Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 103 - Corpse Killing Needles

He Yin flew into a fury and wanted to give chase but a sharp pain came from his shoulder. When Qin Mu used the sword sheath to recall Junior Protector Sword, the power of that stab wasn't strong but because the Junior Protector Sword was too sharp, it still managed to penetrate through his shoulder bone and created a huge hole in his shoulder!

He Yin endured the pain and took out jade bottles, big and small. He first applied medicine which could stop bleeding before applying medicines that could treat broken bones and also regenerate flesh. However, the sharp pain was very unbearable.

Meanwhile, a flying zombie behind him took out ointment from the medicine jar and smeared it on the neck of a flying zombie which Qin Mu had beheaded. The zombie then grabbed the flying zombie's head and placed it back on the neck which had been smeared with medicine.

The flying zombie's head swayed and gave a few cracks, however, his head had been assembled backward therefore he was facing the back.

The flying zombie which had 'treated' him seemed to be oblivious and walked towards the flying zombie which had been split in half. He pieced the body back together and smeared the fishy ointment on it.

These flying zombies were either beheaded or split into half yet they still couldn't die. As long as the ointment from Corpse Immortal Cult was smeared on the limbs, the limbs would be reattached and they could still leap and frisk about. It was truly a surprising sight.

Corpse Immortal Cult which was used to creating corpses sure had their unique points.

Suddenly the sound of breaking through the air sounded out. Disciples of Corpse Immortal Cult quickly rushed to He Yin's side and one of the female disciples asked in astonishment, "Senior Brother He Yin, you're hurt? Is that brat very strong?"


He Yin replied with a grim expression and gritted his teeth, "He is at most at Five Elements Realm but his cultivation isn't bad. Furthermore, he has a very strange body technique and is skilled in sword control techniques as well as spells. He had a treasure sword which could be recalled back with his sword sheath and this sword is extremely sharp, so sharp that even my flying zombies can't defend against it! His injuries shouldn't be light as well. He shouldn't have escaped too far!"

Most of the disciples of Corpse Immortal Cult were astonished. The female disciple replied, "Since he is good in sword control technique and spells, he must be lacking in battle technique. Let us give chase and capture him to hand over to Cult Leader to deal with."

More than a dozen disciples of the Corpse Immortal Cult left hastily.

He Yin rose and also wanted to head over when a figure suddenly flew over. He Yin saw the face of this person and got startled. He immediately bowed and greeted, "Senior Uncle Qiao!"

That Senior Uncle Qiao frowned, "Not only have you not yet caught the brat that killed Cult Leader's son, you are instead injured by him. He Yin, you are really something!"

He Yin was embarrassed and asked, "Senior Uncle Qiao, Cult Leader…"

"Cult Leader has already known and is extremely angry. However, he's still stabilizing the situation and quelling the riots in the city."

Senior Uncle Qiao continued, "Now that Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor had suffered grave injuries, there are no heroes that wouldn't take this chance to stir havoc and slay the clique of traitors in order to correct the laws and discipline of the imperial court. This time our Corpse Immortal Cult has sufficient reason to send forces to clip off Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor's wings and take over Dyke River County City. Now that Dyke River County is under our Corpse Immortal Cult's power, its foundation must be stabilized so that we can catch the remaining clique of Imperial Preceptor in one fell swoop! Cult Leader may be devastated but he still prioritizes the general situation first."

He Yin understood and replied, "May I ask Senior Uncle Qiao to follow those few junior brothers and junior sisters. That person may not be old but he has a sharp sword that could transform into a fish dragon…"

Senior Uncle Qiao was astonished, "A sharp sword that could transform into a fish dragon? What is the specific shape? Tell me in detail!"

He Yin described Junior Protector Sword and the strange sword sheath causing Senior Uncle Qiao to be greatly shocked and cried out, "This is the treasure sword of a first ranking high official in the Imperial Family, a first class treasure in the world! Even our Corpse Immortal Cult doesn't have such a powerful treasure! How could such an important treasure appear in the hands of this youth? Could he be the heir to one of the first ranking high official in the Imperial Family?"

His gaze flickered and smiled, "This sword is remarkable, the heavens must be wanting our cult to prosper by sending us a first ranking treasure sword! I shall go and plunder the sword!" Once he was finished, he disappeared in a flash.

He Yin frowned as he thought to himself, "Treasure sword of a first ranking high official? This is a treasure which symbolizes one's position in the Imperial Family. How would a first-ranking high official hand the Imperial Family's treasure sword to their own heir? Senior Uncle Qiao is not thinking this through… I should still quickly report this to Cult Leader!"

He immediately headed back to Dyke River County City.

Senior Uncle Qiao followed the trails left behind by Qin Mu and Corpse Immortal Cult's disciples and searched his way over. Suddenly he frowned slightly when he saw the first corpse. The corpse of a Corpse Immortal Cult's disciple.

There was a bloody streak across the neck of the Corpse Immortal Cult's disciple. Other than that, there were no other injuries on his body and there were no bloodstains at his side either. From the wound, he should have been stabbed in the throat by the sword's tip which sliced open the two biggest blood vessel in his throat.

From the angle of the wound, this Corpse Immortal Cult's disciple should have been traveling on the yellow joss papers and got assassinated from the back. Before he could react, his throat had already been cut by the treasure sword.

However, what's strange was that there were no blood stains in the surroundings.

Senior Uncle Qiao frowned. This meant that this disciple didn't die here. He was disposed here after traveling in the air for some time.

His blood had already been drained while he was in the air.

What did this mean?

It meant that the youth that had killed him was standing right behind him!

This disciple should have been rushing forward while traveling on the yellow joss papers to search for traces of Qin Mu. Meanwhile, the youth had silently appeared behind him and sliced his throat in a single blade. The youth then kept close to him and controlled his sword case so that the yellow joss papers would continue to fly forward and pave the way.

