Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1032 - The Savage Hammering of Son of Heaven Yin

Prince You Ming carried with him the Eight Trigrams Mirror and hid the snakeskin sack in his clothes as he walked out of the Xuan Celestial Palace.

Just as he thought of turning back to take a look, the voice of Deity Xuan traveled over, saying, “Don't turn back before entering the Primordial Realm. Keep moving forward, but don't use the Spirit Energy Mutual Shift Bridge, as that would require you to enter the celestial heavens. Head towards Yuandu from the celestial river. You are my son. Although taking the waterway is slower than the Spirit Energy Mutual Shift Bridge, it would at most take a year.”

Prince You Ming walked forward in silence. When he came to the Spirit Energy Mutual Shift Bridge, he ran into Qin Mu's Heavenly Dragon Treasure Carriage, which was about to enter the bridge.

Prince You Ming hurriedly gave his thanks. “Many thanks for Celestial Venerable's kind words in front of my parents, allowing me to be freed.”

Qin Mu walked out of the treasure carriage and helped him up. He smiled as he said, “It's a small matter, not worth mentioning. Where is Prince heading?”

Prince You Ming said, “My parents want me to head towards the Primordial Realm to see the world.” After that, he told him about Deity Xuan's warning that he shouldn't turn back.

Qin Mu pondered for some time. He then smiled and said, “I know why you are forbidden from turning back and know who you will meet along your travels. Don't worry, I'll give you a divine art. Even if you run into the person, you can run away.”

Prince You Ming was puzzled. He asked, “My father is proficient in calculations. Could it be that Celestial Venerable is also proficient in this?

Qin Mu laughed heartily. “Deity Xuan hasn't taught me his calculations. I simply thought of something from your words.”

He executed his divine art, the form of his ten fingers everchanging. Suddenly, he tapped the heart of Prince You Ming's brows gently and smiled. “Prince, look at the eye at the heart of my brows.”

Prince You Ming looked at it and said, “Celestial Venerable, what divine art is this?”

The eye at the heart of Qin Mu's brows radiated brightly. He smiled as he said, “You'll know it in the future. Prince can go now.”

He returned to the treasure carriage, which was then pulled by the six heavenly dragons, galloping into the Spirit Energy Mutual Shift Bridge.

Prince You Ming shook his head and continued his journey. Not long after, he came to the deep end of the celestial river. He jumped into it and transformed into a giant dragon turtle. With a shake of his tail, he glided along the current.

He was indeed the son of Xuan Wu. His speed in the water was extremely fast. As his huge body swam in the water, it caused the water level to soar.

In the past, before the Spirit Energy Mutual Shift Bridge, there used to be a steady flow of ships on the waterway of the celestial river. They were mostly merchant ships from the various heavens. However, with the Spirit Energy Mutual Shift Bridge, the ships decreased greatly.

Prince You Ming was enjoying his journey and felt a soothing feeling that he had never had before. He was suppressed for 600,000 years. Now that he was free, he was extremely relieved.

However, he was rather surprised that he didn't see that many ships along the way.

He had traveled for over two months, and the journey was incomparably dull. The soothing feeling that he experienced previously had already disappeared.

Although there were many water race gods and devils in the water, even dragon kings, they were unable to recognize him, this prince of the North Pole. Moreover, his speed was too fast, so before these water races could take a proper look, he had already disappeared.

Today, Prince You Ming was swimming in the water when he saw several resplendent-looking ships on the surface. He couldn't help but be bewildered. However, he recalled the words of Deity Xuan. Hence, he ignored them and continued moving forward.

There were many god generals on the ships. There were also graceful goddesses singing and dancing to the melodious drum beats. A great deity was enjoying the song and dance. However, when he realized that the water of the celestial river suddenly surged, he looked below and saw a giant dragon turtle swimming past.

Upon seeing that, the great deity laughed and said, “Dao Brother You Ming, please stay!”

When Prince You Ming heard that voice, his heart leaped. 'Seems like it's the Son of Heaven Yin, Yin Chaojin. Why is he traveling on the celestial river? The last time he came to the North Pole, he bragged to me that he had become the Black Deity of Mingdu. After that, he failed to get a hold of the Five Thunder Pots. Instead, he released a bunch of worms to attack the gourds…'

Son of Heaven Yin and him used to be on good terms, and he wanted to stop. However, he thought of Deity Xuan's words and pretended he didn't hear him, continuing to swim forward.

The magic power of Son of Heaven Yin exploded, wrapping around the ship and raising it into the air as it gave chase. Son of Heaven Yin laughed as he said, “Dao Brother You Ming, don't you remember Little Brother? I missed you terribly for the last 600,000 years!”

Prince You Ming continued to pretend not to hear him. He swam forward, not bothering with anything else.

Son of Heaven Yin couldn't match up to his speed and was thus unable to catch up. He shouted, “Dao Brother, don't you remember our relationship in the past? We used to play together. I even called you Elder Brother!”

Prince You Ming thought of the past and began to slow down. He thought, 'In the past, the friendship between the few of us was pretty good… Pah, pah! Back then, Son of Youdu and Celestial Venerable Hao hung out with me because they were plotting after my family's property. They knew my parents had many treasures and often cheated my family of those things!'

