Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 104 - Baddies Leaving The Village

Granny Si turned around and blinked her eyes innocently, "Who is leaving the village?"

Village Chief smiled, "I may be a laity, but I also know the intention of a song when I hear one. You haven't been eating and sleeping well for the past few days, therefore you naturally couldn't stay here any longer and definitely want to go find Mu'er."

Annoyed, Granny Si retorted, "You even saw through this. I'm leaving, not going to stay here anymore!"

Apothecary gave a cough and said, "If you leave the village, who will help you suppress the devil in your heart? Because we are here in the past, the primordial spirit of Cult Master Li dare not be impudent. If you leave, I'm afraid you won't be able to suppress Cult Master Li. Cult Master Li has an extremely deep attainment in the devil path and even transformed into a devil seed before he died, planting himself into your Dao heart, living off your Dao heart, waiting constantly to bite back. If you can't vanquish him or suppress him, he will bite back and obliterate your primordial spirit and take over your body."

Granny Si's gaze wavered, "He will not take over my body."

"Because he loves you too much?"

Apothecary sneered, "That's where you're wrong. By taking over your body, he will be reborn with your body. That way he would become you. What he loves isn't you but your shell, so when he becomes you, he can love himself. He is the devil in your heart and you are also the devil in his heart. By using your body to be rebirth, he would have conquered the devil in his heart. Cult Master Li is using you to temper himself. He's trying to become god."

Granny Si shuddered and suddenly smiled, "Apothecary, after saying so much, can you help me get rid of this devil in my heart?"

Apothecary fell silent. The primordial spirit of Li Tianxing had already been planted in Granny Si's Dao heart and he had no way to get rid of it. It was not only him who could not get rid of it, Old Ma with his Buddhist skills couldn't get rid of it as well. Even Village Chief's sword couldn't get rid of the devil in her Dao heart.

The only one would get rid of the devil in her heart was Granny Si herself. All they could do was to help Granny Si suppress the devil in her heart.

"I've stayed here for over forty years so what's the use of me staying on if all of you can't get rid of him?"

Granny Si carried her basket and left without turning her head back, "I'm going to find Mu'er. I'm always worried that he would go hungry and cold or get bullied by others. Don't you worry, if I can't suppress that Old Devil Li, I'll come back!"

Village Chief and Apothecary frowned together.

Granny Si carried her basket and came to the riverside. She summoned a River Carrier over and boarded it, sailing downstream.

After the River Carrier had swum thirty miles downstream, Granny Si was suddenly stunned when she saw a blind man walking on the river with his cane. Granny Si's face instantly turned black and stretched her hand over to picked this blind man up, putting him on the back of the River Carrier. She then asked angrily, "Blind, are you trying to make me stay as well?"

Blind stared blankly and smiled, "So it's granny. I was simply walking, what is it about making you stay?"

Granny Si was skeptical and asked, "Aren't you trying to stop me and prevent me from leaving the village by running so far ahead early in the morning?"

Blind complained, "You walk your path and I walk mine. Why do I need to make you stay? That's right, old woman, where are you going? Can I take a lift from you?"

Granny Si blinked her blurry eyes and smiled, "I'm going to Eternal Peace Empire. Do you want a lift?"

Blind clapped his hands, "I'm going to Eternal Peace Empire as well!"

Granny Si stared at him with her eyes wide open. Looking at Blind's innocent face, Granny Si sneered, "What are you going to Eternal Peace Empire for?"

Blind replied indifferently, "My eyes are blind so I'm going to find the person who had dug out both of my eyes."

Granny Si's heart gave a jump, she then smiled, "I thought you were worrying about Mu'er's safety and planned to go to Eternal Peace Empire to find him. So you were going to take care your proper business."

"He has grown up and naturally he would be able to handle all sorts of changes."

Blind's words made Granny secretly ashamed until she heard what Blind continued to say, "I'll not find him and will instead observe him from the shadows."

At this moment, a shooting light flashed past in the sky and when Granny Si raised her head, the shooting light had already disappeared without a trace. Suddenly that shooting light turned back again and landed on the back of the River Carrier with a swoosh. Cripple's figure appeared as he looked resentfully at the two people on the beast's back.

Blind grumbled angrily, "Cripple, it's scary to see you running around like a ghost! What are you doing?"

"Going out of the village to take a walk."

Cripple took a look around and asked, "Have any of you seen Old Ma? I haven't seen him since yesterday. He didn't return last night."

Granny Si was astonished, "Old Ma didn't return? He always returns to the village punctually."

Cripple sighed and said, "I reckon he must have also missed Mu'er and left for Eternal Peace Empire. I'm going to find him. This old fellow left without saying a word and I'm going question him why. Why did he have to abandon our friendship of many years? I'm also going to take a look at my leg…"

Blind sneered, "Aren't you thinking of finding Mu'er?"

Cripple retorted coldly, "Me miss him? I wouldn't miss him! He's just a brat that was picked up by us and had been naughty and annoying since he was small. I have long wanted to send him away… Eee, look ahead! That scoundrel in front looks like Butcher… It really is Butcher!"

A while later, there were four people standing on the back of the River Carrier. Of course, Butcher was using his hands to stand. The three of them looked at one another while Blind propped himself with his bamboo cane and listen, however, no one made a sound.

