Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1037 - Young Cult Master

Qin Mu had the same suspicions in his heart. As the ancient god of war, West Deity couldn't be that simple. However, to him, whether or not West Deity was simple was unimportant. What was important was that he had to ensure the survival of West Deity, and he had to ensure that the Heavenly Workers of the West Pole would head to Eternal Peace.

There were many artisans in Eternal Peace, but at present, there were few divine artisans that could be considered Heavenly Workers. The new generation was still being nurtured, and thus it was necessary for the top-notch Heavenly Workers of the West Pole to head down to guide and train them.

Although Qin Mu and Sakra Buddha had a very good relationship, Sakra Buddha was ultimately still Founding Emperor's god of war, and since he was still troubled by matters of the heart, his current whereabouts were unknown.

After going through the calamity of Eternal Peace, Qin Mu understood that Sakra Buddha wasn't to be counted on and that the wisest move would be to nurture the local talents from Eternal Peace instead.

During the early period of the Founding Emperor Era, a big group of followers gathered with Founding Emperor to venture into the world together. They were nobodies back then, but later on, these people became his four great heavenly kings and four great heavenly teachers, and their reputation shook the world. Yet, in that period, the famous individuals of the High Emperor Era didn't take charge of any matters of priority during the Founding Emperor Era, nor did they achieve any significant accomplishments.

This could be a reference that Eternal Peace could look to.

Qin Mu and West Deity discussed and decided on the number of Heavenly Workers who were to head towards Eternal Peace. Only after personally watching these Heavenly Workers enter the Spirit Energy Mutual Shift Bridge while carrying the furnaces and divine weapons did he feel at ease.

The remaining Heavenly Workers then worked on the Heavenly Dragon Treasure Carriage. The treasure carriage was incredibly complex, and the Heavenly Workers that headed to Eternal Peace were the most skilled ones, while the remaining Heavenly Workers weren't as skilled. Thus, Qin Mu had to personally involve himself in the project.

West Deity assisted him and laughed. “As a Celestial Venerable, you actually also know all of these things?”

Qin Mu wiped away the sweat on his forehead. “I was originally a cow herding blacksmith, so these can all be considered my old profession.”

West Deity asked curiously, “Cow herding blacksmith? What else can you do?”

Qin Mu pondered briefly before saying, “I'm an apothecary who can paint, a fortune-teller who swings knives and swords about, a thief with profound Dharma, oh, and I'm also a tailor who can build furniture.”

West Deity couldn't resist smiling. “You're so countrified, so unlike the other Celestial Venerables who are all high and mighty, and even their manner of speaking is pleasant to the ears.”

Qin Mu was highly focused on repairing the treasure carriage, and he replied, “I'm not like them. They were born noble, but I am of humble birth.”

When the treasure carriage was finally fixed, it was already two days later.

“Your Majesty West Deity, I have to hurry and make my way to the South Pole to meet South Deity, so I won't stay here any longer.”

Qin Mu bid farewell. “The ten Celestial Venerables of the celestial heavens look to be in conflict on the surface, but they are actually trying to scheme against you all. I have to go to the South Pole to check on South Deity's safety.”

West Deity didn't ask him to stay and replied sincerely, “When you reach the South Pole, do report to me on your safety.”

Qin Mu agreed. Divine King Lang Wo had already boarded the treasure carriage, and West Deity came forth to send them off. She glanced at the female divine king in the carriage and asked in a low voice, “Celestial Venerable, is she really a divine king of the masters of creation?”

Qin Mu hesitated for a while before he replied, “I have met Earth Count with her.”

West Deity pondered over it. “Since Earth Count knows her identity, then I have nothing to say. Earth Count is a lot cleverer than us four deities. In his entire life, he only suffered a great loss at the hands of Celestial Emperor. However, I would also like to remind Celestial Venerable—you aren't familiar with the ancient primordial era, but I am, and I'm extremely fearful of it. The masters of creation were the dominators of the ancient primordial era, and even the ancient gods were dominated and enslaved by them.”

'The ancient gods were also dominated and enslaved by the masters of creation?'

Qin Mu felt alarmed by this. He looked towards the attractive face of the unrivaled beauty in the carriage, only retracting his gaze after a while. He then continued, “Your Majesty, there's no need to see me out any further.”