He increased his speed again, and Son of Heaven Yin shouted, “Coward!”

Prince You Ming was enraged. He immediately stopped and turned around. The flow of the celestial river was instantly broken. He said furiously, “Little Rascal Yin, who are you referring to?”

The ship flew over and crashed into the water surface with a loud bang. Son of Heaven Yin fell to his knees, smiling as he said, “Dao Brother, if I didn't provoke you, would you have turned back? Please accept my apologies. I haven't seen you for so many years and missed you terribly. Hence, I resorted to this.”

Prince You Ming saw that he actually knelt down to him and immediately felt bad about it. The anger in his heart instantly disappeared. He hurriedly transformed into a human and helped him up. He said, “My father said that, now that I'm free, I'm unable to turn back. He said that if I did, I would be doomed eternally. Hence, I had to ignore you. However, I didn't mean to.”

Son of Heaven Yin held his arm as he invited him into the ship. He smiled as he said, “All these years without seeing Big Brother, I have often thought about you. I also suggested releasing you to your parents. However, my words don't carry much weight. Big Brother, now that you're out, you must treat yourself to a good time and enjoy all the good things that you've missed out on over the last 600,000 years!”

Prince You Ming said, “I have to continue on my journey…”

“It won't take up too much time!”

Son of Heaven Yin laughed heartily and gave his orders to begin the music and dance. All sorts of delicacies, the likes of which even Celestial Emperor would find hard to enjoy on a daily basis, were served, flowing like a stream or river. Son of Heaven Yin invited him to take a seat and said, “Brother, you can see that over these years, I've done well.”

As Prince You Ming ate, he said, “The time we last met, you mentioned that after you became the Black Deity of Mingdu, it would be a matter of time before you would become another Earth Count. Are you now an Earth Count?”

Son of Heaven Yin shook his head and said, “I was just boasting.”

He couldn't help but sigh ruefully. “Back then, the few of us had plenty of fun together, and our relationship was good. Over a small matter, you were suppressed by your parents for 600,000 years. To be frank, if we are to talk about abilities, how can mine compare to a thousandth of yours? I was even able to become the Black Deity and have the same status as your parents. If you weren't suppressed, your achievements would be higher than mine. Who knows, you might have become a Celestial Venerable! It's a pity…”

He shook his head and laughed. “Today, Brother is free. There's no point in talking about these vexing matters. Let's drink!”

As Prince You Ming drank his wine, he felt some sorrow in his heart. Back then, the abilities of Son of Heaven Yin were beneath him. He was of good descent and had the bloodline of Deity Xuan and Deity Wu. He also worked hard and developed dense cultivation. Moreover, his comprehension was high. In the end, he was suppressed for 600,000 years. His little companion from back then was now a deity. He would be lying if he said he wasn't envious.

Son of Heaven Yin looked at his expression and said, “Now that Brother is free, you can't spend your days muddle-headedly like you used to do. Brother, what are your plans for the future?”

Prince You Ming said, “Father asked me to go to the Primordial Realm to try my luck.”

Son of Heaven Yin sneered as he said, “What's there to see in the Primordial Realm? It's a backwater place. There's no benefit in going there except to work for Celestial Venerable Xiao as his slave. Do you know Celestial Venerable Xiao? He's the disciple of Celestial Venerable Yun. You met him in the past. He bares his teeth at everybody and doesn't think much of the ancient gods and half-gods.”

Prince You Ming thought of Celestial Venerable Xiao and said in shock, “That's him, the one that we wanted to beat up back then? It's a pity we didn't have a chance to do so since he was always around Celestial Venerable Yun.”

“That's him.”

Son of Heaven Yin urged him to drink as he said, “A rascal like him has managed to make it, becoming a Celestial Venerable! Back then, there was no way his abilities could be compared to you. He wasn't worthy of even carrying your shoes! Now…”

Prince You Ming raised his cup and drank his wine in one gulp. He was getting unhappier.

Son of Heaven Yin urged him to drink repeatedly and summoned his god officials and god generals to come forth for a toast. There were also singers and dancers throwing themselves into his embrace, sitting on his thighs, continuously toasting him.

Without realizing it, Prince You Ming got very drunk. This wine was very fragrant, and even his primordial spirit had become drunk.

He drank too much and was laughing and crying. Son of Heaven Yin was watching him. After some time, Prince You Ming collapsed onto the table.

“Brother, Brother?”

Son of Heaven Yin called twice. Prince You Ming only muttered an answer muddle-headedly before he fell into a slumber.

“This wine is indeed potent, even I'm a little drunk. It was worth the effort, collecting the souls of gods and brewing this wine for so many years using the ancient primordial jasper flower.”

Son of Heaven Yin stood up shakily. He saw that the gods, singers, and dancers were drunk on the floor.

He clapped his hands. A few masked god generals walked in from within the ship, then bowed and stood at attention.

“Kill everyone on the ship except him and send their souls to Mingdu. He will be brought to the chambers of concubines in the celestial heavens. There will be someone there to receive you.”

