Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1035 - The Girl From West Pole

Celestial Venerable Hong laughed. “Grand Emperor? Who's the Grand Emperor?”

Qin Mu smiled and didn't say anything.

Celestial Venerable Hong chuckled. “After returning from the Great Void, Dao Brother now has a lady with him. However, this lady isn't Celestial Empress. There are masters of creation in the Great Void. Hence, I made the bold conjecture that this lady is an ancient primordial divine king. As for the Grand Emperor, Dao Brother said it yourself.”

He sighed ruefully. “Dao Brother said that the Grand Emperor is hiding among us, the ten Celestial Venerables. However, Dao Brother didn't mention who that might be, causing us to be suspicious of each other. Dao Brother wouldn't suspect that I'm the Grand Emperor, would he?”

Qin Mu praised, “Celestial Venerable Hong's explanation is flawless. I'm impressed.”

Celestial Venerable Hong laughed heartily. As he looked at Divine King Lang Wo, he smiled with narrowed eyes. “In that case, is this lady an ancient primordial divine king?”

Divine King Lang Wo shook her head and said in a gentle voice, “I'm from the distant ancient era, not the ancient primordial era.”

Celestial Venerable Hong said, “The first year of the Dragon Han Era separates the ancient primordial era from the distant ancient era. The establishment of the celestial heavens in the first year of the Dragon Han Era marked the start of the distant ancient civilization. When we reached the Crimson Emperor Era, that was the start of the high ancient era. The distant ancient era lasted 560,000 years, while the high ancient era lasted 400,000 years. After that, we arrived at the Founding Emperor Era, which is the later ancient era, also referred to simply as the ancient era. That lasted 20,000 years. The present era encompasses the collapse of the Founding Emperor Era until now, which is about a million years. Could Lady be a master of creation born during the Dragon Han Era?”

Divine King Lang Wo gave a beautiful smile, instantly captivating everyone in the carriage. “Why does Celestial Venerable insist that I'm a master of creation?”

Celestial Venerable Hong touched the whorls on his thumb as he smiled faintly. “Because Lady is from the Great Void. Apart from the masters of creation, there is only Carefree Village. You were born during the ancient primordial era, and Founding Emperor's Carefree Village was only established 20,000 years ago, in the later ancient era. Hence, you are clearly not from Carefree Village.”

West Deity had been staring intensely at Divine King Lang Wo. Upon hearing these words, she got anxious again.

Qin Mu laughed heartily and leisurely said, “Celestial Venerable Hong, I didn't invite you here to discuss where my sister is from. Since you aren't the Grand Emperor, then it's not relevant to you whether she's a master of creation or a divine king. I invited you here to tell West Deity that had she attacked your celestial fort earlier in order to steal your divine weapon Celestial Venerable Yu, she would be dead by now.”

West Deity's heart tightened as she remained silent.

Ever since Celestial Venerable Hong entered the treasure carriage, he had been in control. He had cast aside the matter of his plot and successfully stirred up hostility between him and Divine King Lang Wo.

However, Qin Mu had now managed to change the topic back.

When faced with these two old wily foxes, West Deity felt that it was best for her not to say anything.

The more she said, the more mistakes she would make. The more she did, the faster she would die.

Even for Divine King Lang Wo, who was sitting there quietly, she was unable to see through her.

She now discovered that among the four in this carriage, she was the simplest.

Qin Mu got up and said, “A catastrophe has been averted, dissipating into nothingness. Celestial Venerable should be going back then.”

Celestial Venerable Hong also stood up, putting on the appearance of a kind-hearted old man. He then chuckled. “Dao Brother, you have thwarted my plans. However, as you are my senior, there's nothing I can do. I will need Dao Brother to compensate me in the future.”

“Well said, well said.”

Qin Mu sent him off, saying, “Since I thwarted Dao Friend's plans, I will give you a piece of information as compensation. The ancient Celestial Emperor is hiding among the ten Celestial Venerables, and so are Celestial Empress and Mistress Yuanmu.”