He boarded the treasure carriage, and the dragon qilin transformed into a human form to drive the carriage while Yan'er stood by his side. The dragon qilin gave a sudden yell, and the heavenly dragons leaped into the air, flying towards the Spirit Energy Mutual Shift Bridge behind the celestial fort.

Divine King Lang Wo's gaze was soft as she looked out the window and said, “What West Deity told you, do you believe it?”

Qin Mu's gaze landed on her face, and with a calm expression, he replied, “Does Big Sister think that I should believe it?”

Divine King Lang Wo was silent.

“I believe it.”

Qin Mu continued solemnly, “A single master of creation isn't powerful. However, when there are more than tens of thousands of adult masters of creation, the cumulated power of their sacrificial offerings would allow them to go up against powerful individuals of the Numinous Sky Realm and even those of the Emperor's Throne Realm. When there are more than hundreds of thousands of masters of creation, the power of their sacrificial offerings would be even more formidable. When there are millions, tens of millions, and even billions of them making sacrificial offerings simultaneously, they would definitely be powerful enough to enslave and dominate the ancient gods. Thus, West Deity wasn't lying.”

Divine King Lang Wo retracted her gaze. “Are you also fearful towards the masters of creation race?”

Qin Mu shook his head and replied leisurely, “I'm a master of creation myself, so why should I be fearful?”

Divine King Lang Wo looked at him with great seriousness. “The Grand Emperor is also a master of creation, but even he was fearful of the masters of creation and didn't hesitate in eliminating our race.”

“But, I'm not the Grand Emperor.”

Qin Mu shifted his gaze and looked out the window towards the nearing Spirit Energy Mutual Shift Bridge as he continued gently, “The era of the masters of creation dominating the prehistoric universe is already over. At present, the masters of creation are merely a bunch of pitiful, homeless bugs. Big Sister, you are also one of these pitiful bugs. Only if you all integrate into the present era can you find a way to survive—you included.”

The Heavenly Dragon Treasure Carriage was gradually slowing down in speed as it traveled towards the Spirit Energy Mutual Shift Bridge.

“I have already found the ancestral court of the masters of creation. Right now, I still need to determine the detailed position, and I also need to figure out exactly what seal is present.”

Qin Mu retracted his gaze and locked eyes with Divine King Lang Wo. “What I promised you, I will not go back on my word. I will let the masters of creation race leave the Paramita World and return to this world.”

Divine King Lang Wo thought about it for a while before asking, “Are you not afraid that the masters of creation race will return to their positions as the dominators?”

“I'm not afraid.”

Qin Mu leaned back. “You all can't go back to what you once were. Even if you have the ancestral court, you won't be able to go back to then. As the divine king of the primordial era, Shu Jun has already accepted this fact. Yet, as the divine king of today, you have yet to accept this.”

Divine King Lang Wo was silent. After a while, she replied, “Tell me the general coordinates of the ancestral court first.”

Qin Mu's vital qi transformed into the Great Star Atlas of the Universe, and he marked out the position of the sealed ancestral court. Divine King Lang Wo got up, and Qin Mu hurriedly reminded her, “I have only found the general coordinates and have yet to find its specific position!”

The curtain of the carriage was lifted, and Divine King Lang Wo walked out of the carriage. With her back to him, she turned her head and said, “Holy infant, you said that you are a master of creation. However, you will never be able to understand the pride of being a master of creation, nor will you be able to understand the blood feud of the masters of creation race. You are merely an outsider who, by some chance and coincidence, became the holy infant of my race.”

Her figure vanished.

Qin Mu was taken aback, and the dragon qilin's voice traveled in from outside. “Cult Master, are we going to enter the Spirit Energy Mutual Shift Bridge, or are we going to wait for her to return?”

Qin Mu replied indifferently, “There's no need to wait. Let's go.”

The dragon qilin felt puzzled, and he turned around to look into the carriage. Through the curtain, he saw that Qin Mu's expression looked as calm as still water.

“What's up with Young Master?” Yan'er asked quietly.

The dragon qilin hesitated for a moment. He let the heavenly dragons drag the carriage into the Spirit Energy Mutual Shift Bridge and didn't reply to her.