Son of Heaven Yin said plainly, “Put him on the bed of Heavenly Lady Yu, having him sleep together with her.”

A god with a bronze fanged mask said, “In that case, Heavenly Lady Yu…”

“Kill her, of course. Make it seem like a terrible death. Her lower body will have to be set up appropriately as well. After all, Prince You Ming went wild after drinking and charged into the chambers of concubines.”

Son of Heaven Yin raised his head towards the sky as he muttered, “His Majesty will be enraged. He will have Prince You Ming killed and wage war against North Deity Xuan Wu. Other ancient gods will have nothing to say since this is a reasonable course of action.”

He lowered his head to take a look at Prince You Ming, who was in a deep sleep. He shook his head and laughed coldly. “You thought that your parents were suppressing you? Idiot, they were protecting you! Had they not suppressed you for 600,000 years, you would be dead already, not even surviving until the later years of the Dragon Han Era!”

“I released the worms to gnaw on the gourd vines, not for the gourds but for you. After monitoring you for so long, I could finally retract my net with you trapped inside.”

As he spoke, he felt that something was off. He saw the celestial river getting split open, with a giant eye underneath it. It was a million times bigger than the ship!

That eye rolled around and disappeared.

Son of Heaven Yin frowned. Suddenly, the sky split open, and another giant eye appeared. This time, it was much bigger than that strange eye in the celestial river!

'Wrong, wrong, this looks like my divine art! However, that shouldn't be my eye… The last time I executed this divine art was in Fengdu…'

Cold sweat appeared on the forehead of Son of Heaven Yin. He suddenly came to a realization. 'That is my eye!'

'My primordial spirit detected that my consciousness was being trapped, so it opened the eye to take a look.'

'The surroundings here are fake. This is an illusion created by someone for me!'

'Just break!'

His consciousness exploded, instantly breaking through Qin Mu's consciousness divine art. The strange apparitions in front of him immediately disappeared. He saw that he was still on the ship with music and dance going on. He had raised his wine cup and was about to toast Prince You Ming. It should be that he fell into Qin Mu's consciousness divine art at this particular moment.

'I wonder whose divine art imprisoned my consciousness, creating such an illusion for me. Could it be Yan Shaoqing?'

Just as he had that thought, the face of Prince You Ming in front of him erupted in fury. The wine cup in his hand was crushed as his hand balled into a giant fist that smashed forcefully into Son of Heaven Yin's handsome face!

Son of Heaven Yin could be considered a rare pretty boy, not inferior to Apothecary. At this moment, after being struck by Prince You Ming's fist, his entire face had been contorted out of shape, almost concaving into his head!

As Prince You Ming was of the Xuan Wu bloodline, he had enormous strength. This punch of his had sent Son of Heaven Yin's primordial spirit out of his corporeal body. The ship also exploded into pieces under the ferociousness of such an attack!

Prince You Ming struck out another punch. The primordial spirit of Son of Heaven Yin had already returned to his corporeal body. Four celestial palaces leaped out from behind his body as he blocked the punch head-on. After this, a Mingdu Heavenly Gate appeared behind him, absorbing the terrifying force of Prince You Ming's attack through the gate.

He then flew backward, going through the gate. As he emerged behind it, he had been restored to his original state, without any injuries on his corporeal body!

'It shouldn't be Yan Shaoqing. He's still at the Numinous Sky Realm and doesn't have the ability to imprison my consciousness without me realizing it! Could it be that Crimson Emperor has been brought back to life?'

The panic on Son of Heaven Yin disappeared, replaced by a look of certainty. Although Prince You Ming was very powerful, he had reached the Emperor's Throne Realm 600,000 years ago and was incomparable to him now!

Right at this moment, his expression changed drastically as he saw Prince You Ming raising the Eight Trigrams Mirror.

'This is bad!'

Son of Heaven Yin hurriedly charged into the Mingdu Heavenly Gate as the power of that divine weapon of Deity Xuan erupted. Heaven, earth, thunder, mountain, fire, water, swamp, and wind exploded simultaneously, bursting into the Mingdu Heavenly Gate!

The Mingdu Heavenly Gate shook violently. The various reincarnating worlds inside the gate were almost penetrated by the force. Even the gate shook until there were cracks all over it.

Prince You Ming mobilized the divine weapon of Deity Xuan again. However, he saw the Mingdu Heavenly Gate descending into Mingdu, disappearing from sight.

“Yin Chaojin, I treated you like a brother, but you treated me like a fool!”

Prince You Ming started spewing out vulgarities. After a long time, he left in a rage.

At the North Pole, Deity Xuan and Deity Wu gathered for a rare meeting. They were looking at the celestial river over the horizon. After a long time, both of them heaved a sigh of relief and smiled at each other.

“In the end, this foolish son turned back, almost dooming himself to eternal damnation. Luckily, he met Celestial Venerable Mu.”

Deity Wu smiled and said, “The divine arts of Celestial Venerable Mu are indeed wondrous and difficult to predict.”

Deity Xuan revealed a worried expression as he said, “His divine arts reminded me of an extinct race…”

Their eyes met again, their expressions grim.

The masters of creation.

That strong race that enslaved the ancient gods.

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