Granny Si carried her basket. Cripple propped himself with his cane and whistled. Butcher put down both of his hands and placed them on his hips to look around.

After some time, Blind mumbled, "Other than the four of us, Old Ma had also run away, so only Apothecary, Village Chief, Deaf and Mute are left in the village…"

"Mute ran off."

Butcher gave a grunt and said, "Before Village Chief and Apothecary woke up, Mute had already run off while carrying a huge chest. I came out to chase him but I couldn't catch up!"

Blind was stunned and didn't know whether to laugh or cry, "In that case, only Deaf, Village Chief, and Apothecary are left."

Cripple chuckled, "We are not missing Mu'er at all. We all have our own proper businesses to take care of. I'm going to the imperial palace to take a look at my leg in case Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor decides to marinate it, grill it and smoke it. It would be bad if he decides to make it into ham."

Blind nodded his head, "I also have proper business to take care of. I need to take revenge for my eyes."

Granny Si also nodded repeatedly and smiled, "As the saintess of the sacred cult of the previous generation, I'll naturally have to meet the new cult master for his ascension to power."

Butcher took a while to think of a reason and said, "I think the lower half of my body could have been dropped at some place, I'll need to go and take a look. I might still be able to reattach it."

The four of them all gave sighs of relief and spoke in unison, "Therefore we all have proper businesses to take care of!"

In Disabled Elderly Village, Village Chief and Apothecary sat at the village entrance and drank their tea silently. After some time, Apothecary said, "There are only four of us left in the village."

"Apothecary, Old Ma had left yesterday."

Village Chief drank his tea and continued, "Their temperament is still poor and they can't sit still. Deaf is still the man of great erudition and scholarship, being able to keep himself calm and comp…"

He turned his head and stared blankly at Deaf who walked by them carrying a bamboo basket which was shielded from the sun with a cloth.

Apothecary couldn't resist asking, "Deaf, where are you going?"

Deaf seemed to not hear what he said and continued walking.

"That wretch is pretending not to hear again!" Apothecary ranted angrily.

"Now there are only two of us left in the village."

Village Chief didn't know whether to laugh or cry. He suddenly asked, "When are you leaving?"

Apothecary hurriedly shook his head, "How would I dare to leave when I have so many enemies outside? What I'm worried is now that all the baddies have run out, they would probably cause quite a big commotion. The baddies in our village…"

Village Chief smiled, "Let the people outside have a headache. If you want to leave, you can leave too. I'll stay and look after the village and wait for all of you to return."

Apothecary hesitated for a moment and shook his head, "I would only cause more trouble if I leave. Among the baddies in our village, my reputation is the worst…"

Village Chief said with a half smile, "If it wasn't the case, you would have left long ago."

The two of them looked at each other and laughed out loudly.

At the common border of Dyke River County and Tiger Sun County, Qin Mu raised his head and looked at the morning sun. With Vermilion Bird Vital Qi bursting forth from his hand, he burned the clothing he had stole from the Corpse Immortal Cult's disciple. As for the human skin, he had already thrown it away while escaping. He had still some qualms about wearing other people's skin. Furthermore, he was also carrying a huge backpack and inside were all the scattered items that Granny Si had prepared for him. He wouldn't be able to wear the human skin or else there would be a huge hunch and be easy for people to see through his disguise.

"What is hidden in Granny Si's hunchback?" A curious thought emerged in Qin Mu's mind.

As he was carrying a backpack, he would become a hunchback if he wore a human skin. Since Granny Si wasn't a real hunchback, this meant that there was definitely something hidden inside. Qin Mu was very curious at what strange and rare items would be hidden inside.

After a night of escaping, he had no time to rest and the repeated fierce battles had really exhausted him. Hu Ling'er was so tired that he had already fallen asleep inside his backpack.

A gust blew over and Qin Mu immediately caught up to the cusp of gust to travel on the wind. However a few steps later, he could feel the exhaustion in his body and could only land back on the ground to walk passively.

Suddenly, buzzing sounds came from the sky and looking towards the source of the sound, Qin Mu saw a few fire red beetles flying towards him. These beetles seemed not to be afraid of humans as they circled close to him.

"Corpse beetles!"

The corners of Qin Mu's eyes twitched as he gave a yawn and mumbled to himself, "I'm so tired. I should find a place to sleep…"

Giving a few flicks with his fingers, the few beetles instantly exploded into pieces!

Qin Mu immediately increased his speed and rushed away.

He had once seen this kind of corpse beetle at Apothecary's place. There were green and black corpse beetles but the red corpse beetles were the hardest to get. These red beetles he saw were indeed the red corpse beetles!

And at this moment, more buzzing sound came out. Raising his head to have a look, his scalp turned numb when he saw a red cloud heading for him aggressively!

That red cloud flew lower and lower. Suddenly the red beetles flew into the forest and tunneled into motley burial mounds. The ground of the motley burial mounds trembled and skeletons crawled out from the ground, came striding to Qin Mu!

More corpse beetles flew over and tunneled into the bodies of wild beasts like wild wolves and fierce tigers on their way. The eyes of those wild beasts turned red with fury and actually pounced towards Qin Mu!

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