The body of Celestial Venerable Hong shook slightly as he turned around. He smiled ambiguously. “Though it makes sense, this piece of information has nevertheless stunned me. Mother Earth is already so hard to kill, not completely vanquished, as she has continued to wreak havoc. Not to mention Celestial Emperor, who is far superior. However, although this piece of news is pretty valuable, it's insufficient to compensate me for my loss. The West Pole is one of the Four Extreme Heavens. Being one of the four poles of the universe, it's definitely not insignificant.”

Qin Mu said leisurely, “What if I told you Gong Yun is also among the ten Celestial Venerables? Is that sufficient?”

“Who is Gong Yun?”

Celestial Venerable Hong asked puzzledly, “Unless it's Celestial Venerable Gong?”

Qin Mu looked at him, paying attention to his subtle expressions. He was unable to see any concealment on his part. “Gong Yun is also called Xin Fu, and she was one of the three divine kings in the ancient primordial era. She was the wife of the Grand Emperor and had God Emperor Lang Xuan with the ancient Celestial Emperor.”

Celestial Venerable Hong's heart shuddered. He chuckled. “The ten Celestial Venerables actually have so much fishy business. To think that I have called them my Dao friends for hundreds of thousands of years. I actually had no idea of their history! I've learned and benefited much from you!”

Qin Mu still couldn't see anything wrong with his expression. He quietly thought, ‘This is what Village Chief calls old and experienced. Not giving the game away, unfathomable.”‘

“Dao Friend Hong, I have thwarted your plan this time, and it's hard to compensate you adequately with these two pieces of information. In the future, I will definitely return this favor.”

Qin Mu said with great sincerity, “Dao Friend, put aside the West Pole for the moment and revisit again in the future.”

Celestial Venerable Hong smiled. “It's not that I don't trust Dao Brother, but since you owe me a favor, I need you to provide a written pledge.”

Qin Mu took out paper and brush and wrote down a pledge.

Celestial Venerable Hong floated away after taking the written pledge.

Qin Mu watched as he left. He then returned into the carriage and saw that West Deity was still staring at Divine King Lang Wo. Divine King Lang Wo had an indifferent expression, allowing West Deity to freely look at her.

Qin Mu sat down with a sunken expression. West Deity said coldly, “In that case, Celestial Venerable Mu, is this lady a master of creation…”


Qin Mu flew into a rage as he shouted, “If not for your rash act, wanting to capture the divine weapon Celestial Venerable Yu, would I be so passive in front of Celestial Venerable Hong? I have even given him a written pledge, owing him a favor and not knowing how to repay him in the future! I have helped to protect your West Pole and your life. What more do you want?”

West Deity blushed and smiled. “You brute, why do you lose your temper so easily? You have no subtlety. People say that Celestial Venerable Mu is as crafty as a fox and as tricky as a rabbit. I think you're more like a lion, scaring people until their hearts thump violently.”

Qin Mu's expression softened as he said gently, “I didn't lose my temper but am worried about West Deity Sister's safety. If not, would I dare to offend Celestial Venerable Hong and thwart his plans? Sister, please don't get mad at me.”

West Deity got up and said with a serious expression, “This time, I was indeed too rash. It was my fault. Luckily you arrived on time, or else the consequences would be unimaginable. Please accept my apologies.” After saying that, she actually bowed at Qin Mu for forgiveness.

Qin Mu was shocked. He hurriedly stepped forward to help her up.

The ancient gods were often proud and arrogant. Although Earth Count and Qin Mu had a good relationship, he still had his ancient god's haughtiness in his bones and didn't think much of Postcelestial lifeforms. Naturally, he wouldn't take the initiative to admit to his mistakes.

There were some who were like East Deity Qing Long. Not only did he look down on Postcelestial lifeforms, he even treated his own children as tools, without any thoughts for kinship.

West Deity White Tiger was the exception among the ancient gods. She was a straightforward person, having the courage to act and speak frankly. When she was in the wrong, she would admit her mistake. Hence, she was likable.

“This isn't your fault. The ten Celestial Venerables are too crafty.”

Qin Mu invited her to sit. “I was too anxious about Sister's safety, so I provoked and plotted against you without thinking of your feelings. I ask for your forgiveness as well.”

