Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1027 - Founding Emperor and the Four Deities

Divine King Lang Wo's gaze was like spring water as she gently said, “Ancient gods aren't trustworthy. None of them. Holy infant, you are our hope…”

Qin Mu looked at her and asked, “Do you all have the power to go against the celestial heavens?”

Divine King Lang Wo sat there quietly, looking at the torrents from the Spirit Energy Mutual Shift Bridge outside. Her gaze was deep and mesmerizing as she said, “Holy infant, the hatred between the ancient gods and us is so deep that we wish for each other's extinction. You cannot mediate it. Such hatred is implanted in our schools of thought, which have been passed down for generations. Similarly, there's no way that the ancient gods will let us go.”

This Spirit Energy Mutual Shift Bridge led to the North Pole. The four poles were connected by the four deities of the ancient gods. Spirit Energy Mutual Shift Bridges linked them together for easy access.

In the past, gods and devils had to rely on ferries traversing the celestial river waterway to get to the four poles, and it took around a hundred years to reach them from the celestial heavens.

Of course, that only applied to normal gods and devils. For strong practitioners at the Emperor's Throne and the Celestial Venerables, the time needed was much shorter.

The shortest route was to go to Youdu or Xuandu and use them to shorten the route. Youdu had Elder Messenger of Death's paper boats, which one could take to go to the four poles, saving both time and energy.

As for Xuandu, it was in the center of the universe, where space was warped. There, the roads were guarded by Sun Guardians. One could take the golden crow to get to the poles quickly.

With the Spirit Energy Mutual Shift Bridges, it became even more convenient.

Qin Mu looked out and remained silent for a moment before mumbling, “It's hard on me too, Sister Lang Wo, it's really hard on me…”

Divine King Lang Wo looked at him and didn't dare to speak again.

After a long while, Qin Mu asked, “What did you discover from your long observation of the divine weapon Celestial Venerable Yu?”

Divine King Lang Wo's gaze flashed as she replied, “It is indeed unbelievably powerful. For the celestial heavens to be able to create such a divine weapon, they are likely unrivaled in strength. In addition, it can be controlled, unlike the Grand Emperor or Celestial Emperor. With such a divine weapon suppressing the heavens, the celestial heavens' empire is forever secured. Their rule will never be overthrown again. However, there is a weak point.”

Qin Mu looked at her and probed, “Consciousness?”

Divine King Lang Wo nodded and replied, “A very big weak point. The divine weapon Celestial Venerable Yu isn't the real corporeal body of the Celestial Venerables, but a manufactured weapon. Thus, the Celestial Venerables need to insert their primordial spirits into the weapon before they can control the massive power of Celestial Venerable Yu. We can use our powerful consciousnesses to control it before the Celestial Venerables do.”

Qin Mu's eyes lit up, and he said, “You didn't do anything to Divine King Lang Xuan's divine weapon Celestial Venerable Yu, right? I still haven't told you this, but he is the son of Celestial Emperor and one of the three primordial kings, Divine King Gong Yun. He's considered half master of creation, and his consciousness is likely not weak!”

Divine King Lang Wo was shocked. She stared at him and said, “God Emperor Lang Xuan is Celestial Emperor's son? In that case, doesn't Celestial Emperor's family take up half of the ten Celestial Venerables of the celestial heavens?”

Qin Mu thought about it and affirmed that it was indeed so.

The ancient Celestial Emperor, Celestial Empress, Mistress Yuanmu, Celestial Venerable Hao, and God Emperor Lang Xuan. Celestial Emperor's family made up five of the ten Celestial Venerables!

Outside of Celestial Emperor, there was also Grand Emperor Ju Yushi, the son of Heaven Duke, Ancestral God King, and the daughter of Earth Count, Celestial Venerable Xu. There were only two people out of the ten Celestial Venerables that didn't have such a deep-seated background, and one of them was Celestial Venerable Huo!

“To me, East Deity's bloodline is the number one bloodline, but that's only because he has many offspring. Celestial Emperor's descendants are of a higher quality.”

Qin Mu couldn't help but sigh. “Right. The East Pole shouldn't be the ancestral court, right?”

Divine King Lang Wo shook her head. “No, it isn't. However, it has treasures from the ancestral court, like the Numinous Treasure Mountain and the Jade Pool.”

Qin Mu was shocked. There were such great treasures in the ancestral court?

He couldn't help but feel even more excited to see the ancestral court.

In the East Pole, East Deity Qing Long led his officials back to the Green Dragon Celestial Palace. The crown prince asked, “Father, are you really not going to send anyone to kill Celestial Venerable Mu and take back the Numinous Treasure Mountain?”

East Deity shook his head and said, “It may be precious, but it's only something I grind my teeth against. It isn't the most precious treasure of my East Pole. Although he humiliated me, I sent him off nine times, so there's no way the celestial heavens will tolerate him anymore. They will send someone to kill him.”

The crown prince hesitated and asked, “Father, if you need Celestial Venerable Mu, why would you push him into such danger?”

East Deity glanced at him and plainly said, “Celestial Venerable Mu is arrogant, conceited, and hard to control. He is but a small human that was super lucky to receive the status and position he has now. If he knew what was good for him, he would have obediently accepted my two tests. Instead, he supplanted me and humiliated me so that he could share equal status with us, the ancient gods.”

Anger clearly emanated from his voice despite his tone becoming plainer and plainer. “If he grows up, how different will he be from the ten Celestial Venerables of the celestial heavens?”

“The ten Celestial Venerables' motive is to get rid of us and take all of the power for themselves. Our motive, outside of self-defense, is to get rid of them, not to groom an enemy!”