Yan'er continued whispering, “I feel that Young Master likes Divine King Lang Wo, but he suppresses his feelings too much. Perhaps we should find a Cult Mistress who can console his soul, then he would be a little happier.”

She looked into the carriage and then leaped onto the dragon qilin's shoulder, speaking into his ear, “When we are at the South Pole, I will ask my mother to help him find one!”

The dragon qilin shook his head. “That's not the reason. I'm controlling the carriage. You can go in and tell Cult Master that he's right.”

Yan'er asked in bewilderment, “That phrase is sufficient? The girl that Young Master likes is also not me, so it's most likely useless if I'm the one saying it.”

The dragon qilin was helpless and let her control the carriage instead while he revealed his true form and walked into the carriage.

Within the carriage, Qin Mu had his eyes shut as two streams of clear tears rolled down the corners of his eyes. His voice was a little hoarse as he said in a low voice, “To search for a chance of survival and hope for Eternal Peace, for the human race… why is it so difficult, why is it so tedious…”

It was as though he was crushed until he couldn't breathe, and he gasped heavily for breath.

“Imperial Preceptor, after I became Imperial Preceptor, I finally understood how much pressure you were under back then. Where are you exactly?”

He thought of his predecessor, Imperial Preceptor Jiang Baigui. At this time, what he needed wasn't a cult mistress to console his soul. What he needed was a Dao friend so they could support and encourage each other.

Previously, Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor Jiang Baigui had the support of the young patriarch, and then after that, he had the support of Emperor Yanfeng. He was a lot luckier than Qin Mu. Whenever he felt lost and helpless, the young patriarch would remind him that what they were doing was right.

When he faced setbacks, Emperor Yanfeng would stand side by side with him, and they would shoulder the pressures together.

Yet, right now, Qin Mu had no one beside him.

The dragon qilin walked over and sat down by Qin Mu's feet, stretching out his front legs and then lying down.

“Cult Master, what you're doing, although I don't really understand it…”

The dragon qilin hesitated for a moment before continuing, “But I feel that it's the right thing.”

Qin Mu opened his eyes and gently touched the big head of this giant creature, replying in a low voice, “Only you, Fatty Dragon, you are the only one around me who understands me… Your Human Rearing Scriptures have already been accomplished.”

The dragon qilin raised his head and laughed. “Cult Master, in my heart, you're still that youth who walked past me on that brightly lit morning. You looked at the Eternal Peace Imperial College up ahead and thought in your heart—everyone in there is a country bumpkin.”

Qin Mu burst out laughing and stood up.

The dragon qilin also stood up, shaking his mane and scales. He stood beside him. “Back then, you thought that I was a stone lion in front of the gate. Your eyes were filled with energy and intelligence, and you were full of mettle. I had seen so many people by the gate of the Imperial College, but I had yet to meet a youth like you. Back then, I was starving until I felt faint, but when I saw you, I saw another patriarch, another Jiang Baigui, and another Emperor Yanfeng.”

“This isn't the Human Rearing Scriptures, these are all my sincere words!”

He laughed. “I didn't follow you solely because you can refine spirit pills, nor do I stick around shamelessly just to get spirit pills to eat off you. There are so many apothecaries who can refine spirit pills all across the world, but there's only one young cult master of the Heavenly Saint Cult! On you, I saw a trail-blazing spirit, a spirit that feared neither heaven nor earth.”

“For others, the heavens are the greatest, while they come second. However, for you, you think of yourself as the greatest, and the heavens come second. Your confidence is so great that it captures the attention of everyone. You are the Overlord Body!”

The dragon qilin continued, “You will forever be that young cult master who is full of mettle and who fears nothing and will never be struck down or crushed!”

The troubled expression on Qin Mu's face was wiped away as he mumbled, “Yes, I'm the Overlord Body. I will never be crushed. My heart will never age, I'm still that young cult master…”

The Heavenly Dragon Treasure Carriage came to a gentle stop, and Yan'er's joyful voice could be heard. “Young Master, Fatty Dragon, we have reached the South pole!”

Qin Mu was full of vigor as he walked out of the carriage.

The dragon qilin revealed a smile and followed after him with quick steps.

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