West Deity didn't sit down. Instead, she smiled and said, “As your treasure seat has been crushed by me, it's not usable anymore.” Just as she finished talking, the seat which she was sitting on instantly turned into powder.

West Deity's face turned slightly red. “I will compensate you for that. Celestial Venerable, please don't be too eager to leave. I have plenty of skilled craftsmen in the West Pole. I will ask the Heavenly Workers in my palace to repair your seat. I guarantee that it will be even more luxurious than before.”

Qin Mu heaved a sigh of relief. “I will need to trouble Sister then. I plan to head towards the South Pole as soon as I can, to check and see if Sister Zhu Que was able to safely endure through this calamity.”

“Zhu Zhu is much more clever than me. I may not be able to see it, but she definitely will. There's no need to worry about her.”

West Deity walked out of the treasure carriage and looked below. She stuck out her tongue when she saw the wheels had been crushed by her as well.

In the carriage, Qin Mu extended his hand towards Divine King Lang Wo, who was motionless. She didn't reach her hand out and had an unhappy expression. Qin Mu continued to keep his hand extended, but Divine King Lang Wo shut her eyes. After some time, she opened them and placed her hand in his palm.

Qin Mu pulled her up gently. Divine King Lang Wo withdrew her hand and walked towards the outside of the carriage. “Sir Qin, should I refer to you as holy infant or Celestial Venerable Mu?”

Qin Mu parted the curtains and smiled. “Sister is angry. You look a little human-like when you're angry.”

Divine King Lang Wo sighed and walked out of the treasure carriage. “You still haven't answered my question.”

West Deity was commanding the gods of the White Tiger Celestial Palace to pull out the Southern Heavenly Gate, which was buried underneath the ground. Many soldiers mobilized their primordial spirits, pulling at the same time. Finally, they lifted the celestial palace up.

The celestial palace slowly rose into the air. West Deity walked ahead of them into the palace, taking off her armor as she moved. “Brother Mu and that sister, come in first. I'll go change clothes. As I was too nervous just now, these clothes are now torn… Men, host my brother and sister at the Jade Pool.”

As she flew off at great speed, Qin Mu, Divine King Lang Wo, the dragon qilin, and Yan'er walked into the White Tiger Celestial Palace. A few of the female generals were in front of them, leading the way.

These female generals of the West Pole also took off their divine armor as they walked. Underneath, their clothes were colorful, and their figures were alluring.

Only then did Qin Mu realize that it was mostly women in the celestial palace, with very few men. Even the generals who led the troops in battle were women. This was simply an army of beautiful heroines!

“Sister, I am both Celestial Venerable Mu and the holy infant.”

Qin Mu was admiring the view of the White Tiger Celestial Palace. He felt as though he had entered into a lady's chambers. This celestial palace was colorfully decorated. Everywhere contained the careful thoughts of a lady. Even the palace hall was elegantly decorated. There were fresh flowers in every corner, while vines hung on the palace walls.

“I know that there's a deep feud between the masters of creation and the ancient gods. However, at this moment, we have no choice but to practice to survive. Not only do I have to help the masters of creation seek a path of survival. Similarly, I have to help the human race and Eternal Peace seek a path of survival.

Qin Mu revealed a sincere smile. “I'm the holy infant of the masters of creation. I'm also Celestial Venerable Mu of the human race.”

They arrived at the Jade Pool and saw many artisans rushing out. They should be on their way to repair the Heavenly Dragon Treasure Carriage. Qin Mu was shocked that the Heavenly Workers of the West Pole were also female. They were carrying great furnaces on their backs while holding onto their cases. Their clothes were very similar to Grandpa Mute.

“Grandpa Mute would definitely like these strong-bodied girls! Since young, he has taught me that strong-bodied girls are the prettiest!”

Qin Mu was delighted. “I wonder if West Deity would agree if I asked her for some West Pole Heavenly Workers?”

Just as he was thinking about this, West Deity walked out with her new clothes. His eyes brightened as he looked at her, thinking quietly to himself, ‘There's actually such an adorable ancient god?'

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