He walked towards the Numinous Sky Hall and sat on his throne. He then deployed his long fingers to grab onto the arms of the throne and suppressed his celestial palace with his authority. Following that, he coldly shouted, “Celestial Venerable Mu doesn't realize this. Since he doesn't, I will let reality force him to realize it. After he leaves the East Pole, he will fool around until he's critically injured. Then, he will learn to be humble, submit to us, the ancient gods, and do his job honestly!”

His gaze was like lightning. He glanced towards his crown prince as he spoke with great conviction, saying, “Us, the ancient gods, have been the masters of this universe since the primordial era. The so-called masters of creation, half-gods, Celestial Venerables, and humans are merely passersby. It's only with our benevolence that you lot can live and survive. It was us who maintained the order of the universe in the prehistoric era that allowed you lot to reproduce!”

“It was already traitorous of the Postcelestial beings to steal our authority and reform and mess with the Dao! They shouldn't have been let go of!

“This isn't just what I think, it's the thought of all ancient gods!”

The crown prince felt a chill down his spine as he looked down, too scared to speak.

“We tried to groom Qin Ye so we could use him to go up against the Celestial Venerables. Who knew he would be so incompetent and flee with his elites after such careful grooming!”

East Deity gave a cold humph and pulverized the arm of his throne with his grip. He coldly shouted, “How much effort did we put into grooming him and the Founding Emperor Era? While we were anticipating his battle with the celestial heavens, his own celestial heavens was in a total mess! He probably understood why we put him forward and thus took Founding Emperor Era's elites and ran away. He even imparted his sword skill to Qin Mu to hurt me. What an ungrateful brat!”

The crown prince shivered as cold sweat poured down his forehead.

He had experienced some of those things. East Deity Qing Long was great to Founding Emperor then. He even went down to help Founding Emperor.

Founding Emperor sent Di Yiyue to be groomed by East Deity, who took her in and imparted god techniques to her.

There was even a short period of time where East Deity's reincarnation went down to become Founding Emperor's Dao friend.

When Founding Emperor established the 33 heavens and the Founding Emperor Celestial Heavens, East Deity and the other three great deities personally went to him and congratulated him.

The crown prince hadn't thought about all of the intrigues involved in all of that before.

Now that he remembered all of those things, he couldn't help but have a chill down his spine.

All of the history he personally experienced had so much danger hidden in it!

East Deity relaxed his tone and smiled warmly. “Don't worry, you are my son, I wouldn't do anything against you. You shall do your job and rebuild the celestial heavens in the future…”

He leisurely said, “Maybe you will have a chance on the throne too. It's time to wash this Dragon Han Celestial Heavens with blood and change its owner.”

In the North Pole, the Heavenly Dragon Treasure Carriage appeared on the Spirit Energy Mutual Shift Bridge's sacrificial altar.

Just like at the East Pole, the North Pole's sacrificial altar was at the edge of the vast heaven and earth.

Qin Mu and the black tiger god collaborated to design the Spirit Energy Mutual Shift Bridge under Saint Woodcutter. The black tiger god was a mere god called Senior Tiger back then, while Qin Mu was an irrelevant divine arts practitioner.

These two insignificant figures ended up designing a tool that would greatly affect the layout of the celestial heavens and various great heavens. It was treated like a miracle then.

Due to that, their names became the stuff of legends.

The six heavenly dragons pulled the carriage forward. The North Pole was chilly and damp, and thunder clouds covered the sky. The sun and moon were rarely seen, while the cold and howling winds dominated the sky. In the sky were also thousands of winged snakes that were traversing through the clouds.

One of the large snakes opened its wings and used them to change its form. It seemed like it would be great at combat.

Qin Mu looked down and saw how the North Pole wasn't a complete continent, but a large lake. The celestial river gathered there to form a large lake. It contained many divine turtles, which had the heads of dragons and the tails of crocodiles. They were massive and carried landmasses on their backs while swimming in the great lake of the celestial river. Their howls were as loud as thunder.

Those black turtles spat out lightning, which stirred around before rising. The snakes in the air spat out bright pearls that came into contact with the lightning to form thunder.

The carriage traversed through the wind and lightning, and the snakes and turtles examined them before morphing into boys and girls. If they didn't morph, they would stand in the air or on the lake, putting aside the land on their backs.

Sometimes, there would be boys and girls descending from the skies or rising from the lake. They embraced in the air and formed a black tortoise upon landing, becoming a weird half-god that was a mixture of turtles and snakes.

Either that or they would become weird humans with the backs of turtles that had snakes on them.

Qin Mu expressed his admiration. He had heard much about North Deity Xuan Wu and had met him once before.

It was on the eve of the Eternal Peace Calamity. The divine weapon Five Thunder Pot, which belonged to North Deity Xuan Wu, landed in Eternal Peace. Aside from the pot, there were other weapons belonging to the four deities of the ancient gods.

Qin Mu rescued Di Yiyue, and he got rid of that meteorological calamity. It was then that Qin Mu knew that Di Yiyue was once the disciple of the four deities of the ancient gods and thus had deep connections with them.

On the ghost ship, Qin Mu also stole North Deity Xuan Wu's power to break the ship. He was captured and saw North Deity's face from afar.

The treasure carriage went deep into the North Pole. Qin Mu saw another divine weapon Celestial Venerable Yu, so he stopped by to examine it.

This divine weapon Celestial Venerable Yu's body was extremely large too. It had a smile on it. Surprisingly, it seemed somewhat charming as hot air steamed from its back, which helped to dispel the chill and darkness in the North Pole.

“This Lan Yutian is designed to be so charming and moving. I wonder which female Celestial Venerable it belongs to.” Qin Mu laughed.

Chapter end

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