mu walked out of the palace, smiled, and said, “Back off, Fatty Dragon.”

The crown prince greeted Qin Mu, “My brothers and sisters have been naughty enough to offend you, Celestial Venerable Mu. I'm here to apologize…”

Qin Mu lifted his hand and said, “There's no need for more words. I know why you are here. I have a total of eight moves in my entering the path with divine arts. If you can receive them, I shall let bygones be bygones.”

The crown prince was delighted, and he solemnly said, “Please, Celestial Venerable.”

Qin Mu immediately deployed the first move. Suddenly, the meteorological phenomenon changed. Heavenly Dao was high up in the sky while the Aeon Dao stretched itself out. The circular place saw the 49 Heavenly Daos fuse with the 36 Aeon Daos to form a curve that was completely smooth and bright.

On that curve with four sides, four faces of different gods and devils, each representing different emotions, appeared.

The crown prince looked up, and Qin Mu morphed into this four-faced god, which made him feel imposed upon and fearful.

Qin Mu's mudra fell, and the crown prince was forced to raise his cultivation to block it!

He wanted to fight Qin Mu in the same realm, but he found out that he wasn't Qin Mu's match while in the same realm. Thus, he had to raise his cultivation to the level of a true god!

He received this blow from Qin Mu, and the magic power in his body flowed chaotically. His vital qi became uncontrolled torrential currents, while his consciousness was almost scattered. He became fearful, so he hurriedly unleashed his magic power to the Jade Pool Realm. It was then that the chaos in his body vanished.

At that moment, Qin Mu unleashed his second move. It was the Heavenly Door of Heaven and Earth, and it fell from the sky and suppressed him.

The Heavenly Door of Heaven and Earth fused the 49 Heavenly Daos and the 64 Great Daos of Youdu to form a terrifying divine art!

The crown prince was forced to elevate his magic power again, raising his cultivation to the peak of the Jade Pool Realm. However, he felt figurative blazing flames burning his soul as Xuandu and Yuandu pressured him and his corporeal body. He was forced to unleash his seal on the God Execution Stage Realm!

Qin Mu then deployed the third move, the Celestial River's Viewing of the Four Poles. Soon, the fourth move, Grand Overarching Heavenly Completion, was also displayed.

Move after move was deployed, and the crown prince blocked them with his life. He was a being at the Emperor's Throne Realm, after all. By raising his cultivation to the God Execution Stage Realm, he could receive Qin Mu's divine arts, even the big one that he used to enter the path.

Finally, all eight moves were used up. Qin Mu adjusted his sleeves and returned to the palace.

The crown prince bowed and sent him off, saying, “Many thanks for the granting of my wish, Celestial Venerable!”

Qin Mu said, “Your father has seen my divine arts. His reincarnation should be here soon, right?”

The crown prince was stunned as he blushed.

He led his brothers and sisters back to the Numinous Sky Hall and saw East Deity Qing Long full of smiles. “Good job! Especially Yuan Long! You forced him to use all eight of his great divine arts, which means you've achieved a great merit! However, I still need a few days to calculate the flaws in them.”

The crown prince bowed and said, “I congratulate you on your victory, Father!”

East Deity Qing Long laughed and locked himself up.

After a dozen days, East Deity emerged and summoned everyone to inquire about Qin Mu. The crown prince replied, “Celestial Venerable Mu stayed on the island and rarely moved. He hasn't left the island.”

East Deity Qing Long smiled. “This fellow is steady.”

At that moment, his reincarnation came from behind him. It was a form of the deity with the head of a dragon and the body of a human. He had the aura of a golden dragon around him, which made him extraordinarily formidable.

East Deity Qing Long's reincarnation went to the Jade Pool, and the others followed. It was a big affair that got many of the dragon sons and grandsons of the Green Dragon Celestial Palace to watch from above.

When they arrived at the dragon island, East Deity turned around and lifted his hand. Everyone else stopped and hovered in the air.

East Deity's reincarnation slowly landed on the island. He smiled. “I'm sorry for the wait, Great Wizard.”

Qin Mu formally said, “You're too formal, East Deity. Since you are testing me today, I want to bet with you, East Deity. I have a jar of Mother Earth's primordial liquid here. I would like to wager it for your Numinous Treasure Mountain. Are you interested, East Deity?”

East Deity's reincarnation's eyes expanded, and his breathing hastened as he said, “Primordial liquid? A jar of it?”

Qin Mu flipped his palm, and a jar of primordial liquid appeared. It emanated pure and powerful energy as Qin Mu smiled. “What do you think, Deity?”

East Deity turned around and hesitantly said, “It may be precious, but a jar of it isn't worth the Numinous Treasure Mountain. How about a peak?”

Qin Mu smiled. “Great, a peak then. Deity, I'm in the god realm.”

East Deity turned around, nodded, and sealed the Southern Heavenly Gate. He smiled and said, “I will face you in that realm then. Please!”

Qin Mu smiled and pulled out his sword. A sword flew out, and sword light shone on the island. Instantly, the Supreme Emperor Heaven, Supreme Brightness Heaven, Pure Brightness Heaven, and Dark Embryo Heaven appeared on the island…

The 33 heavens appeared with a howl!

The reincarnation of East Deity in the sword light was shocked and furious. The 33 Heavens with One Sword wasn't Qin Mu's divine art at all!

They flew towards him and made his comprehension and attempt to break Qin Mu's divine arts completely useless!

In the sword light, draconic blood flew out!

In the end, the 33 heavens became one sword, which Qin Mu clutched. With a long howl, he finally comprehended Founding Emperor's sword realm.

A powerful sword realm was formed in his surroundings as if he held all the power of an indestructible Great Dao!

With the sword in hand, Qin Mu stabbed towards him. The realm concentrated all of his energy, vital qi, consciousness, and even his primordial spirit!

Unknowingly, he fused the sword realm and the twentieth sword form. This fusion allowed him to perfectly display the move that Founding Emperor pioneered. He pierced the reincarnation of East Deity with one blade.

East Deity's reincarnation flew back as hundreds of wounds burst open all over his body. He rolled around and went out of the Jade Pool before smacking into a palace!

Qin Mu put away his blade and said to Yan'er, who was behind him, “Pack up the mountain and prepare to leave. It's time for us to meet North Deity.”

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