At the same time, this youth controlled the corpse of the Corpse Immortal Cult's disciple to move forward continuously, making it look like he was alive as he caught up to the rest of the Corpse Immortal Cult's disciples.

"This is the art of corpse control!"

The expression of Senior Uncle Qiao changed slightly, "This youth also understands how to control corpses! The disciples of our cult are in danger! However, come to think of it, there should be no first ranking high official in the Imperial Family who is skilled at corpse control. Where is this youth from? Where did he learn the skills of corpse control?"

Now it was late at night and was almost reaching the third period of the night watch. Even though there was still moonlight, one couldn't see clearly or see too far ahead.

Senior Uncle Qiao could imagine how Qin Mu took advantage of the night to control the corpse of the Corpse Immortal Cult's disciple. This way he could get closer to the other Corpse Immortal Cult's disciples without alerting them. When they could finally see clearly, it was probably too late for them to avoid his sword!

Other than Corpse Immortal Cult, there were also other evil cults and devil cults which knew the art of corpse control. However, everyone had different skills and techniques.

Corpse Immortal Cult could be considered outstanding in the path of corpse control and raising corpses, however, their reputation wasn't too good.

From the method of Qin Mu's corpse control, it was very likely to be extremely remarkable. To be able to kill a Corpse Immortal Cult's disciple and control his body afterward to make him look like he was still alive, resulting in the other disciples to be unable to see anything unusual. This kind of corpse control art was extremely rare.

"It seems to be the Great Corpse Control Skill from Heavenly Devil Cult…"

Senior Uncle Qiao continued to give chase and not long after, he saw the second corpse, followed by the third and the fourth…

The corners of his eyes twitched when he saw that the seventh corpse. The seventh corpse had no skin which must have been stripped. However, even after the skin was stripped, not a drop of blood flew out and there were no bloodstains anywhere.

Senior Uncle Qiao had a huge change in expression as he let out a murky breath, "Heavenly Devil Creation Technique! This youth is a disciple of Heavenly Devil Cult!"

Now that the corpse was unrecognizable, this means that Qin Mu could be anyone among the disciples that had given chase!

A murderous intent flashed through Senior Uncle Qiao's eyes as he continued to give chase. Not long later, he met a few disciples of Corpse Immortal Cult. These few people had grouped together and looked around cautiously. When they saw his arrival, they all let out sighs of relief.

One of the disciples called out, "Senior Uncle Qiao…"

Senior Uncle Qiao flicked his fingers and fine needles that were as thin as cow hair shot into the hearts of the brows of these disciples in a flash!

Their gaze instantly turned lifeless as their souls and spirits rapidly disintegrated while they vomited out white foam.

These needles were Senior Uncle Qiao's spirit weapon which he called Corpse Killing Needles. As long as one got hit by the needles, his souls and spirits would disintegrate and become a walking corpse that had no soul left. Even the greatest gods and immortals wouldn't be able to save them!

A female disciple stuttered, "S-senior Uncle Qiao, w-why…"

Senior Uncle Qu traveled over quickly and check the bodies of these few disciples. He then frowned slightly.

He did not find Qin Mu!

If Qin Mu had used Heavenly Devil Creation Technique from Heavenly Devil Cult to strip the skin and transformed into the appearance of a disciple of Corpse Immortal Cult, there should be a red line on his skin but there was no red line on the bodies of these disciples!

This meant that Qin Mu wasn't among them!

"Crap, I've fallen into his trap! I've killed the wrong people."

The corners of Senior Uncle Qiao's eyes twitched as he looked at the bodies of the Corpse Immortal Cult's disciples and calculated silently, "If I leave their corpses as they are, I'm afraid Cult Leader and the other old fogeys would perceive something. It's still better to get rid of the bodies."

Flicking his nails, the powder hidden in his nails flew out and landed on the bodies. The flesh and blood of the Corpse Immortal Cult's disciples instantly melted. Even the bones and the clothes on their bodies also melted and turned into a puddle of pus.

Senior Uncle Qiao gave a sigh of relief and squinted his eyes to look at his surroundings. He didn't find any traces of Qin Mu. Suddenly his body trembled and with a whoosh, countless of red dots flew down from his Taoist robes. They were thousands and thousands of corpse beetles.

The corpse beetles vibrated their wings and flew off in all directions. As the moonlight sets in the west, the east was suffused in white. As the swarm of red colored corpse beetles flew in the sky, they were like fireflies roaming in the wild before the sun rose.

"A first ranking high official's treasure sword should be enough to use as a cult legacy's treasure."

Senior Uncle Qiao raised his head and looked at the red clouds in the east while mumbling, "Cult Leader has been sitting in the leader position forever and it's time for him to move his butt…"

Great Ruins, Disabled Elderly Village.

"Mu'er, it's time to wake up and eat. Why are you still sleeping?"

Just as Granny Si finished her words, she couldn't help turning blank. These few days after Qin Mu had left, she would also make an extra portion when cooking and called Qin Mu over to have his meal. She would always forget that Qin Mu had left the village.

Granny Si sighed and finished her breakfast alone and in silence. Putting the bowls and pots aside, she didn't wash them and just sat at the table, lost in her thoughts.

Suddenly the little old woman stood up and went into her room to pack up her stuff. Carrying her basket, she walked out of her house with tiny steps and headed out of the village.

At the village entrance, Apothecary and Village Chief were still drinking tea, sitting around leisurely and contented.

Granny Si paid no attention to both of them. Carrying her basket, she continued her walk to exit the village.

"Old Woman Si, you want to leave the village. Aren't you going to say something?" Village Chief asked unhurriedly.

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